Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX Airport

Sky Harbor Terminal layout,  Passenger pickup/drop-off & paging; Getting around X, International Arrivals; and Terminal Details & Airport & Airline Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Sky Harbor Airport presently consists of three operational terminals - T2, T3 & T4
. Sky Harbor Road divides the three terminals with the corresponding parking terminals on the opposite side. This complex is located between 24th Street to the west and 44th Street to the east. In front of each terminal at the baggage claim level are taxi & limo stands, and stops for inter-city shuttle, charters & Blue Diamond buses.

Passenger pick-up & drop-off areas  for T2 is at north curb; for T3 north & south curb; for T4 drop-off is at north & south curbs on level 2, and pick-up on level 1.  A walkway at T2, between doors 7 & 8 leads to T3. Alternatively, use the services at the 44th St. Sky Train Station & take the Sky train to T4.
Passenger Paging
- Inside the terminals - look  at PAL automats with phone.  From outside call 602-273-3455 or send e-mail (open: Pages are being announced verbally and visually throughout the terminals.

Getting around PHX:  
The PHX Sky Train now connects all three terminals. It runs from the regional 'Valley METRO' light rail station at 44th Street /  to the Airport's east economy parking lot, and moves on to T4, & to T3 where a new walkway connects to T2. Trains arrive/ depart every 3-5 minutes. The PHX Sky Train stations offer kiosks to print boarding passes and feature a pet relief area.
Both the 44th Street Station & East Economy parking also offer early baggage check-in for American, Southwest , United or US Airways passengers, have cell-phone waiting lots for passenger pickup, and sell METRO light rail tickets.

International Arrivals:  Most international flights arrive at Terminal 4 (gates B23-B28). Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag.  Allow for at least 35-45 minutes for customs & re-check-in procedure, and another 30 minutes to board the shuttle, go through security and to your connecting gate. International Arrivals at T4 have access to currency exchange and ATM banking on level 3.


Terminal 2 of Sky Harbor Airport serves currently Alaska, Great Lakes & United airlines.  In front of the lower level ticket counters are stops for the City Bus & Dial-a-Ride and next to the terminal is the garage, which also has an economy section.The Main Lobby fo T2 contains Information, press express, a cafe & Travelmart and Ocotillo Sun.  From there you can get via stairway or elevator to the Military Hospitality Room - USO Arizona on Level 2, as well as to security check points and gates.
Past security checkpoint is the gateway to Gates 1-13 and gates C & D (near shoeshine).  The United Red Carpet Club and a play area are at the end of the concourse. Food & Drink, as well as some shops are also in the gateway area. The baggage claim area at Door 8 has a walkway to Terminal 3.

Terminal 3 of Sky Harbor Airport
presently serves Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Spirit & Sun Country.
    Level 1 of T3 houses the ticket counters and baggage claim
    Level 2 of T3 houses Security Checkpoints North & South, food/drink & retail concessions in the center. A walkway connects with Terminal 2 in the food court, and an elevator at opposite end takes you to the parking garage.
       Security south leads to Gates 1-14, while Security north leads to Gates 15-26 .
NOTE:  Ongoing T3 construction of its modernization program includes a consolidated security checkpoint, adding ticket counters and new baggage carousels, new shops & restaurants, expanding passenger pickup curb - all to be completed by summer 2016.

Terminal 4 of Sky Harbor Airport presently serves Air Canada, American, British, Southwest, US Airways, Volaris & WestJet. T4 - the dominant & award-winning terminal, accounting for 80 percent of all passengers - can be accessed from both the North & South side.  Moving walkways in the secured area surround level 3 on its north, east & south side, enabling passengers to freely access A, B, C & D gates:
    Level 1 of T4 is the Arrivals level - housing the baggage claim, hotel courtesy phones, ATM machines, North Doors 1, 3, 5 & 7 & South doors 2, 4, 6 & 8, as well as outside Transportation options: 
  (a) at East side: Vans, rental car center shuttles, limos, courtesy & pre-arranged shuttles; inter-city  transport, and Airport Shuttle to T2, T3 & West Economy Parking; 
  (b) at North side:  vans, courtesy & pre-arranged shuttles, taxis, inter-city transport & charters.
    Level 2 of T4 is the Tickting Leel -  with ticket counters, and
  (a) North side (doors 21, 23, 25 & 27, with curb between doors 23-25 and the City Bus stop near door 2; and
  (b) South Side (doors 22, 24, 26,28, with south curb between doors 24-26 and outside City Bus, dial-a-Ride stops and the airport shuttle to T2 & T3. Paging assistance is near South Doors 22 & 28.
    Level 3 of T4 houses the international arrivals Center, offering currency exchange, an Information counter & connection to East Parking levels 4-9.  The rest of level 3 houses in the center  information counters, escalators, paging assistance - and an  abundance of food & drink & other concessions. Level 3 also houses the entrance to the new PHX Sky Train, connecting to East Economy Lot and Light Rail System (see 'Getting Around, item 3, above). Arriving passengers from 44th Street/ Washington  station may walk directly to security checkpoint.
       Security checkpoints to Airline gates - Security checkpoints, leading to the 7 gate areas of T4, are divided into north A & B (for A & B gates) & south (D & C gates) checkpoints. While all of the seven gate areas offer some food /drink & retail concessions, a currency exchange is at gate area B15-18, which also has a play area for children.
         After security check A or B at north side - moving walkways take passengers to one of the four gate areas: gates A15-30 & A1-14, and  gates B1-14  & B15-28. Note: while all of the A & B gates are used by American /US Airways, some of gates B15-B28 are also shared by Air Canada, British,  Volaris & WestJet.
         After security check D or C at south side - moving walkways take passengers to three separate gate areas with gates C1-10 & C11-20, and gates D1-8, all of which are used by Soutwest Airlines. 

Airport & Airline Lounges:

United Club at T2, past gate 7.
American / US Airways Club at T4, at gates A7 & A9 (tel. 480-693-4072);  between gates A19-21 (tel. 480-693-3366); & above gates B5 & B7 (tel. 480-693-2994).
British Airways Lounge: Terminal 4, between gates B21 & B23 (tel.  480-693-2994.
The Club at PHX is a pay-in Airport lounge located between gates B21 & B23.

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