Parking Options at Grand Forks Airport

Parking options at Grand Forks Airport:  As you are driving by in front of the passenger terminal, you are on a one-way loop surrounding  Lots A & B, and see entrance gates to your left, while Lot C is east of Airport Drive.
In the center of the loop are Lot A (opposite the terminal), and adjacent Lot B. Both lots may be used for short- or long-term parking and are patrolled 24/7. Upon entering the lots, pull a ticket before entrance gate will rise. Be sure to keep ticket until your return to use it for payment at exit.  Lot C is across from Lot B & Airport Drive loop.
NOTE:  there are no electric outlets in the lots, however, the cashier booth attendant has a battery booster pack at hand. 

   Parking Lot A:
Fees:  first 30 mins free; each add'l hr $1, daily max $10; weekly $60.
   Parking Lots B & C:
Fees:  first 30 mins free; each add'l hr $1; daily max $8; weekly $48.

Payment options:
(a) ticket in & credit card out in automated lane - for all lots;
(b) ticket in & cash, check or card out at casier booth  - for lots A & B;
American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa accepted.

For more paring information call Republic arking at 701-772-0090.

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