Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji BOM Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji BOM Airport

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA): Terminal  Layout; E-Tourist Visa, Arrivals & Transfers, Where to find Serices; TERMINAL DETAILS for current Domestic terminals and new Terminal 2and its Airport & Airline Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Mumbai Airport presently consists of a Domestic Terminal 1 (T1)  and the new International Terminal 2 (T2) - sharing common airside facilities, but separared at their landside, which is served by shuttle buses.  A new 10-level Garage serves both terminals.
Upon T1 integration into T2 - Terminal 2 is expected to be the only terminal in operation
. T2 has been awarded the 'Golden Peacock Award for Sustainability'.

 An E-Tourist Visa is available to members of Visa-exempted countries (including members of the European Union, the U.S.A. & Canada, and many other countries).  Passports (with at least 2 empty pages left) need to be valid until six months after Arrival in India. Online application pocedure: apply by uploading photo & passport page; pay visa fee by credit or debit card; receive E-Tourist Visa sent to your e-mail address; on arrival, print your Visa at 'e-TV'. (a dedicated First- & Business-class counter is also available.)
Arrivals & Transfers:  For security reasons - once you exited the arrivals hall, you cannot return. Note that you cannot enter the transfer bus if you did not follow these proceedings:
- All passengers, whether arriving or departing, need to go through Immigration for passport presentation & stamping.
- Domestic arrivals  must collect their baggage first & present their confirmation ticket.
- International Arrivals: After Immigration, all international arrivals - whether Mumbai is their actual destination or whether transferring to another flight - must present their completed D card, passport and (if applicable) visa prior to proceed to Immigration and customs clerarance - while transfer passengers also must be in possession of a confirmation ticket for onward domestic flights.
Where to find Services:
- Airline Ticket Counters at Departures: at T1A: Go Airways;  T1B: Sprice Jet, Indigo, Jet Airways, Akbar Travel;  T2:  Akbar Travels.
- Baggage Wrapping: At T2, Departures check-in counters C, F, J & M.
- Baby & Child Care Rooms: T1A: opposite of Gate A8; T1B pre-security check area II; at T2: level 4 check-in area & post-immigration near Core Duty Free; at lvel 2 at Southwest Pier. 
- Information:  the 24/7 helpline service number is 6685 1010.  Information counters are located at: 
  T1A  level 2, Departures, pre-security check;  Arrivals, ground level before exit gates; near domestic to international courtesy coach boarding point.
  T1B - at Arrivals at ground level, to the left; at Arrival Plaza opposite of arrival exit.
  T2 - Departures, level 4 - behind check-in islands D & L, and at retail area;  at Arrivals, at level 2 near domestic transfer security check); and at level 1, Meeters/ Greeters.
- Internet access: Free highspeed WiFi service: login ID is your mobile phone number. 
- Left Baggage & Cloakroom is available in all terminals with option to collect them at departing terminal. For more info e-mail At: T1A, Arrivals Hall, tel. +91-9833857114;  T1B Arrivals Hall, exit ramp, tel. +91-9833868722;  at T2, near integrated exit of T1A/T1C -  tel. +91-9920954654.
- Medical services: (a) At Domestic Terminals tel. +91 9833301317; +91 22 26156799 /26264525 /26264460;  (b) at T2: Departures & Arrivals Level tel. +91 9833301322; + 91 22 66850260; at Mezzanine &  Boarding Gate Area tel. 91 9930144140.
- Postal Services:  T1A, Arrivals Hall; T1B, Departurs, pre-security;  T2 at Arrivals exit.
- Prayer/Meditation: T2 before immigration, gate 8; at post-immigratioin at gtes 64/65.


The Domestic Terminal - currently divided into T1A, T1B & T1C:  As domestic flights are gradually being transferred to the new Terminal 2, it is of importance that you check with your airline prior to departing for the Airport.  Already domestic flights  ofAir India & Jet Airways are now in Terminal 2.
    Terminal 1A is currently served by Go Air, Indigo &  Spice Jet .  All of .)
      The Arrivals Level of T1A currently offers an information desk at Arrivals & Departures; an ATM cash machine outside of arrivals & departure; 'Airtel -net' internet access at post security; Lost & Found /Left Baggage at Arrivals; a reserved lounge at Departures & Arrivals,  Fids-international and domestic flights; and  inter-terminal coach service at arrivals for international transfer.
      The Departures Level of T1A currently offers an information desk at Arrivals & Departures; an ATM cash machine outside of arrivals & departures; a self-check-in kiosk, post office, bill box, & currency exchange at Departure Hall; reserved lounge at departure & arrivals.
      At SHA:  Airtel-net internet unit at post-security;  smoking area at T1A/C, post SHA;  a child care room at T1A/C & a doctor on call 24/7 at T1A/C.
   Terminal 1B is currently served by  domestic departures & arrivals of GoAir, Indigo & Spice Jet.
      The Arrivals Level of T1B currently offers Information counters at Arrivals & Departures, Airtel net internet access at arrival & SHA, currency exchange, inter-terminal coach servicee for international transfer, rental car & fleet counters, Fids-international & domestic flights, e-ticket printing, Lost & Found & Left Baggage, and taxi driven by women for women.
      The Departures Level of T1B currently offers at (a) Departures: Citibank ATM, self-check-in kiosk; mail box, news stand, Airport Information desk, reserved lunge, smoking zone MI room 24/7, 4-lane facility at departure gate, & an out-of gauge door at departure.  (b) At Arrivals: NovanetFone, news stand, Information counter.  ( At SHA: Novanet Fone; news stand, Airtel-net, child-care room, smoking zone (post-SA 2 & pharmacy (pre-SHA 1)
    Terminal 1C - opened in 2010 - with 3 levels and 6 passenger boarding bridges, serves as boarding-only facility between terminals 1A & 1B. It offers 6 passenger boarding bridges and connects between terminals 1A and 1B.  Level 1 houses airport- and some airline offices;  Level 2 is  the secure hold area for passengers who completed their check-in at terminals 1A or 1B. Level 3 houses a food court.

   Transit passengers between Terminals 1 and 2 may use the free inter-terminal coach and taking 20-30 minutes. .

New Terminal 2 (T2) is a state-of-the-art 439,000 sq.meter integrated terminal - served by all international airlines, and (increasingly) by domestic flights.  A complete airline listing with contacts is included in the introductory page of this site. T2 with four levels is able to handle 40M passengers annually and houses around 70 retail outlets, 25 airbridges and 52 boarding bridges.
    Current domestic airlines serving T2:
- on level 2: domestic arrivals of Air India, Jet Airways & Vistara
- on level 3: domestic departures of Air India, Jet Airways & Vistara. (Vistara passengers headed to New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad or Goa may use the mobil boarding pass facility at T2's domestic departure level).
- on level 4: Air India Express & Air India Regional
   The spectacular Terminal 2 is home to India's largest public art presentation - a 3 km, multi-level Art Wall with skylights illuminating over 5,000 pieces of artwork & artefacts from India. It is arguably India's largest public art initiative, divided into two sections: (a) the Arrivals corridor presents the city as a 'layered narrative, unfolding to the arriving passenger page-by-page';  (b) the wall 'running like a central curvilinear spine' is presenting India's plural cultural legacy, traditions and contemporary art,and also serves to direct & control passenger circulation through the terminal.
   Terminal 2 offers premium stores, ample food & drink choices and is designed to have all international, domestic, cargo, ground handling, security, & concessions, under one roof. From the access road, the lanes split at the entrance - with room for wide drop-off curbs protected from rain & sun by the terminal's overhead roof.
    Level 4 of T2 is the check-in level for all T2 flights - domestic & international. It has common check-in facilities, houses the international departure gates and international security & immigration, international departures retail concessions, duty-free stores & F&B.  A 15-meter high glass wall opens up to the airy and huge check-in hall with over 200 check-in counters and 30 mega-columns supporting the long-span roof.  After check-in there are 60 emigration counters, 124 security checkpoints, 41 travellators, and multiple excalators & elevators leading to the boarding area, & 52 boarding bridges.
International departing passengers will pass the Retail Hub, while domestic passengers will proceed to level 3 (along palm & waterfall gardes) to the domestic Retail Hub.  Both Retail Hubs are at the junction of the concourses and terminal core, and are close to the respective departure gates A, B & C  (totalling 52).
NOTE:  Air India & Vistara use check-in counters on level 3:  (a) Air India: G1-14 for international, H1-14 for domestic flights; (b) Vistara: C1-6. (c) While Jet Airways is now in T2, its check-in counters are still listed for T1B, 45-80.
    Level 3 of T2 is the domestic retail & departure level - reached from level 4 after check-in - housing the domestic Retail Hub and leading to domestic gates - houses security check for domestic passengers, domestic retail concessions, F& B, & domestic departure gates. 
    Level 2 is the Arrivals level which  includes the arrivals corridor, duty-free, Customs, & Immigration with 72 counters, 10 fully-automatic baggage carousels, 72 immigration counters, and Arrivals forecourt. 
    Level 1  is the ground transportation level housing the baggage handling system, a ground transportation lobby, ground services & the Arrivals bus gate lounges.
Airline & Airport Lounges in Terminal 2:
   Two Mumbai Airport CIP Lounges : (a) at level 4 for International First-Class passengers; (b) at level 3 for International Business Class.
   The Loyalty Lounge at level 3 West, of international departures.
   Pranaam GVK Lounge (tel.  +91 8879992399 or
   'GVK Lounge'  is a new pay-per-use for all Airlines - segregated by First, Premium & Business-Class passengers: First & Premium-class on level 4; Business class on level 3. With a total capacity of 440 passengers, they are equipped with the latest technologies. Facilities include concierge services, smoking area, F&B, bar, luxury spa, shower area, relaxation area & a business center.   NOTE:  The Lounge received 'Asia's Leading Airport Lounge' title at World Travel Awards 2015,  and is nominated by for the upcoming 'World's Best Lounge' title.

Soon, the remaining airlines at Terminal 1 will move into new T2 - when it becomes a fully-integrated terminal with no need for passengers to transfer to another terminal for their domestic flight connection. 

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