Hong Kong HKG Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Hong Kong HKG Airport

Airport layout, Arrivals & Transfer Procedures, Visa /Tourist Information, Pickup location; Terminal Details, Services/ Amenities; VIP & Pay-in Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Hong Kong International Airport consists of two passenger Terminals - T1 & T2 - and the separate North Satellite Concourse.  Free WiFi access is available throughout terminals, North Satellite Concourse & SkyPier.  A fleet of Automated People Mover cars (APMs) connect the new SkyPier with T1 & T2 on a 3.8 km track. 
The SkyPier is a ferry terminal connecting to seven ports in the Pearl River Delta, and offering convenience store, duty-free liquor & tobacco, beauty & health items, currency exchange, banking & ATM cash machine) .
The Airport Express
line takes you to Central downtown Hong Kong within 25 minutes; to AsiaWorld Expo in just one minute.
Jetstar in-town check-in options are available at the Hong Kong & Kowloon MTR Airport Express train stations.

Arrivals procedures:
Hong Kong citizens with identity card  can proceed to the baggage claim to retrieve bags and exit the terminal.  All other traelers need to do the following:  have your passport and completed arrival card ready before proceeding to Immigration Hall for immigration check; thereafter, proceed to the baggage reclaim Hall and pick up bags (if lost & damaged contact your airline); with your  bag proceed to Customs & Excise control - use red channel for items to declare, otherwise use green channel.
Transfer Procedures: 
    (a) if you have an onward boarding pass: follow sign to departures level for gates; go through security check; check screens for gate number & time and arrive at your gate no later than 30 mins prior to departure.
    (b) if you do not have an onward boarding pass: find your connecting airline's check-in counter (at either area E1, E2 or W1); then follow signs to the departures level, go through security check and arrive no later than 30 mins at your gate prior to your departure.
Visa & Tourist Information is available from the HKTB Visitor Information Center, located in the Buffer Halls A&B of Terminal 1's Arrivals level. You can also visit DiscoverHongKong.com, or call +852 2508 1234. 
If being picked up at the Airport, proceed to Terminal 1's Arrivals Hall A or B (at opposite sides), which offer food & shops.


Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International - one of the world's largest terminals (570,000 sq.meters) and shaped like a Y - has its 321 check-in counters for most regular airlines on Level 7 (Departures) with counters A through K - Exception: most low-cost and some full-service airlines use check-in facilities at T2, where passengers thereafter need to take the APM car connecting to T1.  Levels 6 & 7 house the VIP lounges (listed here at the end). 
50 new beacons at T1 guide passengers with a user-friendly map display on their electronic equipment, including restaurants & retail concessions.
    Level 8 of T1 has a restaurant and the 'Peak Lookout'.
    Level 7 of T1 is the check-in/ Departures level with check-in counter areas A - K, theCustomer Service Center. This level also houses the Airport Express station.
    Level 6 of T1 houses the Y-shaped departure concourse with gates 1 - 71. Departure West Halls are near gates 40 & 60; Departures Central is between gates 27/28; Departure East Hall is between gates 1 & 15.  Between gates 20-15 is an escalator to gates 501-510 of the North Satellite Concourse.
    Level 5 of T1 is the Arrivals level with Halls A & B, gates 1-71, baggage reclaim area, shops, and the HSBC Premier Center (tel. 2748 3322). Level 5 connects directly to level 3.
    Level 4 of T1 is another Departures level and has houses the Skypier with Duty-free shop & Travelex. It has access to gates 501-510 and 51-513, and at opposite side to gates 520-525.
    Level 3 of T1  has the AWTC building attached to it, and offers a wide variety of shops and banking facilities.
There is no level 2.
    Level 1 of T1 houses the automated people mover (APM) cars, taking passengers to gates gates 1-32 & 33-80, to Teminal 2 & the SkyPier.
The separate North Satellite Concourse (NSC) of Terminal 1 has gates 501-510 (for smaller aircraft) and a waiting area with food & retail outlets, as well as Travelex. Passengers, whose flight will depart from this Satellite will check in, complete immigration & security check at either T1 or T2, before proceeding to a designated area at T1 to board a shuttle bus to the Satellite, running every 4 minutes.  The gate area connects via escalator to Terminal 1's level 6, gates 20-15.

NOTE:  By year-end 2015 it is expected that the 5-level Midfield Concourse, presently under construction and to be connected by automated people mover to Terminal 1, will be completed. 

Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International serves only as check-in and processing facility for departing passengers of a majority of low-cost, and some full-service airlines. The terminal is without gates or arrivals facilities. Passengers are being transported by underground APM cars to T1. The SkyPlaza inside T2 is a shopping mall offering shops & restaurants, and entertainment facilities. T2 has 56 airline check-in facilities with Customs & Immigration, and is connected to the Airport Express Line on a new platform. T2 also houses the bus station for buses to/from mainland China. 
    Level 3 of T2 has a number of shops, including duty-free, a wellness center, the Bank of China, and the AWTC annex, with access to Terminal 1, level 5 . 
    Level 4 of T2 is the Skypier with duty-free area, Starbucks & Travelex, gates 3-6 and connects directly to Terminal 1, levels 7(check-in level) & 8.
    Level 5 of T2 is the Departures level, with a Customer Service Center, adjacent HKIA Tower, and check-in counters divided by areas N, P & Q. This level has outside access to the Airport Express and inside a number of amenities & services.
    Level 6 of T2 houses restaurants & shops, an HSBC (tel. 2233 3000) and on either side of it The Aviation Discovery Center, UA IMAX Threater, 'Dream Come True' Educational Park and i-Sports.

Services & amenities inside the passenger terminals include over 200 retail and 60 food & drink outlets.  Airport Ambassadors in their red jackets are located throughout the terminals, offering great customer service with a smile.  Free FiWi access is available throughout the Terminals, the North Satellite Concourse & the SkyPier.
    Other amenities and services include customer service centers, health & medical services, internet and business facilities, banking and currency exchange services, lost & found, childrens' play areas &TV lounges, small gardens & rest lounges; nursing rooms, photo kiosks, post office,  prayer rooms, shower & pay-in lounge, smoking lounges, baby stroller rentals, battery recharge service, document conveyance, copy services, wheelchair, Meet & Assist, and unaccompanied minors services.
Parking options are available in the multi-level garages 1, 2 & 4.

VIP Lounges and Pay-in Plaza Premium Lounges:  Note that as of July 1, 2015, the following Lounge upgrades were just completed, or will be completed:
   The Pier First Class lounge completed its overhaul in June 2015 - intended for first class passengers, Marco Polo Club Diamond members and Oneworld Emerald members (including Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyers).
   The Pier Business Class lounge was closed by Cathay Pacific for a major make-over - intended to become one of the world’s best first- class lounges & to reopen 'second half' of 2016.
   The 'adjacent ' Business Class lounge closed in July for its overhaul.
Lounge at T1 & T2:  with airline listing by code (CA = Air China); Codes with * are for code-share flights only;  all telephone numbers precede the area code +852 for outside of Hong Kong:
    On Level 3 of Terminal 2 is the Arrivals Pay-in Lounge - all other lounges are located inside of Termial 1:
    On Level 6 of Terminal 1:
China Airlines Lounge for: CI, KQ, AE - tel. 2261 1801 - close to Gate 1
CNAC VIP Lounge for CA, MU, CZ, FM, 3U, MF - tel. 769 6217 - close to Gate 25 (use lift or staircase near Gate 25)
SilverKris Lounge for: NZ, AC, CA, NH, OZ, ET, LH, LX, SQ, TG, TK, UA, VS - tel. 2769 8161 - close to Gate 15
The Bridge Lounge for: CA*, CX, KA, PR* -  tel. 2747 3902 - use escalator near gate 36.
The Wing /Business Class/First Class for: CA*, CX, KA, PR* - tel. 2747 7972 - close to gate 2.
The Cabin for: CA*, CX, KA, PR* - tel. 2747 7541 - use staircase near gate 23.
The Pier First Class for: CA, CX, KA, PR* - tel. 2747 3939 - use elevator or stairway near gate 63.
Plaza Premium Lounge (East) for: HM, SU, OZ, MU, AY, GA, JL, KE, MH, LV, PR, QR,  RJ, LX, FM, ZH, VN - tel. 2261 0888 - shower & pay-in lounge close to gate 1
Cub Bauhinia Hong Kong Airline Lounge for OZ,  PG, HX, PR, BI - tel. 2261 2007 - close to gate 23.
    On Level 7 of Terminal 1:
Plaza Premium Lounge (West) for: KC, CA, AI,, PG, MU, LY, ET, 9W, HO, RA, S7, UL, TK - tel. 221-2612 - close to Gate 35.
G16 Lounge for: CA*,  CX, & KA' - tel. 2180 2091 - use escalator opposite gate 16 at level 6.
Royal Orchid Lounge for: NZ, AC, CA, NY,, OZ, ET, LH, LX, ZH,  SA, TG, TK, UA - tel. 2769 7593 - close to gate 40, use escalator /elevator at level 6.
The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge for: AF, KL & QF - tel. 2261 0422 - no location available.
United Club* for: NZ, AC, NH, OZ, ET, LH, LX, SA, TG, TK, UA - tel. 2122 8268 - close to gate 60, use escalator /elevator at level 6.
Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse* for: DL, BR, VS - tel. 2186 3130 - close to gate 60 - use escalator/ elevator at level 6.
Emirates Lounge* for EK - tel. 2261 0266 - close to gate 40, use escalator /elevator at level 6.

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