Sao Paulo Guarulhos GRU Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Sao Paulo Guarulhos GRU Airport

Terminal Comlex Layout, International Arrivals at GRU, Terminal Details, & Airline Lounges.

The terminal complex at Guarulhos Airport now consists of four passenger terminals: T1, T2, T3 & T4 - with T1/T2 close together in the center,  T3 to the left & T4 (after Cargo terminal) to the right, currently served by shuttle bus.  The Airport refers to its terminals as "TPS1 through TPS4".

International Arrivals of non-Brazilian citizens:  Expect a 2-hour transfer procedure:  You will go through passport control (30 minutes); then claim your bags and proceed to the Customs area; thereafter go to your connecting airline desk (located behind a cafeteria, 50 meters after Customs). After completion of formalities there, proceed to your connecting gate.

Automatic boarding pass readers using new 2D barcode scanners - have already been installed in 2014 at Terminal 3 (T3), and the other terminals may now already have them.

Terminals 1 & 2 (T1 & T2) are joined together - appearing as one long building: T1 serves domestic flights only, while T2 now serves South American short-distance international flights only. Both Terminals 1& 2 have identical levels and  two Concourses with departure gates:
    Level 2 is for check-in : with information desks at each side of the Aviation Authority offices. Check-in counters A & B in T1, and C & D in T2, correspond to their Concourses and gates. Elevators and escalators take you to Departure lounges on level 3 for both terminals.   
    Airline check-in desks A & B at T1
:  Aerolineas Argentinas: B, Aeromexico: B, Austral: A, Avianca: A, GOL International: B, TACA: A; and  TAME: C. 
    Airlines check-in desks C & D at T2
:  Air Europe: D, Boliviana: C, Cubana: A, Ocean Air: C, Sky Aiirlines: C, TAAG: C & TAM: at D.
    Level 3 is the departure level - partitioned by the Administration offices in the center. New brand-name stores and restaurants already moved into T1, and Dufry upgrades the concessions at T2.  Electronic passport readers are available to Brazilians with an embedded passport. 
   T1 at left houses Concourses B & A with gates 1-13;
   T2 at right houses Concourses C & D with gates 14-27.
   The ground level is the Arrivals level and has outside bus & taxi stands; inside are rental car counters, Customs and baggage claim with ATM cash machines and currency exchange; elevators & stairs take you to level 2.
There are two VIP lounges - the Executive Lounge and the First Class Lounge - available at $70 & $90, respectively.
NOTE: In October 2014, expansion work started on Terminals 1 & 2 in an effort to boost capacity from 25 to 32M passengers a year & expand circulation areas at Arrivals & Departures. This work has now been mostly completed and attention shifted to commercial offers - with an intent to move most shops into the restricted area. The upgrade should improve operations and readjust stores according to passenger needs. The current 135 shops in both terminals 1 & 2 occupy a an area of 15,844 sq.meters and will - after completion of phase 1 work by year-end 2015 - have increased to 17,956 sq.meters. This also includes the creation of a single departure gate area (from previous 4 gates).  Total renovation completion is scheduled for 2016.

New International Terminal 3: 
Passengers of all flights to North America & Europe depart & arrive at T3.  T3 opened May 2014 after completion of its first phase of construction - with an initial capacity of 12M passengers a year, 192,000 sq.meters of space, and able to accommodate 34 aircraft. (It will continue to be expanded in further phases up to 2016). 
T3 is divided into two buildings: The 5-level Main Terminal,
housing check-in, X-ray machines, passport control, customs & baggage claim facilities; and the Pier (Concourse) with 20 boarding bridges.  Moving walkways allow for direct connection of transit passengers.  The Main terminal connects by elevated walkway to Terminal 2's parking garage. 
   The Departure level of T3 offers at self-service check-in 'totems' to print-out of boarding passes & baggage tags. There are three check-in islands G, F & E (30 counters at each island). Computerized kiosks in the departure areas are able to read boarding passes, check flights details and passengers, allowing their entry before they get to the Xray area.
      In order to get to the restricted area of the terminal, passengers go through gates with optical reading of boarding pass. The restricted area is larger than at other terminals - with most of the stores located there. It offers foreign exchange services, ATMs, bank branch, lockers, medical service, tickets, oversized/ fragil baggage, and service areas of British, Iberia, TAP, United, LAN, TAM & American airlines.  Already there are over a hundred stores & restaurants, and a high-end shopping area is in the making.  (Dufry, under a 10-year agreement, will operate its duty-fee area -  increasing retail space by 180 percent.)  Past the Hudston News store is access to the Pier with gates 28-53.
      The separate Departure Pier (Concourse) at T3 with gates 28-53 offers at its center access to remote boarding gates 48-53.
To the right of the Concourse are boarding gates 42-47 and at opposite side gates 32-37.
To the left of the Concourse are boarding gates 41-38, and at opposite side gates 31-28. 
A foreign currency exchange service is near the remote boarding station and gates 30-31.  A good number of shops and food outlets is available in the Pier/ Concourse departure lounge.  The center of the shopping area offers acces to the VIP lounges.
     The Arrivals level of T3 houses the baggage claim area with seven carousels with incline mats. Automatic baggage handling & e-gates for passport control & automatic baggage distribution are now in place.
Level 5 - the last level - will house the airline VIP lounges, as well as the Airport's First Class Lounge. Guarulhos Airport presently has 15 lounges - among them the 'Villa GRU' lounge (voted Best VIP Lounge in Brazil), the Airport VIP lounge and the MasterCard Black lounge -  and soon will open a OneWorld, TAM and (most likely Centurian lounge) for American Express service.
   Level 5 of T3 is housing the Airport & Airline lounges (see below).

Domestic Terminal 4 is currently served by Passaredo Airlines only. Its Ground Level has to the right check-in counters, and at left Information counter, baggage claim, access to Mezzanine level, and to gates 31-39. Its Arrivals area has outside bus stops 152 - 154.  A shuttle bus takes you to Terminals 1 & 2.

Airline Lounges at Guarulhos Airport:  NOTE:  As Terminal 3 will start adding airline & airport  lounges at level 5, make sure where your lounge is currently located.
Aerolineas Argentinas (which shares lounge with other airline passengers and JAL: tel. 55 11 2445-3898 / 2445-3932 - at T1, international departures;
Air France and KLM & Delta: tel. 55 11 2445-2444, at T1, international departures;
American Airlines and British, Iberia & LAN: tel. 55 11 2445-3434 / 2445-3486 - at T2, international departures;
British Airways and Aeromexico, Iberia, JAL & LAN: tel. 55 11 2445-4234  - at T1, international departures;
LAN & Tam Airlines just opened LATAM Airlines Group's first  VIP Lounge at Guarulhos Airport, at T3 (1,800 sq.meters, holding  450 persons). Aside from an entertainment room, the lounge offers special shower rooms. (LAN & TAM also offers automated baggage check-in system.) 
TAM international flights (a) Business Class: tel. 55 11 2445-3095; (b) First Class: tel. 55 11 2445-2154 - both at T1, international departures.
United Airlines First- and Business-Class: tel. 55 11 2445-3012
Varig's domestic flights: tel. 55 11 2445-3107 - at Terminal 2, Check-in C, departures level
Varig's international flights and Lufthansa, South Africa, Air Canada, Puna, Swiss, TAP, Copa, TAAG, Turkish & Emirates: tel. 55 11 2445-3003 - at T2, international departures.

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