Air China Airlines

IATA Airline code: CA
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Main Phone 1-800-882-8122

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees Carry-on bags, up to 5kg/11lb & no more than 55x40x20cm or 21x15x7in, must fit either in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Bags over weight, size & allowance will be checked in. Economy Class passengers can take one carry-on bag, up to 11lb/5kg; First & Busines Class passengers can take up to two carry-on bags up to 8kg/17lb.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees 1. (a) For international or regional flights, checked bags must not exceed 32kg/70lb. For international or regional flights with connecting domestic flights, bags must not exceed 32kg/70lb; (b) For domestic flights, each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 50 kg (110 lbs); (c) Length/width/height of bag must not exceed 100x60x40cm or 39x23x15in. Oversized or overweight baggage will be shipped as cargo. (d) The weight of each checked bag cannot be less than 2kg/4.4lb or 30x20x10cm or 11x7x4in. 2. For checked bags separate rules apply to (a) all domestic & international flights (except between China & USA, Canada & Brazil); (b) for destinations between China and USA & Canada & Brazil; (c ) for destinations from Brazil to Europe & Asia - both one-way & round-trip. 3. Note that some routes apply 'Weight Concept' (bags allowed by weight) , while others apply 'Piece Concept' (number of bags). 4. Travel with infants up to 2 yrs: 1 free bag up 10kg/22lb (and a collapsible stroller, if space allows).

Air China Airlines Flights

Air China Airlines has flights that serve the following cities/airports:
Please note: this list only includes Air China Airlines and not any code-share or partner flights. Air China Airlines flights serve these cities directly. Flights are available on Air China Airlines from each airport to all airports listed. These are not direct flights; multiple connections may be required.

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