Krakow (KRK) Airport

Krakow KRK Airport Overview

Krakow Airport KRK (or 'Krakow Airport im. Jana Pawla II') is an international  airport serving the southern part of Poland and its capital City of Krakow.
KRK Airport is located in the village of Balice, 11 km or 6.8 miles west of Krakow, and is accessible via motorway A4, exit 77. You can catch the express train to city center, a 18-minute trip, at the train station 200 meters from Terminal 1.

With one runway and an estimated 3.4M passengers per annum, Krakow Airport is hub to LOT Polish Airlines, and is served by domestic and international airlines offering direct flights to a host of European cities, with connections around the globe. Seasonal charters are available to popular vacation destinations. 

The passenger terminal complex at Krakow  Airport presently consists of two passenger terminals - T1 & T2 situated at either side of the of the Cargo Terminal: P1 has a parking garage across the street, and a large lot behind it, while P2 has a parking lot nearby. 
Free shuttle buses run between T1, T2 and the Airport rail station, which is 250 meters from Terminal 1and is the train station for the Express train to Krakow's Main Train Station. Train tickets are available from automats in T1, near center exit), and from train attendant, or at Krakow Main Station's automat at Platform 1.

Terminal 1:  Currently all Arrivals have ben temporarily moved to Terminal 2, while flights to Warshaw have been moved from T2 to T1.  
    Level 0 is for Schengen & non-Schengen international arrivals, has duty-free shop, rental car & airline counters and an ATM machine.
    Level 1 is for Schengen & non-Schengen international departures & for charter flights; and shops & services, including first aid & chapel.  Currently passengers departing to a Schengen zone country pass through security control on the first level of T1 and proceed then to the Departure lounge at gates 6 to 8; while passengers departing to a non-Schengen zone country pass through security control on the first level of T1 and proceed to the Departure lounge at gates 1-4.
    Level 2 is the Observation Deck.

NOTE:  The new building under construction is now almost completed, while the 'old' Terminal 1 is being renovated. It is expected that both buildings will be combined into one integrated Terminal 1 by Summer 2015.  Total floor area of the new terminal building will have then increased from 15,000 square meters to more than 56,000; be over 250 meters in length & reach 24 meters at its highest point, and accommodate up to 3.6M passengers a year. 
On July 23 2015  airplanes could park at the new north-eastern part of the Airport's apron.  With subsequent stages of terminal exansion a larger number of Code E aircraft can board through air bridges. 

Terminal 2 has recently been considerably expanded.  NOTE: During Terminal 1's renovation & extension work - T2 temporarily serves all Arrivals.  Two heated tent halls have been set up for this purpose:  one houses baggage carousel, the other passport conrol desks.  Also, flights to Warshaw were moved to T1. The terminal is is divided into domestic arrivals (right), check-in area (center) and departures with 2 gates (left). It offers food & drink establishments, some shops, a first aid station, Information desk (Tel: 0 801 055 000 or +48 (0) 12 295 58 00) and money exchange.

Passenger pick-up /drop-off can be made at the "Kiss & Drive" parking area.
The new on-airport Hilton Garden Inn hotel is available as of Summer 2014.

Present & future Airport Developments:  Eurolot (K2) flights have been suspended as of April 1, 2015.
While development & restructuring of existing passenger terminal started in April 2013, with an aim to process 3,600 passengers at peak time and accommodate 7-8M passengers per year, new sections are being added to the existing terminal, while the terminal itself is also undergoing changes - all in accordance with Schengen & non-Schengen regulations, and ADR requirements (accessibility).
2015 construction: 
   1. Roadways from/to Airpport & toll facility.
   2.  New section of terminal (between Cargo building & current International Terminal - followed by new section between the completed new section and the entrance of the baggage claim area at Departure Hal. 
   3. Adding East & Central  towers at the airbridge - followed by new West tower.
   4. Adding a footbridge (roofed above ground level passenger walkway) for acces to the parking garage, train station & hotel.
   5. Reconstructing the Arrivals Hall of the current terminal.
The integrated /merged new passenger Terminal 1 is to handle up to 8M passengers a year, and will have a new baggage control system, as well as new baggage carousel.
Other ongoing projects include reconstruction of taxiways, extension of apron, and a new railway station - to be completed between Spring & Summer 2015.

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