New York Kennedy JFK Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at New York Kennedy JFK Airport

Kennedy Airport Terminal Complex layout, Getting around (inter-terminal connections, Airtrain & Airport-to-Airport connections); International Arrivals, Delta Passengers & Terminal details:

The passenger terminal complex at Kennedy  Airport constitutes has a Central Terminal Area (CTA), with a one-mile circular roadway, currently surrounded by six operational passenger terminals: T1, T2, T4, T5, T7 & T8 - arranged in a semi-circle, and connected by the Airtrain & the Airline Terminals Train, both serving the non-secured areas of the terminals every 8 minutes on average.

The full-service Welcome Centers in the Arrivals area of each of the passenger terminals - staffed by Customer Care Reps wearing red vests - offer an ATM cash machine and these services: Ground transportation information, hotel reservations, information on shops, restaurants, rental cars & tourist attractions. 
At the Departures levels is a
'virtual avatar' with the likeness of a real person, is also providing terminal information.
All Terminals offer food & drink, shops & duty-free concessions (most of which are in the secured areas) and  free WiFi access. 

Getting around:   For inter-terminal connections, use the yellow-marked 'Airline Terminals Train'; for connections to Jamaica Station use the red-marked Airtrain; for connections to Howard Beach, use the green-marked train.
Inter-Terminal connections:
(a) T2 to T4: until the new connector is completed, Delta Bus connects from gate to gate; 
(b) via 'Airline Terminals Train' (marked on JFK's maps in yellow) running from T1 to T8, T7, T5, T4 & T2/3)  - at each such stop you can connect to the Airtrain to either Howard Beach route (marked green) or Jamaica Station route (marked red) , which runs 24/7 - between midnight and 4am every 15 mins; between 4-7:30am every 7 mins; between 7:30am-3pm every 10 mins; between 3pm-8pm every 7 mins; between 8pm & midnight every 15 mins.
The Airtrain stops at each of the terminals and branches out into two separate City routes: 
(a) Jamaica Station route connects to the Long Island Railroad, to NYC Transit subways E, J and Z at Sutphin Blvd/Archer Av. Station, and to various Q buses.
(b) Howard Beach Route connects to Parking lots A, B & C, stopping at Lefferts Blvd., & Howard Beach Station. The elevated A train takes you north to the Rockaways, or south to Brooklyn & Manhattan, with other subway connections along the line.
Airport to Airport connections: 
(a) JFK to LaGuardia: ETS Air Shuttle (718-221-5341); All CountyExpress (800-914-4223); NYC Airporter (718-777-5111) all three take 45-60 mins; metered taxi at taxi dispatcher, 30 min; private limo/van: Welcome Center at baggage claim.
    (b) to Newark Libery: State Shuttle (800-427-3207) takes 90 mins.; Air Train JFK & mass transit (877-535-2478);  ETS Air Shuttle (718-21-5341) 1 hour; metered taxis from dispatcher 75-90 mins; private limo/ vans: Ground Transport Information Counter at baggage claim, 75-90 mins.
International Arrivals:  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports in Canada and the Caribbean, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). 


Terminal 1 of JFK Airport houses currently 22 major international carriers.
    Arrivals level houses customs clearance, baggage claim, baggage storage & ground transportation information & currency exchange.
    Mezzanine level houses 3 airline lounges.
    Departures level  houses four check-in areas and in the center security check and access to:
    Concourse level
with 4 airline lounges and access to gates 1 - 11.
The Lufthansa Lounge is at post-security, to the left.
The Air France Lounge near gate 1offers showers, WiFi & separate VIP area for La Premiere guests.

Terminal 2 of JFK Airport (with C gates)
is currently for Delta's First Class, Medallion & Business Elite Check-in only.
    Arrivals level with baggage claim, information counter, Ground Transport Info Center, and bus & taxi pickup outside.
    Departures level has ticket counters on either side and security check, leading to:
    Gate level with Gates C60-C70.  Currency exchange is available near gate C61. 
NOTE:  160 new OTG iPads (making it a total of 300) for chef-driven restaurants are now available at Brooklyn Beer Garden, Due Amici & Shiso.

A connector will be in place between T2 & T4 by mid-2015, eliminating the need for Delta shuttles.

Terminal 4 of JFK Airport with Concourses A & B - the largest of JFK's terminals, accounting for 17M passengers in 2014 - is currently used by  32 airlines, including Delta's long-haul flights. T4 has completed its first phase of expansion in May 2013 -restulting in an improved baggage claim, added carousels, US Customs inspection booths, 12 centralized security lanes;  improved check-in areas with more kiosks; Delta Sky Priority check-in area next to security check; new shops & restaurants at pre-security; and 7 renovated & 9 new gates at Concourse B.  Currency exchange is available at Arrivals (two on Concourse level near A gates & at gate B27). 
NOTE: A long connector between T2 & T4 are to be completed by mid-2015, whereupon Delta is to be sole occupant of T4, but intends to still use some of its current T2 flights and transfer others.
    Arrivals level is at present separate, connected by 2 walkways to the concourse level and housing Customs clearance, new automatic passport control machines, baggage claim, & Information counter. It also has a Ground Transport Info Center, and outside rental car pick-up. The Arrivals Hall added recently a sit-down diner (reminiscent of the 1930s) located at pre-security is able to serve visitors and passengers alike.
    Departure level with two check-in areas, 2 airline clubs, opens up to the Concourse level, with security checkpoints at either side.
    Concourse level with
       Concourse A - gates A3, A5
       Concourse B * - gates B20-B41.
Currency exchange is at or near gates A3 A5, on concourse level and nar gate B27.  NOTE: On Jan 15, 2015, Concourse B expansion at T4 was officially opened - with 11 new gates & enclosed jet bridges (close to Sky Club Lounge), and 75,000 sq.feet of extra space. Inter-terminal connections are aided by a new bus stop at the concourse end (complementing current bus stops at gates B18 & C60).  These upgrades enable Delta to shift 80 percent of its domestic connection flights from T2 to the expanded Concourse B of T4 - further streamlining connecting flights. (T2 is currently used only for Delta First Class, Medallion & Business-Elite check-in purposes). Upgrades were also made to enhance check-in, and adding electrical outlets on the seats in the waiting areas.
Airline Lounges at T4:  Air India at B gates; Delta Sky Club at Gate B32 (reached by discreet door around gate B32 via escalator up to its lobby & reception desk), Emirates Lounge at Gate A4,  Virgin Atlantic Lounge at Gate A5, and Wing Tips Lounge at end of Concourse A

Terminal 5 of JFK Airport
is currently served by  AerLingus, Hawaiian & JetBlue airlines. (Note that JetBlue & Korean Air have an interline agreement - meaning they transfer bags to their connecting flights).
    Arrivals level has baggage claim and information counter;  its separate Skywalk connects to Departures & Arrivals at each end, and to parking and Airtrain & Airline Terminal Train at its left end.
    Departures level with check-in facilities leads to security check and on to the gate area with gates 1 - 25.  The Concorde Lounge is near gate 1.
NOTE: Ongoing construction to expand T5 on three levels is to accommodate wide-body aircraft and add customs facilities. Other additions to the terminal include an International Arrivals Hall with U.S. Custom and Border Protection, Federal Inspection Services (FIS) and two new baggage claim belts.The project is to be completed by 2015.
Expansion of T5 (called T5i)  - completed 12/23/14 - is for JetBlue & partner airlines: the additional 145,000 sq.ft, on 3 levels, will have customs & immigration facilities. JetBlue then will consolidate domestic & international flights at T5.

Terminal 7 of JFK Airport - owned & operated by British Airways - is currently served by Aerolineas Argentinas, ANA, Air Canada, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Icelandair, OpenSkies, Qantas, United & United Express airlines.  It has small Arrivals and Departure Levels, and a large Concourse level.
    Arrivals level houses customs clearance, baggage claim, currency exchange, hotel board, ground transport Information desk.
    Departures Level houses check-in desks and security check, with access to the gates.
    Concourse level  is surrounded by gates 1- 12, and offers various amenities.
T7 offers the Concorde Lounge
near gate 1.

Terminal 8 of JFK Airport
with Concourses B & C is presently a Oneworld hub, with  American Airlines being the major carrier. (Some of Oneworld airlines operating at T7, also operate at T8). It is currently served by Air Berlin, American, American Eagle, Finnair, LAN, Malev, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, TAM & US Airways.
    Arrivals level houses customs clearance, baggage claim, Information counter, ground & transportation information & hotel phones.
    Departures level houses the check-in facilities,  leading to the security checkpoints, and thereafter restaurants/ shops, with access to the two Concourses:
       Concourse B with gate 1-16 has currency exchanges near gates 4 & 10, and offers access between gates 12 & 14 to Concourse C (with a currency exhange in this transfer area.
       Concourse C with gates 31-47 has currency exchange near its entrance.
NOTE:  Terminal improvements & shifting of airlines are under consideration.

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