Regina Airport (YQR) Nearby Airports by Distance

Closest Airports to REGINA YQR AIRPORT

Regina YQR

Regina, SK (0 miles)

Saskatoon YXE

Saskatoon, SK (149 miles)

Sloulin Field ISN

Williston, ND (163 miles)

Minot MOT

Minot, ND (213 miles)

Winnipeg YWG

Winnipeg, MB (331 miles)

Great Falls GTF

Great Falls, MT (366 miles)

Billings Logan BIL

Billings, MT (366 miles)

Grand Forks GFK

Grand Forks, ND (379 miles)

Calgary YYC

Calgary, AB (411 miles)

Helena Regional HLN

Helena, MT (427 miles)

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