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Burlington Airport ( BTV ) Terminal Map Information

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Burlington BTV Terminal Map BTV Main Terminal


The passenger terminal at Burlington International Airport has two levels and South & North Concourses:
    Level 1 (Main Level) houses
- the Arrivals areas with baggage claim, rental car counters, information desk;
- the Departure area with  check-in and ticketing counters, an ATM machine, a food & drink establishment, security check and access to South Concourse gates 11-15.
    Level 2, which has two skywalks to the parking garage, houses a restaurant, video arcade, vending machine, conference room, restaurant , and access to North Concourse gates 1 - 8. 

Note that nursing mothers have now the 'Mamava booth' available inside of the terminal.

For paging or information call the Information booth at 802-863-1889

Current Airlines serving this terminal:
American, tel. 1-800-433-7300
Allegiant, tel. 1-702-403-1269 - Allegiant will discontinue service in Spring 2017.
Delta, tel. 1-80-221-1212
JetBlue, tel. 1-800-538-2583
Porter, tel. 1-888-619-8622
United, tel.1-800-86408331