Parking Options at Myrtle Beach Airport

If you pick up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Lot near the Airport enrance - stay with your car until your party collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.  Alternatively, you can use the Short-term/Hourly parking lot offering the first 20 mins free.

Other parking options at Myrtle Beach Airport
include the short-term lot across from the terminal (with rental car facility & car return adjacent to the left ), has the credit card lot across from the access road, to the right.  The Long-Term lot is right behind the short-term lot.  Special Needs passengers may park free (only in the short-term lot).
Short-term / Hourly Parking - first 20 mins free, each add'l 20 mins $1; up to daily max $15; 
Long-term parking: First 4 hrs $2; 4-24 hrs $9;
Credit Card option $1/hr with daily max $7.

For more parking information call Republic at 843-448-3557.

Parking Rates at MYR Airport

Short Term
Rate: each add 24 hrs $21
20 mins free
each add 20 mins $1
Credit Card Lot
Rate: each add day $6
1 hr $1
each add hr $1
24 hrs $6
Long Term
Rate: 1 day $8
0-4 hrs $2
4-24 hrs $8

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