Santo Domingo (SDQ) Airport

Santo Domingo SDQ Airport Overview

Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport SDQ (or 'Aeropuerto Internacional de Las Américas') is the Dominican Republic's largest Airport, managed by Aerodom.  Santo Domingo and its surroundings offer a heaven for sun-seeking vacationers and the majority of flights originate from North America & Europe.

SDQ Airport is located in Punta Caucedo, near Boca Chica, and 20 km southeast of the capital city of Santo Domingo, situated on on the island of Espanola (shared with Haiti), which is one of the Greater Antilles islands in the Caribbean Sea. From the City, take Highway 27 de Febrero to Route 3 to the Airport. You can also take the more scenic route on the coastal shore, which crosses the Ozama River via a floating bridge connecting traffic onto the Av. George Washington (el Malecon) leading into the city center.

With a long runway and an estimated 2.9 million passengers yearly,  Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport is hub for PAWA Dominicana*, and is served by many inter-island & international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to to all parts of the world.  JetBlue is currently the largest airline serving SDQ.
* PAWA plans to reach over 15 destinations by 2017 (to the U.S., Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, Panama, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, & Jamaica). 

Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport has one integrated passenger terminal.  
The Operation Center can be reached at 809-947-2220.  
Parking options include short- & long-term facilities across from the terminal complex, including a rental car lot.

Other Airports in the Dominican Republic and telephone numbers: 
Gregorio Luperon POP at Puerto Plata - 809-947-2220;
Pres. Juan Bosch AZS at Samaa - 809-338-0150; 
LaIsabela-Dr.J.Balaguer JBQ at Santo Domingo - 809-826-4003;
Maria Montez BRX at Barahona - 809--824-4144;
Arroyo Barril DAB at Smana 809-248-2566.

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