Charlotte Douglas CLT Airport Overview

Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT, one of the country's top ten airports, serves the City of Charlotte and its surrounding counties, and is North Carolina's primary airport - often regarded as an alternative to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport - has recently made the list as one of the top ten airports in the U.S.  It is, in terms of aircraft movements, one of the word's busiest airports.  Overwhelmingly, passengers rated their overall airport experience at CLT for 2013 as 'highly satisfactory'.

CLT Airport is a few miles from the financial district of the city of Charlotte, situated near the border of the North & South Carolinas, accessible from Interstate Hwy. 485, connecting to I-85 and I-77. NOTE: From Josh Birmingham Pkwy you are now directed onto the new Airport entrance road's inbound lanes, which merge onto Little Rock Road & directly to the terminal.

With four long runways and some 41 million passengers annually, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is currently US Airways' largest hub (operating out of Concourses C, D & E), and is served by a host of major airlines offering direct and connecting flights througout North America, the Caribbean islands, Europe & South America.

1. For passenger pickup /dropoff, use curbside, including all lanes on ticketing & baggage claim levels & curbside check-in - car must be attended to.
2. Priority lanes for preferred or elite status airline passengers are available at Checkpoints B & D.
3. The toll-free Airport number is 1-800-FLY-CDA

Charlotte Douglas Airport has a large main passenger terminal, with Concourses A through E.

Present & Future Airport Developments:  Note that by year-end 2014, WiFi service will be extended to one gigabyte
2. August 2014 - start of remote rental car facility for car storage & vehicle maintenance, to open Feb. 2015
3. By Fall 2014 the new Airport entrance road opens & will impove connections between Wilkinson Blvd. & Josh Birmingham Pkwy to the terminal.
4. Aug. 2015: Ongoing construction on a new in-line baggage system is to be completed.
5. Sept. 2014 - Concourse A Annex project: adding 4 more gates at its north side.
6. Oct. 2014 - Terminal Ramp Expansion (West)
7. Nov. 2014 - Jan.2015: Completion of phase 2 construction on the new 7-level Hourly Parking Deck, as well as the new rental car facilities located on its first three levels.
8. Late 2014: the new Intermodal Facility is being built on-Airport grounds to facilitate freight operations by air, rail & truck.
9. Year-end 2014 the new Business Valet Deck II is to be completed by December 2014. 4. Mar 2015: Concurse E's 6 more gates.
10 . July 2016: Concourse B's 10 more gates.
11. 2016 completion: Terminal eastside expansion requires a 2-level addition. Design completed early 2013 and construction should take 22 months.
12. 2016 completion:  Cubside Roadway Expansion: Construction of hourly parking deck will enable to widen roadway in front of terminal.
13. Thereafter, construction of a new International Terminal and a transport system will connect  terminals, garages & rental car center (and later to the light rail).

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