Shanghai Hongqiao SHA Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Shanghai Hongqiao SHA Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal Layout,  Terminal Details, Flight Transfer Procedures & important telephone numbers:

The passenger complex at Hongqiao International Airport consists of two passenger terminals - T1 & T2 - situated on either side of the runways. 
  T2 has access to the subway and high-speed railway station - part of 'Hongqiao Station' used for all modes of transportation).   Terminal-to-Terminal connection:
(a) via Metro subway line 10 serving both terminals (line 2 only serves T2, while both lines 2 & 10 head for the City);  and
(b) by shuttle bus between 6am-midnight , departing every 10 minutes from gates 1 & 7 of T1's departure level, and at gates 23 & 27 on T2's departure level. The Shanghai Hongqiao railway station is adjacent to Terminal 2.

International arrivals pick up baggage, then go through immigration & customs clearance.
Transfer to connecting flights:
(a) Passengers with boarding pass for connecting flight proceed to level 2 (2F) and follow signs to corresponding waiting area;
(b) Passengers without boarding pass for connecting flight proceed to check-in area (follow signs) for check-in process and thereafter continue to corresponding waiting area and to their gate where they should arrive at least 30 mins prior to scheduled departure.


International Terminal 1 of Hongqiao Airport
presently served by the following airlines:  Air Macau, All Nippon, Asiana, Dragonair, China Eastern, Hong Kong, Japan, Korean, Shanghai, Spring Air, & TransAsia Airways.  Note that international counters open 150 minutes, and close 30 minutes before flight takeoff; while gates open 30 minutes, and close 10 minutes - prior to flight takeoff
Level 1 of T1 houses Arrivals A & B; Arrivals B houses the baggage claim area with 4 baggage belts, and has access to outside buses 806, 807, 938, 925 & 941 (right to left). 
Level 2 houses  Departures A & B - each of which has its own security check. Departures B has check-in counters & access to gates B1-B12; Departures A has check-in counters and access to gates A11-A2.
Level 3 is the check-in level with check-in counters A - M (right to left). This level has information counters, Customs , Immigration, and access to level 2.

1. Check-in counters: The Departures Hall check-in counters 262 & 263 are for  Air China, and 105-107 are for China Southern.
2. Ticketing desks are in both the Departures & Arrivals Halls.
3. A business center is located at Departures: A5 Waiting Hall; next to baggage storage area; and next to B11 First-Class Cabin Lounge, offering computers, fax, coy, internet & telephone services.
4. Food & drink & shops: Shops are located in the Departures Hall, at A3, A4, A6 & A8 and the Waiting Hall, while food & drink establishments are mostly in A4 & A5 Waiting Hall.
5. A first-aid station is near the security check in the Domestic Departures Hall on 2F & on Arrivals on 1F.
6. Baggage-related services: Lost & Found is next to gate 1, Arrivals Hall; baggage storage is beside gate 5, Arrivlas Hall, & gate 5 Departures Hall.

New DomesticTerminal 2 of Hongqiao Airport - a '5-Star Terminal' according to Skytrax - is presently served by the following Airlines:  AirChina, Air Macau, All Nippon, Asiana, China Eastern, China Southern, ChinaUnited, Hebei, Juneyao,  Shandong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Tianjin, Tibet, & Xiamen.   Note that  domestic counters openings vary from 120-150 minutes to 24 hours, but all close 45 minutes prior to takeoff; while gates open for domestic flights 30 minutes, and close 10 minutes prior to flight takeoff
To easily navigate T2, rent a battery-operated mini-car from the Service Counter at M2.
Note that T2 added over 8,000 square meters of retail & food concessions.
The boarding gate area of T2 has in the center gates 46-50, at left gates 21-40 and at right gates 56-90.

1. Check-in counters located at: A14-A21 for China Air; A01-A13 for Hainan, Juneyaeo, Shandong, Shichuan, Tianjin & Xiamen airlines; B01-B18 for Shanghai and Shenzhen airlines and C01--C18 & D01-D10 for China Eastern airlines; and D11-D15 for China Southern airlines. China Eastern & China Southern share a total of 48 check-in counters and 28 check-in machines. Passengers of either one of these airlines can use any one of the 48 check-in desks.
2. Ticketing desks are in the Check-in & Ticketing Hall of 3F for the following airlines: Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan, Juneyao, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen, Spring & Xiamen.
3. A Business Center is located in the business triangle area at M2, offering computers, fax, coy, internet & telephone services.
4. Shops and food & drink establishments are in the departure level M2 and ticketing & check-in level 3F. The large commercial retail & food service expansion started inlae 2011 and will continue for another two years, offering, among others, many luxury brand-name establisments.
5. A first-aid station is between gates 47 & 48, M2, next to the transfer area, 2F and next to the baggage locker, Arrivlas Hall 1F.
6. Baggage-related service: Left luggage & lost & found are at the Arrivals Hall & E-Island, East Traffic Center, 1F.

Lounges in Terminals 1 & 2:

Special lounges to accommodate passengers who need a little help are located in T1 at A5, B12 Waiting Hall, departures level.
The Shanghai Airline lounge is in T2 on level 3, Zone A, V2; 
the First-Class Cabin Lounge is in T1at the 2F Waiting Hall.
VIP Lounges in T2 are located on Levels 1F, 2F, M2 and 3F, Roo V1-3 next to gate 24, M2 and Rooms 4-6 next to the Informaton Desk.

Important Telephone numbers:
Airport Information - 96990;  (all other telephone numbers below precede +86 (021) for long-distance calls):
Baggage - at T1: 22344553; at T2: 22381085
Business Center - at T2: 22381085
Lost & Found - at T1: 22344553; at T2: 22381085
Police Center - at T1: 22344553; at T2: 22381085 (also handles Lost & Found).


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