Athens Venizelos ATH Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Athens Venizelos ATH Airport

Terminals complex details, Passport Control & Transfer Information:  (If arriving by train at the Airport, follow signs to the Departures level of the Main Terminal.)

The passenger terminal complex at Athens International Airport consists of two passenger terminals - the main terminal and a satellite terminal - both of which are connected by an underground tunnel with a moving walkway and the new above-ground walkway. The Main Terminal, with  Departures, Arrivals and Food Court levels, is used for all non-Schengen flights. The Satellite Terminal is used for Schengen flights only,  with an Arrivals and a Departure level.

The Main Terminal:
The Arrivals level
has four exits leading to transportation: Exit 3 - taxis; exit 4 - limos & Parking P3 shuttle bus; Exit 5 Oasa city buses. ATMs, currency exchange Information desks, rental car desks and other services are in the center, and baggage claims 1 to 5 and 6 to 11 are on either side of the center, leading to the B gates to the left (B3 to B31) and B1 & B2 and A1 to A23 to the right. Both gate areas also have various services.  An underground tunnel connects to the Satellite terminal.
NOTE:  U.S. and non-E.U. (non-Schengen) arrivals need head for the 'non-E.U.' line.
The Departure level - with departure gates B19-31 (left), and A gates A1-A13 (right) - has four entrances, leading to the check-in desks, with various services in between. 
Area A is for non-Schengen & Area B is for Schengen flights.  Use the following entrances for one of the three check-in areas:
Entrance 1 leads to check-in desks 54 to 01;
Center Entrances 2 & 3 lead to check-in desks 77 to 55 & 106 to 78;
Entrance 4 leads to check-in desks 142 to 107 and 157 to 143.
In the center is the escalator down to the underground tunnel leading to the Satellite Terminal.
Escalators and elevators lead to the Metro & Suburban Train Station, with a ticket counter and access to long-term parking P3.

The Satellite terminal houses (along services & amenities) airline gates  A30 to A39. Elevators & escalators take you down to the underground tunnel leading to the Main Terminal.

A Meeting Point is on the Arrivals level, close to Exit 2 of the Main Terminal.

Services and amenities inside the terminals i
nclude tourist & airport information desks, free WiFi access for up to one hour, 22 WiFi & internet kiosks, banks, ATMs & currency exchange, mail & courier services, children's entertainment & play area; first aid and executive services. For lost property go to the Lost Property Office on the Arrivals Level, across exit 3, or call +30 210 35 30 55.
The shopping center offers Duty-Free & Travel Value, Fashion & Accessories, Electronics & Music, Books & Gifts, as well as Restaurants & Cafes.
Airline Lounges: 
(a) Non-Schengen Departures Area A: 
British Airways - Terraces; Olympic Handling 'Aristotelis Onassis', & Swissport Executive Lounge.
(b) at Schengen Departures Area B: 
Aegean Airlines Club; Goldair Handling, Lufthansa Business Lounge & Olympic Handling 'Melina Merkouri'.

Passport control:
Only citizens of the Schengen countries are exempted from passport control.  All others (including U.S. citizens), must go through passport control.   After passport control, proceed to Customs Office for currency declaration.
Flight Transfer procedures:  If you already have a boarding pass for your connecting flight, make sure to check the overhead screens for your flight connection, as departure gates are subject to change. Absent a boarding pass, go to the neaest transfer desk ; if not staffed, proceed to check-in Hall on the departures level. 
NOTE: All flights to non-Schengen countries depart from Area A; to Schengen counries at Area B - follow signs.    Make sure your baggage is tagged to the final destination; if not, you may need to pick it up at the Baggage Reclaim area (follow signs) go through customs clearance, then proceed to check-in Hall at Departures level and re-check it in before proceeding to your connecting gate. .

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