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Geneva GVA Terminal Map


Geneva International has currently two passenger terminals - T1 & T2. While the  large 'T1' is the 'Main Terminal', housing a large part of the 'Swiss sector' and a small part of the 'French sector'. Small T2 is still in limited use during the Winter season.
The Main Terminal is closed midnight to 4am; while the French Sector closes between 11pm & 4:30am - passengers cannot stay in the terminal between those stated hours.
Railway & Bus Stations are across from the Terminal.

The 5-level Main Terminal 1 was recently renovated & expanded by 40 percent of its facilities, which included the Arrivals, Check-in and Departures levels. The top two levels are used for restaurants & lounges and terrace viewing.  Airline gates are located in Piers (Concourses) A, B, C,  D & F (Pier F serves French traffic only).
   The Arrivals level;  its recent new extension reated an area for rental car counters, food & snack outlet, and new restaurants & bars.
   The check-in level & also houses the 'French sector' (to the right).  It recently added another 13 check-in desks. The new baggage sorting infrastructure streamlines passenger flows, enabling GVA to handle traffic increase of coming years.
  The Departures level which offes now a new centralized security checkpoint (CSC), a modern and varied restaurant area, and a completely oerhauled shopping area within the secured transit area. .
Passenger flow is now organized by separate Schengen & non-Schengen passengers (the new 2-level Satellite 10 adapts its boarding lounges according to need) in compliance with the Schengen Agreement.
   The Mezzanine level houses waiting areas at each ends, access to  lounges at left, a prayer room, & shower facility and access to the departure gates.
   The Underground level houses the Railway Station - accessible from the left end of the Airrals Level..

-  By mid-Feb. 2017, the ticketing /check-in hall of T1 completed its overhaul  - now offering vertical connections by elevators, stairs & escalators - with passengers able to pass again from arrivals to departures level.  T1's departure level now recieved upgraded toilets near the Food Court and the adjacent shops reopened.  Still, some access to the terminal are still unavailable with signs to alternative routes.  
 - During the e-gate project new gates throughout the Schengen terminal will be gradually installed, making the boarding process automatic - passengers scan boarding passes or smartphones, causing the door to open for access to the aircraft's passageway.  Currently the following e-gates are available: A1 to A5, and A8 to A10.
- Ongoing major East Wing replacement is intended for long-haul flights & wide-bodied aircraft is to be completed by 2020.

Services and amenities in the passenger terminal include a host of food & drink, retail & duty-free consessions, free WiFi internet access, Swisscom Mobile Hotspot, internet cafe, internet corner, banking & currency exchanges, post office, information counters, travel agencies, a unisex hairdresser, showers in the transit area & arrivals level; a meditation room in the transit area; a dry cleaner and more.
Airline & Business Lounges at Geneva International:
- Air France* - Departure Transit Zone & Check-in French Zone; 
- British Airways (tel. +4122 71 8020) - Departure Transit Zone; 
- Dnata* Switzerland's Skyview Lounge (tel. +4122 817-4460) - Departure Transit Zone; 
- Swiss/ Swiss International (tel.: Business +4122 799-3348; First +4122 799 3344; French Sector +4122 799 60) - Departure Transit Zone and Check-in French Zone; 
- Swissport Horizon* (tel. +4122 799-3364) at Departure Transit Zone. 
- Premium Geneva Lounge, a Dnata Switzerland service, offers a wide range of VIP services from takeoff to landing.
* American Express offers Airfrance, Dnata, & Swissport Horizon lounge users foreign currency ordring service.

The old Terminal 2 is still used during winter charter season; its facilities offer only one restaurant. Passengers check in at this terminal, however, they are being  bused by TPG bus routes 10, 23 & 28 thereafter to the main Terminal 1. In the future, the Airport may decide to refurbish T2 and use it as a low-cost terminal.