Bangkok Suvarnabhumi BKK Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi BKK Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport:  International Arrivals & Departures, Transfer Information for onward Domestic & International Flights; Self-Check-in; Informatoin counters;  Terminal Layout & Terminal Details;  Services /Amenities (including airline & CIP lounges):

    International Arrivals: You will need your passport and Immigration Card TM6.  After getting of the plane, show passport and TM6 card at Immigration Counter; then wait at baggage claim 6-23 for your arriving bags; with bags in tow, pass through customs control (with nearby Information counter) and (if not transferring to another flight) proceed to Arrivals Hall, level 2, which serves as 'Meeting Point' and use either Exit B or C.
    International Departures: With new international checkpoints recently installed, passengers need, after check-in procedures, go up to the Mezzanine level, passing body scanning & thereafter passport check, prior to boarding.  With both checkpoints are in service, 7200 passengers can be processed an hour.
    Passengers transferring to domestic or international flights:  If your time allows, you can avail yourself of the Day Room, Spa & Massage, Barber Salon, Area Tour or shops & restaurants in the terminal. Note that all Star Alliance airlines and Bangkok Airways PB Air are located on the east side concourses, while all other airlines are located on the west side concourses:
    Transferring from an International to a Domestic flight: (if you have no boarding pass, go after disembarkation, to Level 2's and to theTransfer Checkin Counter):
  -  If you need to connect to either Chiangrai, Chiangmai, Phuket, Hatyai, Samui or Krabi - you need to go through Passport Check at Immigration Counter in the concourse C area of Level 2, go through Customs Check, pass through Xray- machine, and wait for boarding in holdrooms of concourses A. If you have a boarding pass, skip the Transfer Checkin Counter.
  - If you need to connect to other provinces or you need to unload your luggage in Bangkok, go to the passport control on Level 2 Concourse area D, then pick up your baggage at the baggage claim, go to Level 4 (Domestic) ticket checkin, then pass through X-Ray machine & proceed to boarding hold rooms in Concourse A.
    Transferring from an International to another International flight: After disembarkation, go to Level 2 (and to the Transfer Checkin Counter if you have no boarding pass);  go through security checkpoint on either levels 2 or 3, and proceed to the hold rooms in Concourses D, D, E, F or G.
    Automatic Self Check-in  system (CUSS) to reduce check-in time is available in the Departure Passenger Lobby, level 4, Rows B-C, H, N, P & W; at Concourse D - West-side transfer cutoff - for passengers of the following airlines: Air France, Austrian, British, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Kenya Aiways, KLM Royal Dutch, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, & Transaero. Use one of three options: passport, ticket number, or frequent flyer number.
    Obtaining a Visa: Level 2 has two 'Visa On Arrival' areas in the International concourse level.
    Information counter locations*
 - in the Main Terminal, at Departure Hall, level 4 near gates 3 and 5-6;
- in the Arrival Hall on level 2 at gates 3-4 and 7-8';
- in the concourse buildings: between Concourse A & B, level 2;
- at Arrivals passenger hold rooms, and at the transfer counter on the eastside;
- between Concourses E, F & G, on level 2 in the Arrival passenger hold room;
- on Concourse D, level 2, of the Arrival passenger hold room, and
- on level 4 of the Departure passenger hold room, on both east & west sides.
* NOTE:  Automatic information kiosks are in
the Departure Hall (including the immigration booths area), which will give directions & time for holders of boarding passes to proceed to their gates.  

TERMINAL LAYOUT & TERMINAL DETAILS:    Note: In August 2016 contracts were signed for an accellerated expansion of the terminal, with a new concourse, parking bays and tunnel in the south side of the Airport, as well as the utility sysem setup and its oversight - all to be completed by November 2019.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport has a huge main passenger terminal, flanked by concourses A/B through G - surrounding both Main Terminal & Parking Garage in the shape of an H. The Main Terminal houses houses two basement levels & seven above-ground levels. Each of levels 1 to 4 has access to the seven four-level Concourse Buildings A through G.
The terminal covers an area of over 6 million square feet, includes 130 passport control checkpoints; 26 customs-control checkpoints for arrivals, 8 for departures; 22 baggage conveyor belts; 360 check-in counters (with 100 additional counters for passengers without luggage); 107 moving walkways; 102 elevators, 83 escalators; 72 jet bridges & 69 non-jet bridges (18 Jet bridges & 6 non-jet bridges are specificallty for large aircraft) . Carriers can also park at remote locations on the ramp, where shuttle buses take passengers from or to the terminal.
The passenger terminal also boasts the 'World's fastest internet service - with 41.45 Mbps.
    The basement level houses a currency exchange and the Airport Rail Link train station for trains to City (blue local, red express - the fastest & cheapest way to get mid-town), and
    Level 1 offers bus, van & taxi service;
    Level 2 is for Domestic & International Arrivals - on opposite sides, with Federal inspecton & customs clearance, health inspection, VISA counter, baggage claim belts 1-23, information counters, currency exchanges, and left luggage.  
    Level 3 houses lounges, CIP rooms;  prayer roms, currency exchange and other services.
    Level 4 is for Domestic & International Departures and houses Thai Airways premium passenger service, airline check-in counters A - W,  information counters, a host of services, & access to Concourses A - G after security check.  (The Mezzanine Level - reached after check-in - houses international checkpoints.)
        The Concourses: Buildings A through G are arranged in a letter "H" format:  While Concourses A & C serves domestic passengers - Concourses D, E, F & G serve international passengers.  At Main Terminal, past security check, is the boarding area, which has:
    in the center access to Concourse D (with gates D1-8); 
    to the left access to Concourses C, B & A ( with gates C1-10, B1-6, and A1-6); 
    to the right access to Concourses E, F & G (with gates E1-10, F1-6 and G1-5).
As noted above - all Star Alliance airlines and Bangkok Airways PB Air are on the east side concourses, while all other airlines are located on the west side concourses.
    Level 5 houses Thai Airways and Star Alliance offices;
    Level 6 houses the Airport’s One-Stop Service Center; and
    Level 7
has an observation deck.

Services and Amenities inside the terminal complex
include concessions for food & drink, retail and duty-free stores; information counters; free and paid WiFi access; business, banking & postal facilities; Airline & CIP lounges; spas, hair salons, tourist services, smoking rooms, Muslim prayer rooms & hajj facilities, left baggage, and first aid clinic & stations.
Airline & CIP Lounges:
- AirFrance KLM  Pay-in Lounge accessible to all Skyteam economy class passengers at 1,000 baht or $30, payable at check-in area, near counter aisle P.  It is located in the departures hall of level 3, & offers food & drink,a busines corner, shower facilities, and more.
Oman Air Lounge with a capacity of 72 passengers is available to Oman Air's business class guests, and Silver & Gold-tier Sinbad frequent flyer members.  It also serves as pay-in lounge.
- Thai Airways Lounges are located near Gates A1-A6 on level 2; and near C-1-C10, B1-B6, D1-D8, and  E1-E10 on level 3.
- Emirates Lounges (and for a few other airlines) are located near gates F1-F6 and G1-G5.
- CIP Rooms (tel. (66)0- 2134-6284 /fax 6285) are on level 3, at international pre-security area.
- The Royal Orchid Lounge at Concourse E West reopened June 2015 after completion of renovaton.
- Qatar opened its new lounge (modeled after their Heathrow Airport lounge). 
NOTE: Thai, Bangkok & Singapore airlines recently expanded their lounges.

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