Emergency / Medical Services at Minneapolis-St Paul MSP Airport

Emergency Assistance

For immediate assistance, call 911 from any pay phone or pick up any black courtesy phone located throughout the Lindbergh Terminal.
Courtesy phones are located on each concourse, on the Ticketing Level, at the entrance to the main concessions area of Northstar Crossing and in each parking facility
In the Lindbergh Terminal, the Airport Police Operations Center is located on the Baggage Claim Level, near carousel 14. A 24-hour dispatcher is available at 612-726-5577 or 911.
At the Humphrey Terminal, the Airport Police Office (612-726-5577) is located on the first floor near exit door 4. Courtesy phones at the Humphrey are located at the Travelers Assistance Booth on the first level and throughout the terminal. Just dial 201 from any phone for information and paging assistance.

People With Special Needs / Persons With Disabilities at Minneapolis-St Paul MSP Airport

Below is a list of services available at MSP to help people requiring extra assistance:

PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS are recommended before arriving at the airport for wheelchair availability and access, oxygen requirements, and other accommodations, ensuring a smooth going at the airport. Airline reservation agents and Travelers Assistance (TA) staff can address travel issues for persons with special needs or are elderly.

Wheel Chair Availability
Airlines provide wheelchairs for use throughout the Lindbergh and Humphrey terminals. Mention your need for a wheelchair in the terminal when you make your flight reservation.  If you arrive at the airport without arrangements for a wheelchair through your airline, one may be at the information booth on the Tram Level, or ask an airline representative for assistance. Courtesy phones for persons needing wheelchair assistance are located directly across form baggage carousels 6 and 10 on the Baggage Claim Level. Just lift the receiver and you will be connected to someone who can assist you. Once past security, Travelers Assistance (TA) volunteers are also available to assist with obtaining a wheelchair. Visit a TA information booth or call 612-726-5500.

Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off
If you arrive at the airport by car, taxicab or limousine, use these areas for for (a) pick-up - lower level roadway/Baggage Claim, and (b) drop-off - upper level roadway/Ticketing Level. The curb cuts accommodate wheelchairs. There are also designated passenger transfer areas for persons with disabilities on both levels by doors 1, 2 and 6. Door 1 is the first door you come to as you approach the Lindbergh Terminal. However, if you arrive at the Lindbergh Terminal by commercial van or shuttle, note that unless prior arrangements have been made, these vehicles are required to drop off passengers on the east upper level roadway, across the street from terminal entrance. From there, you can take an escalator or elevator to the terminal's Tram Level or up to a skyway to ticketing.
The Humphrey Terminal has privately owned vehicle pick-up and drop-off areas along the front of the terminal. Commercial vehicles pick-up at the Ground Transport Center and may drop-off at curbside.
Electric Carts
Electric carts are available throughout Lindbergh Terminal, but are not available at Humphrey Terminal. Two companies at MSP provide this service: Northwest Airlines contracts with Globe Aviation Services, all other airlines contract with Primeflight Aviation Services. The ""cart stop"" approach was adopted at MSP to provide the best electric cart service. The cart stops are clearly marked with signs above blue chairs imprinted with the disabilities logo. The electric carts are scheduled to pick up passengers every 10-15 minutes. Find “cart stops” directly inside security and at every gate along the C, D, E, F and G concourses. Consult your airline for services elsewhere. Electric carts operated by Globe Aviation Services display signs on the cart indicating which concourses they serve. Carts operated by Primeflight Aviation Services do not display signs as its are not assigned to a specific concourse. Make sure to ask cart drivers before boarding if they are going your way.
On every level of the General and Short Term ramps at both MSP terminals. Lindbergh and Humphrey Short-Term parking ramps allow vehicles up to 8 feet 2 inches; vehicle clearance is 7 feet in the general ramps. Parking for people with disabilities is located near the entrances to the terminals and is available at general parking rates. Valet parking at the Lindbergh Terminal can accommodate vehicles up to 7 feet with handicap permits, but cannot accommodate vehicles with a wheelchair lift.
a. Commercial Vehicles and Services:  Taxi and Shared Ride services are available from the Lindbergh and Humphrey terminals.
b. Metro Transit Bus:  Bus #54 operates from MSP and is accessible per ADA requirements . For citywide route information and schedules, call 612-373-3333. Buses pickup and drop-off at the Lindbergh Terminal's Transit Center.
c. Taxis:  Airport Taxi provides accessible taxi service upon request for persons with special needs. For reservations, call 763-592-6426.
d. Rental Cars with Hand Controls: Rental cars with hand controls are available from airport rental agencies at no extra charge. Rental companies request at least a 48-hour advance reservation.
e. Light Rail Service:  Trains stop at both the Lindbergh and Humphrey Terminals and connect travelers to 15 other destinations, including downtown Minneapolis to the north and the Mall of America to the south. Light rail trains are zero-clearance to allow ease of boarding and exiting. The Lindbergh Terminal light rail station is located on the lowest level of the Transit Center. Upon arrival by light rail, take the escalators or elevators up to the appropriate levels to find ground transportation, get to security and gates at the Lindbergh terminal, and other services, including car rental. At the Humphrey Terminal, trains stop at a station adjacent to the north parking ramp. Upon arrival by light rail, take the escalators or elevators up one level to the second level of the parking ramp. Access to the Humphrey Terminal and ground transportation is through the parking ramps. Follow the overhead signs.
(f) Inter-Terminal Shuttle Service:  Free shuttle service between the Lindbergh and Humphrey Terminal buildings is available for handicapped passengers and those with special needs (e.g. physical limitations, elderly, parent with young children and baggage). This is an alternative to the light rail service. The shuttle operates daily, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m, about every 20 minutes, starting at 6 a.m. at the Lindbergh Terminal and ending with the last trip departing from Lindbergh at 9:40 p.m. Passengers can pick up the shuttle at either Lindbergh Terminal's Transit Center or the Humphrey Terminal's Ground Transport Center. Look for signs in these areas for specific pick up locations.
(g) The specially-equipped Super Shuttle vans: Super Shuttles can transport 9 passengers without any wheelchairs, 7 passengers with 1 wheelchair customer or 4 passengers with two wheelchair customers. The shuttle can only accommodate two wheelchairs per ride.

All restrooms at the Lindbergh and Humphrey Terminals are equipped with extra-wide stalls and side grab bars. Companion care restrooms in the Lindbergh Terminal are between checkpoints 1 and 2; in baggage claim near Door 2; near gates A3, A6, A9, B3, B7, B11, C3, C12, C16, C18, C21, C25 & F10; and on Tram Level near the escalators to the hotel shuttles. There are three companion care/unisex restrooms at the Humphrey Terminal. On the first floor, the restroom is located across from the Airport Police Office, between doors 3 and 4. On the second floor, there are restrooms across from gates H4 and H6.

Telecommunication Devices:
All pay telephones in the Lindbergh Terminal are hearing aid compatible. Phones with TDD capability can be found in several locations:

* Ticketing Level: exit doors 2 and 6
* Baggage Claim: exit door 3
* Concourse A: food court between A1 & A2
* Concourse B: between Gates B5 and B7
* Concourse C: gates C9 and C17
* Concourse E: gate E6
* Concourse F: gate F2
* Concourse G: gates G6 and G15

Phones with TDD capability at the Humphrey Terminal are located on each end of the terminal on the first and second levels.

Travelers Assistance Volunteers are available to assist travelers with special needs. The Travelers Assistance main office and waiting area is located near the entrance to Concourse C. The information desks are located at the:

* Ticketing Level between exit doors 3 and 4
* Entrance to Concourse A
* Concourse C across from gate C12
* Entrance to Concourse E
* Entrance to Concourse F
* Baggage Claim Level near doors 2 and 5

There is also an information booth on the Tram Level, near the Tram and exits to parking. At the Humphrey Terminal, the Travelers Assistance booth is located on the first floor near the ticketing area, between doors 3 and 4.

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