Parking Options at Wilmington Airport

Parking options at Wilmington International Airport:   All parking facilities & the passenger terminal can be reached from 23rd Street & Airport Blvd. While Short-term parking is available across from the terminal, the Long-term lot is behind it, and of the three credit card lots the closest is the Premium Credit Card Lot, with two other credit card lots following thereafter. 

All parking facilities offer the first 15 mins free - ideal for passenger pickup/ dropoff.
Handicap parking is available in all lots.

   The short-term parking lot is across from the passenger terminal.
Fees: 16-30 mins $1; each add'l 30 mins $1; up to daily max $18;
   The Long-Term lot is right behind the short-term lot.
Fees:  each hr $1, up to daily max $10;
   The Premium Credit Card Lot is the closest of the 3 credit card lots.
Fees:  each hr $1, up to daily max $11;
   The two Credit Card Lots near the Premium Credit Card Lot:
Fees:  each hr $1, up to daily max $9.

Parking fees can be paid in cash (except in Credit Card Lots), by MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX.

For more parking information call USA Parking at 910-762-3985.
For Skycap service call 910-762-3985

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