Copenhagen CPH Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Copenhagen CPH Airport

Layout of Copenhagen AirportTerminals; Terminal 2 expansion & Merging /Integrating all 3 terminals;  Amenities & Services; Passenger Transfer, and Arriving/Departing procedures:

The passenger terminal complex at Copenhagen Airport consists of three terminals - T1, T2, & T3.  Domestic T1 is 3.8 km from connected  terminals T2 & T3, which handle Schengen & non-Schengen international flights - sharing a common airside passenger concourse level with A, B, C, D & F gates, and the Arrivals area (physically located at T3, housing Customs & baggage claim).
Currently free shuttle buses connect all 3 terminals  (shuttles from T2/T3 to T1 stop between Gate area A18-34 and A2-17).
If arriving via Metro or train station, take the escalators up to T3's check-in desks 1-18 (right) and 38-21 (left); stairs & escalator will also take you either to the C & D gates or to the Arrivals area & baggage pickup.
Customer service can be contacted, 24/7, at tel.  +45 3231 3231 or by e-mail:
The CPH Express zips business & first-class airline customers through security check in less than five minutes.

Important Notices1. Most of domestic arrivals & departures are now at T2 or T3; domestic flights park at central gates at Piers A, B & D, close to check-in, baggage & security.   2. Ongoing Phase 1 of Pier C (extension, new gates, & more) is to be completed late 2015, whereupon Pier B extension will start.

Terminal 1 * is to be turned into a pier for the new 'integrated passenger terminal'. Passengers will use either Terminals 2 or 3, regardless of destination.
Terminal 2 * completed its expansion project and soon the offices on level 1 & 2 will be completed.  T2 uses gates A2-A17 & A18-A34 and gates B2-B19), and has near gates A 18-34 access to T1.
Terminal 3 * Pier C's expansion work includes new lounges and 3 gates with airbridges - to be completed year-end 2015.  Currently Pier C uses gates C2-C8, C10, C15-40; gates D1-D4 & D101-D104; and gates F1-F10 (F gates serve low-cost airlines only.).  T3 has direct-access to the Metro station and also connects to the train station. 

* Merging / Integrating all 3 terminals into one: 
(a)  Domestic & International traffic of T2 & T3 have been /will be merged in 2015.
(b)  Terminal 1 is to be turned into a pier serving the newly emerged 'integrated' passenger terminal.

Amenities & Services inside Terminals 2 & 3
include over 126 food, shop & services, including food & drink & retail concessions, duty-free shops, banks, Kastrup Ticket Office, Nursery, Airline counters, tax-free control, rental car desks, Global Refund & VAT, odd-size baggage, travel agency, Hilton desk, & Transfer Center.  The popular Copenhagen steak house MASH has a restaurant at Terminal 2's airside,  while the new high-quality deli, the Food Market, offers wholesome food on the go.
Lounges: Servisair Executive, Novia, SAS Business & SAS Scandinavian.  The CPH Lounge at T2, post-security, is open to all passengers at a fee. 

Passenger transfers: 
    1. A Transfer Center is located to the left of the security area and can help you with your transfer inquiries. Free shuttle buses depart daily every 10 mins, 4:30am-11:18pm (last bus from T1) from all three terminals and parking areas P15 & P17.
    2. Current Walking distances between terminals & concourses: If you transfer from/to the A gates to/from Domestic Terminal 1, it will take you up to 20 minutes, depending on which A-Gate you arrive at/ depart from.  Add another 5 to 9 minutes for B gates; further 7 - 17 mins to C gates, and another 5 to 10 minutes to the D gates.
    3. SAS flights, regardless of whether domestic or international, are now consolidated.. For passengers with short connection times between flights, SAS staff will assist you on getting to your next flight. Also, special baggage processing for short connections will ensure that your bags will be on the next flight.

Arrivals /Departures of Schengen, non-Schengen, Intercontinental, & Domestic flights & Passport Control & Security Screening:  As of March 29, 2015 all departures will be from either Terminals 2 or 3 - regadless whether destination is Aalborg, Amsterdam, Billund or Bergen.
     Schengen Arrivals/Departures: SAS arrives/departs mostly from Concourse B, or D (gates B1 to B44). Other airlines arrive arrive/depart mostly from gates A2 to A24.  Passengers from remotely parked aircraft depart from bus gates C2 to C8, B14 or A2, and arrivte at gate C9.
     Non-Schengen Arrivals/Departures are at Concourses C or D (gates D101-D104). Passengers from remotely parked aircraft depart from gates C15 to C19, and arrive at gate C25.
     Intercontinental Arrivals/ Departures: All passengers to/from non-EU & non-Schengen countries need to go through Concourse /Pier C. Concourse C has gates C15-40 - passengers from remotely parked aircraft depart from gates C15 to C19, and arrive at gate C12A.  Concourse C has been extended and renovated, with ample space for security screening & passport control; a few new lounges, and an extra level to gates C33, C36 & C37/C40 were added.
    Domestic Arrivals/DeparturesAs of March 29, 2015, domestic flights will park at central gates at Piers A, B & D, close to check-in, baggage & security.
    Passport Control -  If you fly to or from a non-Schengen or an intercontinental destination, you will arrive/depart from Concourse C or D (gates D101-104) and need to pass through passport control.
     Security Screening  - as transfer passenger you only need to be security-screened if you arrive from a non-EU destination.

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