Sao Paulo Guarulhos GRU Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Sao Paulo Guarulhos GRU Airport

Terminal Comlex Layout, International Arrivals at GRU, Terminal Details, & Airline Lounges.

The terminal complex at Guarulhos Airport has presently four terminals currently served by shuttle bus.  However, after merging T1/T2 into T2 by year-end 2016, and having renamed T4 as 'T1' - the Airport will have three terminals:  T1, T2, & T3 - with T2 in the center,  T3 to the left & T1  to the right - to be connected by automated people mover. (The Airport currently refers to its terminals as "TPS1 through TPS3".

International Arrivals of non-Brazilian citizens:  Expect a 2-hour transfer procedure:  You will go through passport control (30 minutes); then claim your bags and proceed to the Customs area; thereafter go to your connecting airline desk (located behind a cafeteria, 50 meters after Customs). After completion of formalities there, proceed to your connecting gate.
Transit Visas:    International travelers with one airline reservation from the departure country to the final destination do not need a transit visa to pass through the Brazilian territory. Howeveer, a transit visa is needed only for international citizens traveling with more than one airline reservation issued by different airlines who have no flight-share agreement.

 - Terminals 1 & 2 modernization project is still underway - adding automated check-in & baggage systems, expanded passport control, a shopping center offering international brand names and restaurants - to be completed year-end 2016 - whereupon all three terminals are to be connected by an automated people mover.
 -  Airline Gates:  Note that airline gates listed here differ from the gates stated at individual terminals below.  It is possible that gates were renumbered. (Airport news stopped at June 2015). 3-digit airline gate numbers:
- T1: The Ground level of T1 is divided between Arrivals (left) and Departures (right)  to gates 101-109.  Check-in is to the right. A schuttle bus on the ground level leads to T2-T3.
- T2 Arrivals at east side; (access to Departures in the center), International arrivals at West side, with shuttle to T1; Domestic arrivals at East side;  with check-in area for connecting flights
- T2 Departures section B through E, with a Mezzanine level connector near E and, at the entrance (center)  an Information counter.  International departures gates after security check are at gates 224-246 (west) and 201-223 (east).  East & West-side VIP lounges are reached by elevator & escalator near gates 201-223; with  remote gates 202-208.
- T3 Arrivals are on the Mezzanine level; T3 Departures are divided into check-in Areas F, G & H, with G  in th center the center leading (past first aid) to security & passport control, and to VIP lounges.
- T3 Pier/ Concourse: gates are divided between 301- 308 and gates 315 -326 -  with connection near gate 308 to remote gates 309-314

Current Domestic Terminals 1 & 2 (T1 & T2) appear as one long building under construction - merging and expanding new T2 until year-end 2014.  This site will update the current information for T1 & T2 below,  upon T2's completion*.
   T2  serves South American short-distance international flights only. Both Terminals 1& 2 have identical levels and  two Concourses with departure gates: Level 2 is for check-in, Level 3 is the departure level, and the Ground level is the Arrivals level.
   T1 Departures level offers in the center food & drink and retail concessions, followed by access to Arrivals &  Mezzanine levels in the center and to the boarding area with gates 1-13.  To the left of center  is check-in area B with its own security check, and food & drink and retail concessions - to the right of center is check-in area A with its own security check and food & drink and retail concessions. At the entrance of the boarding area are the VIP Lounges.
   T1 Arrivals level is divided into international arrivals (east side) with baggage claim & customs check - and by domestic arrivals (west side) with baggage claim and transfer desk.  Food & drink is available in the center and the domestic arrivals area, where transportation is available. 
   T2 Departures level offers in the center food & drink and retail concessions, followed by access to Arrivals &  Mezzanine levels in the center and to the boarding area with gates 14-27. To the left of center  is check-in area C with its own security check, and food & drink and retail concessions - to the right of center is is check-in area C with its own security check and a few services. At the entrance of the boarding area are six VIP Lounges.
   T2 Arrivals level is divided into international arrivals (west side) with baggage claim & customs check - and by domestic arrivals with a transfer desk.  Shared facilties include hotel & transpoor information, some food & drink establishments, and the outssie shuttle to T4.

* New Terminal 2 - to open yearend 2016 - will be equipped with up-to-date facilities, with ample spaces and lighting, expanded check-in area, automated check-in & baggage systems, new boarding & arrival areas and a centrally-located security checkpoint. Its 1,750 sq.meter concessions area will include 20 shops, restaurants & bars with international brand names; while the mezzanine level will house a pre-securitty food court.

International Terminal 3 with separate Pier (Concourse) is intended for passengers of all flights to/from North America & Europe and is currently served by members of the Star Alliance, by LATAM (Lan & TAM) and other overseas carriers. (Five of T3's gates accommodate Airbus A380).
The 5-level Main Terminal houses check-in, X-ray machines, passport control, customs & baggage claim facilities; and connects to the Pier at the Departures Level (past the Hudson News store) and by elevated walkway to T2's parking garage.  Transit passengers have direct access to the Pier via moving walkways.
T3 continued its upgrades into 2016, accommodating up to 12 million passengers annually, with its own hotel inside the post-security area (with 50 rooms).
   The Departure level of T3 offers at self-service check-in 'totems' to print-out of boarding passes & baggage tags. There are three check-in islands G, F & E (30 counters at each island) with food & drink available near Island G and the entrances. Computerized kiosks in the departure areas are able to read boarding passes, check flights details and passengers, allowing their entry prior to getting to the Xray area. After security check, you enter the commercial area with plenty of shops & food & drink, and access to the VIP lounges (First Class Lounge, Executive Lounge & Star Alliance lounge). The restricted area also offers foreign exchange services, ATMs, bank branch, lockers, medical service, tickets, oversized/ fragil baggage, and service areas of British, Iberia, TAP, United, LAN, TAM & American airlines.  Already there are over a hundred stores & restaurants, and a high-end shopping area is in the making.  (Dufry, under a 10-year agreement, will operate its duty-fee area -  increasing retail space by 180 percent.)  Past the Hudston News store is access to the Pier with gates 28-53:
      The Departure Pier (Concourse) at T3  is a separate building, housing gates 28-37 and 38 -47  (at least 20 of them are boarding bridges) - on opposite sides of the center, while remote boarding gates 48-53 can be accessed from nearby gates 30-31, the Piola Express and the currency exchange. A foreign currency exchange service is near the remote boarding station and gates 30-31.  A good number of shops & food outlets is available in the departure lounge.  The center of the shopping area offers acces to the VIP lounges.
   The Arrivals level of T3 houses the baggage claim area with seven carousels with incline mats. Automatic baggage handling & e-gates for passport control & automatic baggage distribution are now in place.
Level 5 - the last level -
   Level 5 of T3 houses the airline VIP lounges, as well as the Airport's First Class Lounge. Guarulhos Airport presently has 15 lounges - among them the 'Villa GRU' lounge (voted Best VIP Lounge in Brazil), the Airport VIP lounge and the MasterCard Black lounge, OneWorld, TAM and Centurian lounge for American Express service.
NOTE:  T3 continues to be upgraded & expanded in phases up to 2016, when it should accommodate up to 12 million passengers a year and include a hotel with 50 rooms inside the post-security area.

Domestic Terminal 1 (formerly T4) is a one-level terminal - housing Arrivals at west side, Gate area with gates 31-39 in the center, and Check-in areas at east side with banking facilities nearby.  A few shops & food & drink are available near the entrances. Outside of T4 is currently the shuttle to T1/T2. 

Airline Lounges & Airport lounges at Guarulhos Airport: 
At Terminal 2:

 - Bradesco - open 6am-11pm; tel. +55 (11) 2445-4574
 - GOL Linhas Aereas; open 24/7; tel. +55 (11) 2445-3107 
 - PROAIR - open 24/7; tel. +55 (11)  2445-4744
 - Villa Gru - open 7:40am-11:45pm; tel. +55 (11) 2445-4808
At Terminal 3:
 - Executive Lounge GRU - open 7am-2am; tel. +55 (11) 2445-7112
 - First Class GRU - open 1pm-6pm; tel. +55 (11) 2445-7112
 - HUB - open 6am-11pm; tel. +55 (11) 3083-5253
 - American Airlines - open 7:30am-11pm; tel. +55 (11) 4502-4000  
 - LATAM - open 5am-12am 
 - STAR Alliance - open 12pm-3:15am; tel. +55 (11) 2445-7341
Also note:
- Aerolineas Argentinas (shares lounge with other airline passengers and JAL: tel. 55 11 2445-3898 / 2445-3932 - at T1, international departures;
- Air France, KLM & Delta: tel. 55 11 2445-2444, at T1, international departures;
- American Airlines and British, Iberia & LAN: tel. 55 11 2445-3434 / 2445-3486 - at T2, international departures;
- British Airways and Aeromexico, Iberia, JAL & LAN: tel. 55 11 2445-4234  - at T1, international departures;
- LATAM Airlines Group's first  VIP Lounge at Guarulhos Airport, at T3 (1,800 sq.meters, holding  450 persons). Aside from an entertainment room, the lounge offers special shower rooms. (LAN & TAM also offers automated baggage check-in system.) 
- United Airlines First- and Business-Class: tel. 55 11 2445-3012
- Varig's domestic flights: tel. 55 11 2445-3107 - at Terminal 2, Check-in C, departures level
- Varig's international flights and Lufthansa, South Africa, Air Canada, Puna, Swiss, TAP, Copa, TAAG, Turkish & Emirates: tel. 55 11 2445-3003 - at T2, international departures.
- Executive Lounge

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