Security at Copenhagen CPH Airport

Security at CPH Airport

1. Police:
A police station is located within the airport, with daily police patrol at the terminals.

2. The Danish Civil Aviation Administration (CAA-DK)
CAA-DK (Danish acronym: SLV) is the regulatory authority for civil aviation in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The CAA-DK sets the standards and issues regulations on civil aviation and supervises that they are complied with. CAA-DK is an agency under the Ministry of Transport.

3. Airport’s Security Staff
"Copenhagen Airports" handles the day-to-day operation of CPH Airport in terms of security--in compliance with the directions of the regulatory authorities. Security at the airport is subject to a large number of regulatory requirements, and the airport and airlines are each responsible for different areas. The authorities superviseand make sure that such security requirements are complied with.

Airport police - Tel: + 45 3245 1448

Danish Civil Administration (CAA-DK) - Tel: +45 3618 6000

Passengers Traveling to the United States:
New US rules require travelers to complete an online application at least 72 hours before departure. If they fail to do so, they risk being denied entry at the airport. These rules apply to the so-called ‘visa waiver countries’, which include Denmark. Passengers traveling from these countries must register online using the Electronic System for Travel Authentication (ESTA).

Travelers to the US must provide the same information on the online application--as previously requested on the I-94 form handed out on-flight before arriving in the US-- and state name, address, civil registration number, address in the US and passport number must be stated. Upon completion of the ESTA form the system will provide one of three possible responses: (a) authorization approved, (b) travel not authorized or (c) authorization pending. If your application is denied, you must contact the American Embassy to obtain a visa.

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