Brussels (BRU) Airport

Brussels BRU Airport Overview

Brussels Airport BRU plays a very important part, as the city of Brussels is Europe's Capital (the European Union, NATO, and many other European organizations and corporations are headquartered there), and should not be mistaken for another airport advertised by low-cost airlines as 'Brussels South Airport’ - which in fact is in Charleroi, 40 km from Brussels.

BRU Airport is located in part in Zaventem and in part in the Diegem area of Machelen, and is 11 km from the historic City of Brussels, Belgium. It is accessible via motorway A201, connecting directly to the R0 highway, and from there to all other main highways. The railway under the passenger terminal offers up to 4 hourly express trains to Brussel's North, Central & Midi stations.

With three long runways and about 20 million passengers annually, Brussels Airport is hub to Brussels Airlines, Jet Airways and others, and is served by numerous major and minor international airlines and charters offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.
The on-Airport Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel (tel. +32 2 710 8000 /fax 8080) with a business & conference center, is located across from the passenger terminal.

The Brussels Airport passenger terminal is a huge building with four levels and two 'Piers'.

Present & Future Airport Developments:  First-stage U.S. Preclearance program negotiations started May 2015; upon finalization the program should be in place within 2-3 years.


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