Billings Logan BIL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Billings Logan BIL Airport

The passenger terminal at Billings Logan International Airport has has two concourses: The Terminal opens 4am - about two hours before first scheduled flight.  
Concourse A with gates A1 & A3,  and
Concourse B with gates B1 - B4.
Amenities and services inside the terminal include WiFi access throughout the terminal, a new Digital Pager system, a restaurant/bar (tel. 406-256-8446, open 6am-7pm daily); a food court (open 5am-7pm daily), gift shop,  and in the main lobby, next to security screening an ATM (next to Gift shop), USPS mailbox, and a change machine.  The baggage claim area has also a change machine and free bggage carts. 

Current airlines serving the terminal: (all but Cape Air offer online check-in)
Allegiant (reservation tel. 702-505-8888; baggage service 866-719-3910 ,
Alaska ticket counter/ reservation tel. 406-248-6181; 800-252-7522,
Delta ticket counter/ reservation tel. 406-248-2904; 800-221-1212),
Cape Air ticket counter/ reservation tel. 406-248-3647; 800-227-3247)
United ticket counter/ reservation tel. 406-259-0380; 800-241-6522).

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