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For passenger pick-up it is best to use the Cell phone lot ($2/hr). Stay with your car until your party collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Parking options at Trenton Mercer Airport include a few automated parking lots, accessibe 24 hrs/day. You pay at the parking lot's gate (when entering, take a ticket & gate will open). Keep the ticket, which will let the automated system know what you owe when leaving the lot and you are ready to pay.  Pay by credit card only at exit gate when leaving.  
Another payment option is to pay by cash or credit card at the kiosks in the terminal or the baggage claim.  
If you need help, push the 'help' buton at the gates or kiosks.   

A shuttle bus runs between the terminal and the overflow lot (ear Scotch Road entrance).

For more parking information or assistance, call 609-306-7805.

TTN Off-Airport Parking

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