Parking Options at Yeager Airport

Parking options at Yaeger Airport: Two long-term parking garages and a short-term  parking lot  are within walking distance of the passenger terminal. (The long-term entrances are the first ones you see as you round the hill at the top of Airport Road - while for the short-term entrance you need to continue around the circle, and pass the terminal.)
  - The 20-Minute Parking lot a
cross from the passenger terminal offers 20 mins of free parking - ideal for passener pickup/dropoff.

  -  The Short-term Garage:
Fees:  the first 7 mins free, first hr $1; add for each hour thereafter another $2, up to 5 hrs at $9; with 5-24 hrs (daily max) $10.
  -  The Long-term Garage:
first 2 hours $4, thereafter up to 6 hours $5; 6-10 hrs hrs $6; 10-24 hrs $9 ($9 for each extra day thereafter).

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