Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU) Airport

Sao Paulo Guarulhos GRU Airport Overview

The Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport GRU - also referred to as 'Cumbica' Airport - is Brazil's primary airport - and the busiest in Latin America (now operated by a private consortium of  Invepar/ACSA, which manages all of the three major airports serving the greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area, including Congonhas CGH, 8 km from city center, and the Viracopos Campinas VCP, 99 km from the city. 

GRU Airport can be reached directly from Rod Helio Schmidt Highway and is located in the district of Cumbica, city of Guarulhos, in the  greater metropolitan area of the City of Sao Paulo - 25 km northeast of of its city center. The Tropic of Capricorn passes directly through the southern tip of the Airport. Guarulhos Airport is accessible by both the Presidente Dutra and the Ayrton Senna motorways, which connect directly to the Rodovia Helio Smidt (SP-019) acccess road into the Airport.

With two long runways and an estimated yearly passenger count of 32 million,  Sao Paul Guarulhos International is served by major domestic and international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. The Airport is currently restricted to a maximum of 45 operations an hour.  Extension of the runways is to be completed by 2014.

- GRU utilizes the 'Mobile Apps Scan and Go' - upload your your boarding pass onto your I-phone, then simply scan it there.
- International flights have their busiest departure hours in the evening (arrive three hours ahead of scheduled flight), whileinternational arrivals have their busiest hours in the morning (making the immigration lines particularly slow-moving). 
- In December 2015 a passenger pointed out that electric outlets do not have international standard sockets - needed to charge your phone; you will have to bring your own or buy one at the Airport's store.  Also, note that few of the airport staff speaks English.
- A disgruntled frequent flyer noted, in part, in January 2016 that the Airport is the 'worst transit airport' ; signs do not work, staff is unfriendly as they cannot understant passengers & most don't speak English, overhead screens for flight info don't work -and staff can't help as they don't know about flights.
- As to the Airport's aim to further extend facilities - 'Flight Reviews' in Feb. 2016 suggests that Guarulhos Airport should focus more on the current airline scheduling process (to avoid delays) - and less about expansion.
- As Brazil's economy has cooled down, there will be less ambitious undertakings - evidenced by the lack of current news (the last of which were in June 2015.) 

Guarulhos International Airport has four passengers terminals - T1, T2, T3 & T4 - (or TPS1 through TPS4). 
Military Police at T1, Wing B, mezzanine; tel.  (11) 2445-3750 / 2445-4404
Civil Police at T2, Wing C - Departures Level, tel. (11) 2445-2221 - (24/7 service)
ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) at T1/T2, connecting corridor; tel. (11) 2445-2421
SETUR - Secretary of Sports & Tourism at Arrivals level of T1 & T2; tel. (11) 2445-3045 / 2793
Immigration Support Service at T1, Wing B, mezzanine; tel. (11) 2445-4719

Current & Future Airport developments:

- Guarulhos Airport is one of the Brazilian airports to get 'facial recognition technology of NEC's NeoFace Watch solution.
- The new Terminal 3 will continue to be upgraded & expanded in phases up to 2016, when it should accommodate up to 12 million passengers a year and include a hotel with 50 rooms inside the post-security area.
- Terminals 1 & 2 modernization project is now underway - adding automated check-in & baggage systems, expanded passport control, a shopping center offering international brand names and restaurants - to be completed by summer 2016 - whereupon all three terminals are to be connected by an automated people mover.
    2014-2024:  The 10-year plan calls for new buildings, garages, hotels and other ventures.

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