Reagan National DCA Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Reagan National DCA Airport

Reagan National Airport's Passenger Terminal Layout & Details, Important Airline changes Getting Around, TSA Pre-Check, Passenger Pickup Areas, and 'Catching the Metrorail'.  NOTE: Reagan National Airport does not have a US Customs facility; therefore, passengers from Canada, the Bahamas, Aruba & Bermuda must clear customs at the airport of their departure.

The passenger terminal complex at Reagan National Airport consists of a large Main Terminal, divided into three sections, referred to as: Terminal A (forming the semi-circle at its west-end) and 3-level Terminals B & C (Terminals A, B & C = TA, TB & TC). No shuttles are needed transferring between terminals.  If you arrive at the Airport via Metrorail's blue or yellow lines, you will arrive at Terminals B & C  via enclosed pedestrian bridge.  The multi-level parking garages for hourly & daily parking are (a) across from Terminals C/B, which connects on the lower level to (b) Terminal A's hourly/daily parking garage with rental car pickup, connected to Terminal A by a pedestrian tunnel with moving sidewalks.

Airline changes recently completed/ soon be completed:
1. American & US Airways have now a consolidated baggage claim office next to baggage claim area 12.
2. Virgin America relocated at TB from gate 26 to gate 24, but did not change ticket counter location. 
3. JetBlue
moved its gates & ticket counters from TA to TB, using gates B26, 28, 30 & 32.
4. Air Canada, Frontier & Sun Country
will soon relocate their ticket counters to the former JetBlue counter space at TA.
New Food & Drink & Retail Concessions at Reagan Airport:
Since September 2013, DCA Airport has been busy transforming and enhancing its shopping and dining areas. Started September 2014 & ongoing throughout 2015 - a 'new wave of food & retail transformation' is taking place mainly in the post-security A & B gate areas.
Food for on-board consumption at TA: (a) Cibo Walk-Thru Market at both pre- & post-security areas; and (b) Meridian Deli at post-security. 

Terminal A of Reagan National
- which is under renovation until year-end 2014 - with current gates 1 to 9 - is presently served by Air Canada, AirTran, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, & Sun Country.  On the main level are baggage claim, ticket counters and security check lead to gateway with gates 1 to 9.  A pedestrian tunnel with moving sidewalks connects to Garage A.
NOTE: Terminal A completed its renovation project with an improved curbside check-In; new ticketing counters, lobby upgrades -custom tile flooring & enhanced lighting, new outbound baggage facility, remodeled information desks and a new security screening checkpoint. It has also added - and is still adding until 2015 - more food options, iPads with charging stations & a full-service spa.

Terminal B of Reagan National with (a) Gates 10 to 22 is presently served by Alaska, Delta, Delta Connection, Delta Shuttle & United; (b) Gates 23 to 34 (located between gates 10-22 & 35-45) is presently served by American, US Airways & Virgin America.
Terminal C of Reagan National with gates 35-45 is presently served by American Eagle,US Airways, USAirways Express & US Airways Shuttle.
Both Terminals B & C, and their B/C gate areas have recently added more concessions & are still adding more.

Getting Around at Reagan National Airport:  Free shuttle buses run between Economy parking, Satellite Lot, Garage/Rental Cars, Metrorail & the Terminals.

TSA Pre-Check
is now available to US Military members with CAC cards and to Global Entry participants. For participating airlines and more information visit

Passenger Pickup Areas: Other than parking your car in the Cell Phone Waiting Area and awaiting your call for pickup at the curb, you have the following options to pick up a passenger closest to the arrivals gate:
(a) Gates 1-9 of Terminal A: use Daily Garage A, with underground walkway to terminal; Gates 10-45 of Terminal B or C: use Hourly Garage B or C, take elevated walkways to concourse level and go down one level to Arrivals.  
(b) Meet passengers outside security screening of:  Gates 1-9 on main level of Terminal A; Gates 10-22 at south end of T-B, concourse level; Gates 23-34 at center of T-B/C, concourse level; and Gates 35-45 at north end of T-C, concourse level.

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