Security at Dusseldorf DUS Airport

Airport Security
The Bundespolizei (National Border Police) are responsible for security at the Düsseldorf International Airport. Tel: 0211-9518-118.
Bundesgrenzschutz (Border Security) Tel: 0211-9518-118.

Put Film in Carry-On Baggage
Checked baggage undergoes a series of different checks. That means your suitcase can be checked up to three times in different ways. Camera film could be affected through this process. So, take our advice and pack your film in your carry on baggage to prevent it from becoming damaged.

Liquids in Hand Luggage
New EU aviation security regulations - Hotline: (49 0) 0211 421 0

Info for Divers
Your harpoon does not belong in your carry on baggage, neither do diving lamps or lights. The light bulb or battery must be removed from the diving lamp (packed separately).

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