Charlotte Douglas CLT Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Charlotte Douglas CLT Airport

Charlotte Douglas Airport Passenger Pickup/Dropoff, Paging Information, TSA Pre-check & Priority Lanes, Getting Around CLT,  International Arrivals, Terminal Layout & Details,  and important telephone numbers:

Passenger Pickup/Dropoff:  
Available at curbside, car cannot be unattended.  If you need more time, park in the Hourly Deck or use the free Cell Phone Waiting Lots (please refer to 'Airport Parking' page).
For Paging and Information call 704-359-4013. C/DIAL, a 24/7 multi-lingual information center, can be reached at 704-359-4910. The Welcome Center / Visitor Services can be contacted at 704-359-4027. For Airport information 24/7 call 311; outside of Mecklenburg County call (704) 336-7600. C/DIAL.
TSA Pre-check & Priority Lanes:  Eligible TSA Pre-check passengers of US Airways, American, Delta & United travelers may access the TSA Pre-check lane at security checkpoint B for expedited screening.
Priority Lanes: 'Preferred' or 'Elite' airline customers may use these lanes for faster access through security checkpoints B &  D.
Getting Around:  Concourses A through E surround the main terminal - no shuttle service is needed. 
Ground Transport: All modes of transportation at Charlotte Douglas International, except CATS buses, are located at the curbside of the lower baggage claim level of the main passenger terminal. CATS buses pick up in front of Zone D baggage claim.
International Arrivals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports in Canada and the Caribbean, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes).

The passenger terminal complex at Charlotte Douglas Airport consists of a large main terminal with Concourses A through E.

The Departures level of the main terminal has in the center the Atrium, a ticketing & departures area with separate security checkpoints for each of Concourses A, B, C, D & E (checkpoints A & D open 4:15am, B & C open 5:15am).  The east side of theTerminal's departures level connects to Concourses D/E;  the west side connects to Concourses A; and the south sides connects to Concourses B & D.
The Atrium is a  glass-enclosed structure within the Departures level -  with a tree-lined boulevard dotted with comfortable white rocking chairs and surrounded by concessions & services (including the US lounge, currency exchange service a ATMs). Opposite from the Atrium is the ticketing area and on either side the security checkpoints leading to the concourses.  Food & drink, retail concessions, & ATMs are available on the Departures level, its atrium & at all concourses; while Charging Stations are disbursed throughout the Concourses.
The Arrivals level houses the baggage claim with carousels A1, A2 & A3 to the left, B & C in the Center and D & E to the right , with an Information counter, ATM machine, 'Special Areas' between B & C carousels.  Concessions are located close to the entrance doors.

Concourse A with gates A1-A12 is currently served by the following airlines:  Air Canada, American, American Eagle, American Connection, Delta, Delta Connection, Frontier, Southwest, United & United Express. Concourse A can be accessed from the ticketing level. Near gate A6 is an ATM & a charging station.  (The Concourse A Annex project recently added four more gates at its north side.)
Concourse B with gates B1-B16 is currently served by US Airways only, andcan be accessed from the Atrium. There are 2 charging stations at B4 & B10 and an ATM hrar B10.   (By July 2016 10 more gates will be added.)
Concourse C with gates C2-C19 is currently served by US Airways & US Airways Express, and can be accessed from the Atrium. The US Airways Club & Business Center is at the entrance of Concourse C. Charging stations are at /near gate C4, C10 & C15 and an ATM at C9.
Concourse D with gates D1-D13 is currently served by JetBlue, Lufthansa & US Airways and can be accessed from the ticketing area. It handles all international arrivals without customs preclearance.  A charging station is at D3, an ATM near D7 and currency exchange at D1/D2.
Concourse E with gates E1-E38 is currently served by US Airways & US Airways Express, and can be accessed from the ticketing area. The y-shaped gateway with starts with gates E1-E9, and then divides:  to the right to gates E10-E19; to the left to gates E20-E38a-b. The US Airways Special services is near E20. A charging station is near E11, with an ATM in close proximity thereto. (By March 2015 up to six gates will have been added)

The Terminal Westside Expansion - adding another 3 levels for more concession space, offices & better access to Concourse B from security checkpoint  A - is nearing completion.  On the ramp level, the expansion added more baggage make-up space for  the new checked baggage in-line system. Many other major airport projects are lined up to be completed throughout  2014 - 2017.

Important CLT Airport telephone numbers: 
Airport Information: 704-359-4013
Administration Fax: 704-359-4030
Aviation Department (Main Switchboard): 704-359-4000; toll-free: I-800-FLY-CDIA
Law Enforcement & Emergency: 704-359-4012
Parking: 704-359-4038
Paging & Information: 704-359-4013
Visitor Information Center: 704-359-4027

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