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San Juan Luis Munoz Airport ( SJU ) Terminal Map Information

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San Juan Luis Munoz Airport Terminal Map Overview

San Juan Luis Munoz SJU Terminal Map


The passenger terminal complex at San Juan Munoz International Airport consists of a Main Terminal and Concourses A, B, C, D & E -arranged in a horseshoe shape - each with its own security checkpoints- all of which surround the short- & long-stay parking facilities.
- Note that some airlines refer to gate areas as concourses, & others to terminals, i.e, TA or TC. 
- Terminals B & C now have a new autonomous baggage handling system - along with added  passenger inspection center, security upgrades & food & retail concessions.

The Main Terminal (at  its landside) is divided into four ticket counter areas:
the American Airlines ticket counter area is closest to Concourses D & E,
the Delta Air Lines ticket counter area is closest to Concourse C,
all other airlines use ticket counter area closest to Concourse B:
All Concourses have the security check stationed at their entrances.
    Concourse A with gates A1-A8 is currently served by  Air Charter/Air America, Air Sunshine, Air Flamenco, Island Birds, JetBlue, LIAT, Tradewind, and Vieques Air Link . The Federal Inspection Service are is soon to be completed.
    Concourse B with gates B2-11is currently under construction. 
    Concourse C with gates C2-10 reopened March 2016 after major renovation with a connector between B-C-D. It houses the United's Presidents Club & 'The Lounge' of the Global Lounge Network.
    Concourse D with gates D1-9 is currently served by American Airlines. It houses self-service check-in; the Admirals Club near gate 11, the Airport Hotel on levels 1 & 2;  and baggage storage, Aerostar Info booth & Porter's Cooperative on level 2.
    [Concourse E (located south of Concourse D) is currently not in use; when in use, D & E will share TSA security check.]

Services and amenties in the terminals and concourses newsstands and shops, a bank branch at Termin D, Mezzanine, ATM machines, a barber shop, post office, duty-free shops at gates 9 and between 2 &3, hotel reservation desks, as well as rental car desks. The tourist information office can be reached at 787-791-1014. Baggage wrapping by Global Baggage Protection is available on level 2 of TA, TB, & TD. 
Most of food & drink and retail concessions are located on level 2 (Departures) of 'Terminals' B, C & D; snack bars are available in all terminals and at some gates.
Wi-Fi is provided by Boingo; free WiFi & cable TV is available in Terminal D, level 1 (near Tourist Office). Power wall outlets are at post-security.  

NOTE:  As Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, U.S. passengers do not need to present a passport - a government-issued photo ID or green card is sufficient.
- Checkpoints' busiest times: at B - 12:30-3pm; at C 9am-5pm, at D 5:30-7:30am & 4-6pm - gates can be reached from any checkpoint.
- Parking Info  - tel. 787-253-1950 7am-noon; 1pm-3:30