Baggage Claim at Budapest Liszt BUD Airport

Security at Budapest Liszt BUD Airport

Strict regulations – Security is the number one priority
More rigorous security regulations are in place at airports throughout the world, including Ferihegy International Airport. These measures serve the interests of passengers and aviation security. They harmonize with international regulations and are mandatory for everyone.

Passenger security screening
All passengers, hold and hand baggage are subject to security screening prior to departure. Passengers’ clothing and hand baggage are screened after check-in and passport control. Passengers pass through a magnetic gate and hand baggage is screened with an X-ray machine. The process is aimed at ensuring that no sharp items, weapons or other objects or substances endangering aviation security should be taken on board aircraft. If any such item is found with passengers, they are confiscated. Whilst waiting for security screening please empty your pockets, take off your upper body overgarments (jacket, blazer, coat, waistcoat, etc.) and place your belongings and garments in the plastic trays. Belts and shoes may also have to be taken off upon request (in the latter case, foot sacks are available if required). Place the trays containing your objects on the belt of the X-ray machine together with your hand baggage and pass through the magnetic gate. Security staff may ask to open your hand baggage or to search your clothing by hand. Staff may also request that you turn on laptops or other large electronic devices in order to verify that they are in proper working order. The state-of-the-art X-ray machines used for screening passengers have no impact on health, pacemakers or celluloid photos. Budapest Airport completely replaced its security screening infrastructure in the summer of 2008. As a result, screening has become faster, more comfortable and more secure.

Non-transportable items

Some objects and materials endanger the security of aviation and thus may not even be transported in hold baggage. For example, welding torches, cartridges for siphon bottles, Scripto View lighters, camping gas equipment and friction matches may not be transported on board aircraft at all.

Dangerous materials

Paints, alcohol, gas oil, lighter gas, all liquids with a flash point of less than 150 F (65 °C) , flammable liquids, diving cylinders or any other pressurized cylinders, etc., will qualify as dangerous materials. Special rules apply to the aerial transportation of such items; please contact your airline for details. Check-in staff have the right to reject any object which does not comply with requirements for the transportation of dangerous materials. Only arms bags which bear a clearly visible label showing FIREARMS UNLOADED may be used to transport arms. A maximum of 5 kg of ammunitions may be checked in as baggage in appropriate packing, i.e. in a shock-resistant box. It is advisable to inquire at your carrier’s customer service in advance about the relevant rules, which may vary from airline to airline.

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