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San Juan Luis Munoz Airport SJU

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Airport Overview

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is a joint civil-military international airport named for Puerto Rico's first democratically elected governor. It is owned by the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.

SJU airport is located in suburban Carolina, Puerto Rico, three miles (five kilometers) southeast of San Juan. It covers 1,600 acres (647 ha) of land.

Airport Stats & Facts

  • San Juan Airport is the busiest airport in the Caribbean region by passenger traffic.
  • Over 4 million passengers board a plane at the airport per year according to the Federal Aviation Administration, making it the 48th busiest airport overseen by a said federal agency.
  • SJU is the second international airport to be privatized in the United States or its territories.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • Luis Marín Airport recommends that the passenger arrive two hours before domestic flights and three hours before for international flights. But for specific recommendations contact your airline.
  • To ensure a hassle-free check-in process, passengers should pack carry-on luggage in a suitable manner, have a photo ID ready, and read all the airline guidelines properly prior to arriving at the airport.

Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • Passengers can be picked up and dropped off outside the terminal, and remember no stopping or unattended vehicles are allowed.
  • Visitors waiting for arriving passengers can use the Cell Phone Lot that offers temporary parking of up to 45 minutes at no cost. The driver must remain in the vehicle and for no reason should it be left unattended. In case of violation and/or exceeding the established time, the vehicles will be removed with a tow truck.

Flight Status

  • For arriving flights: Arrival flight status provides the arrival times, gate information, delays, and time to land for the Saj Juan Marín Airport.
  • For departing flights: Departing flight status lists scheduled vs actual departure, gate information, map tracking, and flight delays.
  • To get the best fares, book a flight at SJU here.

Airport Terminals

SJU Marín Airport has one main terminal building with four concourses and a separate terminal with one concourse. However, all terminals are connected. The letters are used for the concourses and the numbers used for the airlines' departure areas in Terminals B, C, and D, Terminal A having its own ticketing area.

Terminal A

Terminal A was opened in June 2012. As of November 2019, JetBlue uses all gates at this terminal.

Terminal B (Concourse)

Terminal B reopened after a $130 million renovation in December 2014.

Terminal C (Concourse)

Terminal C reopened from its $55 million renovations in March 2016. The letter designation for Terminal C was discontinued, and the concourse was instead added as an extension to Terminal B. The Terminal B extension was later changed back to Terminal C.

Terminal D (Concourse)

Terminal D is used for small aircraft operators such as Cape Air and formerly LIAT. The terminal was previously occupied by American Airlines and later both British Airways and Iberia.

Terminal E (Concourse)

Terminal E is currently unused and undergoing renovations.

Airlines Served

Various airlines served at San Juan Airport include Air Century, Air Sunshine, Frontier Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and more.

View the full list of airlines served at SJU here.

Airport Parking

Luis Marin San Juan Airport parking is open 24-hours. So feel free to leave your car for several days. For your convenience, the parking garage has payment machines on the first and second level near the elevators.


First 15 minutes - Free

15 to first hour - $5

Passed the first hour until the second hour - $7.50

From second to third hour - $9.75

From third to fourth hour - $12

From fourth to fifth hour - $14.25

Additional hour or fraction - $2.75

First 24 hours - $26.75

Next 24 hours - $18

Lost ticket - $26.75

Ground Transportation

Passengers can choose among several options for ground transportation, after arriving at the airport. The various options include car rentals, buses, airport shuttles, etc. Also, many passengers opt for ride services like Lyft, Uber, and Taxis.

Car Rentals

Luis Muñoz Marín Airport has several car rental companies. Passengers can either rent the car once they get off the plane or in advance through the company's websites. Some of the renowned providers include Alamo, Avis, Hertz, etc.

Taxis and Shuttles

Dozens of taxis and shuttles are available at the exits to offer passengers top-quality transportation under-regulated and approved rates.


There are 3 bus stops on the airport 2nd level (Departure level) at terminals A, D, and E.

Amenities & Services

To help you have a great stay, Luis Muñoz Marín Airport provides visitors with different amenities and services including:

  • Stores, gift shops, and local souvenir shops.
  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Shoeshine stations.
  • Jet Set Salon.
  • The Global Lounge.

Contact Information

Address: Lindbergh Street 64, San Juan, PR 00907, USA


Phone: (787) 253 2329

Luis Muñoz Marín Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • In 1945, it was determined that the site would be Isla Verde (Carolina), to make the airport a metropolitan facility.
  • Construction was approved by the Puerto Rico Planning Board in 1946, and the project began in 1947.
  • In 1949, the first phase of construction of the Isla Verde Airport was completed.
  • On May 22, 1955, the Puerto Rico International Airport was inaugurated.
  • On February 18, 1985, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Rafael Hernández Colón, converted the project to Senate Number 1, officially designating the international airport under the name of Luis Muñoz Marín.
  • Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Puerto Rico's main international gateway and its main connection to the mainland United States.
  • In 2008, the airport received major upgrades, including a new terminal (Terminal A), pavement and expansions, new light systems, and more.

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Traveler Help

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Newest Questions

My checked bag on AA from DFW ended up in Miami last night and was to arrive in SJU How will I know when it arrives?

Asked by Worth - Mon, 15 August

You will need to contact American Airlines at 1-800-433-7300.

What is the phone number for baggage claim at American Airlines?

Asked by richard - Mon, 15 August

You can contact American Airlines at 1-800-433-7300.

Does the SJU airport have air conditioning in the terminal area?

Asked by Tom - Mon, 1 August

We couldn't find confirmation that there is air conditioning in the terminal area. 

Do you have TSA precheck?

Asked by Marijane Sanchez - Thu, 14 July

There is not a TSA precheck available at this airport. 

I lost my luggage I need help locating it.

Asked by Patricia Mondello - Wed, 22 June

Please contact your airlines directly for any issues with luggage. 

I make a Baggage claim on Sunday, how do I find out what is going on?

Asked by Maribeliz - Tue, 21 June

You will need to contact your airlines directly with any baggage claim issues. 

Where is the rental car station?

Asked by Sharon Fisher - Mon, 20 June

The rental car station is located on the first level in the parking area. 

Is there a banco popular atm inside Terminal A?

Asked by Angela Sterling - Thu, 16 June

Yes, there is a Banco ATM within Terminal A. 

Where is frontier located?

Asked by Carmen - Wed, 8 June

Frontier Airlines is located in Terminal B. 

I am trying to find my brown leather purse with an Aqua wallet inside. It was left aboard spirit flight.

Asked by Dawn - Tue, 26 April

Please contact Spirit Airlines directly for any items lost onboard a flight. Best of luck!

Where is the Thrifty car rental at in SJU airport

Asked by Ruth - Sat, 23 April

All car rental companies, including Thrifty, are located in the first level of the multistory parking garage. Follow signs for car rentals after you get your baggage. 

Is distilled water available to buy at any airport store?

Asked by Susan - Wed, 6 April

Yes, you can purchase bottle distilled water from several stores and restaurants at the airport. 

Which terminal is American Airlines located?

Asked by Cindee Leong - Tue, 5 April

American Airlines is located in Terminal B. 

How can I contact someone about my luggage that is currently at Baggage Service Office?

Asked by Kyndall Magyar - Tue, 5 April

You must contact your airline directly regarding any issues with your baggage. 

Is there still catholic mass available on Sundays?

Asked by Chris - Wed, 23 March

Yes, the chapel in the Main Terminal offers Catholic Mass on Sundays at 9:30am and 11:30am. 

My wife, son and myself will be landing at 3:00 a.m. Unfortunately, we can't get our rental car until 8:00 a.m. Do you have any suggestions of where and what we can do with our time? For instance, any 24 hour restaurants?

Asked by jennings foultz - Sun, 20 March

We could not confirm if any airport restaurants or shops will be open that early, or are open 24 hours. Our suggestion would be the San Juan Airport Hotel, locate between Terminals C & D. You could either rent a room for a nap, or see if they are serving breakfast. One comment from the hotel says they serve breakfast beginning at 5am, but that may have changed due to COVID. Good luck! 

Hi my name is Matt and we weren’t able to get on a flight JetBlue 803 from JFK. We have 2 suitcases on that flight. We are coming in now an hour later on delta 806 could someone grab our bags and hold them until we pick them up? Also 2 in our traveling party have 2 other bags on that flight .

Asked by Matt - Sun, 6 March

Please contact your airline with help retrieving your luggage.  Jetblue can be contacted at 1 (800) 538-2583

I lost my MacBook. How can I get it back?

Asked by LaTenique - Thu, 3 March

Common areas (terminal/parking garage) lost items are stored at the PR Police Station, precinct 216, which can be found in Terminal E Arrivals. Contact 787-253-5637 for items left at security checkpoints. 

Good afternoon, I missed my flight this morning and leaving at a latter flight but my luggage left with this mornings flight. Who do I contact?

Asked by Maritza Ortiz - Mon, 21 February

Please contact your airline directly to find your luggage. Good luck!

Hw far are the car rental agencies via shuttle?

Asked by frederick - Sun, 20 February

Several of the car rental agencies are located on the first level of the airport, no need to take a shuttle. 

How far is The Hotel from American Airlines gates?

Asked by Ana - Mon, 14 February

The San Juan Airport Hotel is located at Terminal D on the 2nd floor, just steps from the various airline counters.

How can I get access to the long-term- parking area?

Asked by Jose Cruz - Fri, 11 February

The minimum stay for Long Term Parking is 5 days. It is located at Av. Aeropuerto, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico.

San Juan Luis Munoz Airport Q&A

You can fly to many cities from SJU Airport. To see where you can fly from the airport, have a look at our direct flights page.
There are three options: If you are a higher level frequent traveler, you may be able to check-in in a priority row or use the express check-in machines available at the airport, or Check-in online, as many airlines have this service.
Yes, there are several duty-free shops in all terminals.