Tulsa Airport ( TUL ) Public Transportation

Public Transportation from Tulsa International Airport:  For bus schedules & fares visit : www.tulsatransit.org - Tulsa Trnsit buses are outside of the baggage claim area.

Scheduled Tulsa Transit Bus Route 203
serves the Airport on weekdays, offering downtown Tulsa connections. For more information & schedules visit:  www.tulsatransit.org.

Other buses & shuttles serving the Airport to the following destinations:
to Stillwater - u
se the 'Big Orange Bus /BOB to Oklahoma State U.
to Bartlesville - use CityRide/ Cimarron Public Transit (tel. 918-336-2233 or visit www.ucapinc.org or e-mail Icorff@ucapinc.org.
to Skiatook - use Cimarron Transit- scheduled on a first call basis & subject to availability (tel. 918-396-4466 or visit: www.usapinc.org or e-mail Icorffusapinc.org.
to Northeast Oklahoma - use Pelivan Transit shuttles which stop at Greyhound station downtown Tulsa on Mon,Wed,Fri. For more info, visit: www.pelivantransit.org.