Quad City MLI Airport Overview

Quad City International Airport MLI - or simply 'QCIA' serves travelers throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois due to its strategical location not only to the cities of Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island and Davenport, but also to the Iowa border. Multiple Highways lead to these cities and to the airport, particularly I-80 and I-280 - both of which connect to the terminal and parking facilities.

QCIA Airport is located in Moline, Rock Island County, in the northwestern part of of Illinois, and is reached directly by Hwy 6, (exit to Frontage Road) or  via Interstate 280.

With a newly rehabilitated 10,000 foot runway, and about 760K passengers a year, Quad City International is served by a few major airlines offering nonstop flights to major US hubs with connections around the world.

1. The passenger terminal opens its doors at 3:30am; while security screening starts at 4am.
2.  Passengers are expected by most of MLI's airlines to be at their boarding gate 20-30 mins prior to scheduled departure.
3.  Save time/money with paperless boarding, avoiding the $5 charge if ticket agent needs to print your boarding pass.

The new Airport Holiday Inn Express hotel is adjacent to Airport property.

The new passenger terminal at QCIA with Concourses A & B recently completed its terminal project by adding an expansions to the security checkpoint, the baggage claim area & the rental car facilities. Covered passenger boarding is now available for all flights and second-level gates boarding. Natural light is now being used more efficiently.  Free WiFi is available throughout the terminal.
The ground level has outside the baggage claim a MET bus stop.  Inside the terminal is divided (at the Hanging airplane) into: 
    (a) the departures area with doors 5, 2 & 1 leading to the airline check-in counters, information counter, vending machines, security check and access to the gate areas of Concourse A (left) with gates A1-A6, and Concourse B (right) with gates B7-B17 and a business center across from gate B9.
    (b) the arrivals area with rental car counters, ATM machine, , hotel shuttle & taxi information board, to baggage carousels, a restaurant/bar & game & passenger greeting areas. A new visitor center is in the baggage claim area and there is also a kiosk with touch-screen for tourist information. 
Airlines currently serving the Terminal: 
Allegiant - tel. 702-505-8888
American - tel. 800-443-7300;
Delta - tel. 800-221-1212;
United - tel. 800-864-8331.

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MLI Delays: 15 mins or less.

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