Billings Logan BIL Airport Overview

Billings Logan International Airport BIL serves the City of Billing in the State of Montana.  It is a 2,300 acre facility, city-owned and operated, and is the gateway to Big Sky Country, Montana. When coming to Billings from any direction, Billings Airport is easy to find, as it is located on top of a local geological formation referred to as The Rim Rocks or The Rims.

The Airport is only two miles north of downtown Billings - off Highway 3, and accessible via I-90, and US 87.

With 3 runways and over 850k passengers annually, Billings Logan International is served by airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

The passenger terminal has two Concourses.

Public Transportation from Billings Logan  Airport:  (For shuttle service call either Phidippides Cody at 866-527-6789, or Billings Van & Shuttle at 406-256-9793).  No public transport is available directly from the Airport.  Buses/ Charters:
- Jefferson Lines (tel. 1-800-451-5333 - or visit offers long-distance connections.
- Karst Stage - tel. 1-800-845-2778
- The MET Transit Bus is available in & around Billings (406-657-8218 or visit:

Current and future Airport developments:  In the planning stages are a $2.2M upgrade of Concourse B, which is to be extended and get more  restrooms. 

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