South African Airways Airlines

IATA Airline code: SA
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Main Phone 0-861 359 722
Additional Phones 27 11 9785313

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees Economy & Business Class travelers are allowed one bag up to 8kg/18lb and up to 115cm/45in in linear dimensions (Height, width & length); baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or into the overhead bin and cannot obstruct emergency exits or aisles. Sports & mucical instruments have the same weight/size limitations, except that certain oversized items can be carried on board by purchasing an extra seat therefor.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees 1. Note that many worldwide destinations now apply the Weight Concept (Free: Economy up to 20kg/44lb Business Class 30kg/66lb; First Class 40kg/88lb; infants on lap: 20kg/22lb & collapsible stoller; children paying 50% or more of adult fare get adult allowance.), while the exceptions thereto still use the Piece Concept (per bag). The maximum baggage weight per piece is 32kg & applies to Weight & Piece Concepts; each bag exceeding 32kg/70lb must be shipped as cargo. Total excess baggage of over 100kg/218lb per flight requires 24-hr reservation before departure . Both concepts apply to free bag allowance, to oversized, and to additional bags (by weight or by piece). 2. FREE CHECKED BAG allowance applies to the following routes: To/from USA/US Territories, to/from Canada; between Africa & the USA and Canada; Star Alliance Round the World Fares; between South Africa & Brazil; between Brazil & Hong Kong SAR/Thailand & via Johannesburg; and for SAA-operated flights only between these routes: Sao Paulo / Buenos Aires & Mumbai; Sao Paulo / Buenos Aires & Perth; Sao Paulo / Buenos Aires & Africa; Buenos Aires & Hong Kong; Dakar & South Africa. 3. EXCESS BAGS: You have the option of paying for excess weight charges for the entire journey to your final destination, or to the next point of transfer or stopover. Bags exceeding weight allowance (a) bags exceeding free bag allowance, up to 32kg/70lb, have a flat rate of EUR/US$ 100; (b) baggage over the free weight allowance up to 32kg (over 32kg must be shipped as cargo) are charged 1.5 percent per kilo of SAA's normal direct adult one-way economy class fare, effective on issue dae of exess baggage ticket, in the direction of travel, from point of which checked baggage allowance is exceeded to the first point at which baggage is collected. Exceptions: (a) Within South Africa: Zar30/kg; (b) 1%/kg from Australia or New Zeland; or from Europe or Middle East (except Israel: 1.5%/kg) to Australia or New Zealand. On SAA only: EUR30/kg Frantfurt/Munich to S.Africa; ZAR30/kg S.Africa to Blantyre/Lilongwe; ZAR25/kg S.Africa to Maputo; ZAR50/kg S.Africa to Mauritius; MUR160/kg from Mauritius; ZAR45/kg S.Africa to Luanda; ZAR110/kg S.Africa to Mumbai; and ZAR65/kg S.Africa to Hong Kong.

South African Airways Airlines Flights

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