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At the Airport:
Information: phone +41 43 812 07 07 Catch a glimpse backstage with Swissport Zurich: 2-hour guided tour of check-in and transit areas, lounges, baggage sorting system, passenger and aircraft handling. On a tour around the airport you will see the different stations of Swissport. You start at the Check–in, you pass the security control for accessing the Airside Center where you get an introduction to the Transfer Services.

Around the Airport:
You find much to discover and do during your free time right in the vicinity of Zurich Airport: nature and the outdoors, playgrounds, biking and skating tracks, lookout points and a huge variety of restaurants, bars and cafés. All the excursions you can make from the airport are listed in a convenient new brochure entitled "Things to see and do around Zurich Airport".

Zurich Tourism
Zurich is Switzerland's "secret" capital city. You will love it. Stroll along Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich's number one shopping street. Enjoy a coffee at Sprüngli's. Or have a nap at your hotel so you are fit for a tour of the city's nightlife.

To make the most of your layover in Zurich, it is best to go to the Airport Information Center and pick up brochures. The friendly and multi-lingual staff there will be happy to steer you to the right hotels and give you sound advice as to your stay in Zurich.