Internet Access at Zurich ZRH Airport

Public Wireless LAN is suitable for anyone who needs to be connected to the Internet when out and about. With transmission speeds of up to 11 Mbit/s, it uses data communication formats that are already available, such as HSCSD or GPRS, but is considerably faster and easy to use.

Because a separate, standard Wireless LAN card is used, there is no need to connect the laptop to a mobile phone, which can be used normally during a Public Wireless LAN session.

There are several access points in the main waiting areas at Zurich airport. These Hotspots provide a direct connection to the Internet
As a special service the Airport provides free Internet access to flight plan information, train schedules or bus services at Zurich Airport.
In addition to a laptop or pocket PC (e.g. iPad) you need an installed standard Wireless LAN card, based on Standard IEEE 802.11b.
To access WLAN you need: a notebook/laptop or PDA with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/CE/Palm OS and a Wireless LAN card.
The access points (Hotspots) accept all devices using "none" or "any" as network designation (SSID). This corresponds to the default setting applied when installing a WLAN card. Please deactivate WEP

Hotline for Unique - 7am-7pm. Tel: +41 (0) 900 81 6789 (CHF 1.10/min. incl. VAT)
Hotline for Swisscom - Mo-Fri 8am-10pm; Sat 8am-5pm. Tel: +41 (0)900 333 221
Hotline for Monzoon - 24/7; Tel: +41 (0)800 666 966
Hotline for Init Seven AG: - 9am-12 noon and 1:30-5pm. (CHF 2.13 incl VAT)

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