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Type Name Terminal Location
Bar Bar Symon Concourse D D8
Store International Currency Exchange Concourse C
Restaurant District ChopHouse Main Terminal Upper Level - Ticketing
Store Erwin Pearl Concourse A A31
Restaurant Five Guys Concourse B B71
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A21
Store Forbes News Main Terminal Upper Level - Ticketing
Store Stellar News Concourse B B52
Restaurant Moe's Grill & Bar Concourse D D19
Store Captiol City Ink Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Store Bluwire Concourse A A22
Store Vineyard Vines Concourse B B66
Store TUMI Concourse B B52
Store Forbes News Concourse D D20
Restaurant DC Craft Brews Concourse D D26
Restaurant City Wok Concourse B B73
Store Vera Bradley Concourse B B66
Restaurant Bracket Room Concourse B B52
ATM Capital One Banks ATMs Concourse B Travelex kiosk
Store Dulles Gourmet Market Concourse D D2
Restaurant be right burger Concourse C C12
Cafe Starbucks Concourse A A5
Store Coach Concourse B B37
Store Michael Kors Concourse B B37
ATM Capital One Banks ATMs Concourse C C17
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts Main Terminal Lower Level
Store Washingtonian Concourse B B38
Restaurant Potbelly Sandwich Shop Concourse D D10
Restaurant The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck Concourse A A22
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C18
Restaurant Cosi Concourse A A2
Store Duty Free Concourse D D16
ATM Capital One Banks ATMs Main Terminal Midway Triangle
Cafe Capitol Grounds Coffee Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Restaurant Potbelly Sandwich Shop Concourse B B46
Store iTravel 2 Main Terminal Upper Level - Ticketing
Restaurant Max & Erma's Concourse B B73
Store Kiehl's Concourse B B37
ATM Capital One Banks ATMs Concourse D Mobile Lounge Dock
Store Hudson News Main Terminal Upper Level - Ticketing
Store Hudson News Concourse A A23
Cafe Starbucks Evenings Concourse B B46
Store Dulles Gourmet Martket Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Store Be Relax Concourse B
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A1
Store International Currency Exchange Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Restaurant Au Bon Pain Concourse C C14
ATM ATM Concourse B B75
Restaurant American Tap Room Concourse C C22
Cafe Starbucks Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Store Bluwire Concourse B B71
Restaurant Subway Concourse Z Z2
Store Capitol City Ink News Concourse C C17
Cafe Capitol Grounds Coffee Concourse B B74
ATM Capital One Banks ATMs Concourse A Mobile Lounge Dock
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse B B70
Store InMotion Entertainment Concourse C C17
Cafe Starbucks Concourse D D16
Store Duty Free/Duty Paid Concourse C C6
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Upper Level, West
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse B B73
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C4
Restaurant Chef Geoff's Concourse C C14
Restaurant Carrabba's Italian Grill Concourse B B41
Store Duty Free Shop Concourse A A16
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A32
Store NBC4 Travel Store Concourse D D7
Restaurant Bistro Atelier Concourse D D9
Restaurant Smashburger Concourse A A3
Store The Washington Informer Newsstand Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Store International Currency Exchange Main Terminal Upper Level - Ticketing
Store Swarovski Concourse B B52
Restaurant DC-3 Hot Dog Joint Concourse B
Store L'Occitane Concourse B B37
Store Thomas Pink Concourse B B37
Restaurant Subway Concourse C
Store Landau Concourse B B42
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse B B45
Store Captiol City Ink Concourse D D25
Restaurant L'uvn berry Concourse A A22
Store International Currency Exchange Concourse A A32
Store Burberry Concourse A A32
Bar Vino Volo Concourse C C3
Store Capitol City Ink Concourse A A5
Store Hudson News Concourse C C6
Store America! Concourse C C11
Cafe Starbucks Concourse C C24
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts Concourse D D26
Restaurant Wendy's Concourse B B46
Restaurant The Firkin & Fox Concourse A A3
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Lower Level
Store International Currency Exchange Main Terminal Upper Level - Ticketing
Store Washingtonian News Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Lower Level
Restaurant &pizza Concourse C C27
Restaurant Auntie Anne's Concourse C C9
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts Concourse A A22
Store Stellar News Concourse B B73
Bar Vino Volo Concourse B B63
Store Hudson News Concourse C C28
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Upper Level, East
Store America! Concourse D D7
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts Concourse D D5
ATM Capital One Banks ATMs Main Terminal Lower Level - Baggage Claim
Restaurant Chipotle Concourse B B62
Store Montblanc Concourse A A32
Store Estee Lauder / M.A.C Concourse B B52
Washington Dulles IAD Terminal Map IAD Concourse A IAD Concourse B IAD Concourse C IAD Concourse D IAD Concourse Z IAD Main Terminal


Terminal layout of IAD Airport, Important Notices, Getting around, International Arrivals, & Terminal /Concourse Details:

The passenger terminal complex at Washington Dulles International Airport consists of a large Main Passenger Terminal , recognized by its curved roof, with connected Z gates, and two Midfield Concourse buildings (parallel to each other) - the first of which houses the  A gates (west) & B gates (east);  the second houses C gates (wes)t & D gates (east).  Attached to the right of the Main Terminal is the International Arrivals Building
Between 2014 and 2015, multiple new concessions were added to the MainTerminal & all of its Concourses.
  - Parking locations: The Main Terminal is connected to the Hourly Parking Lot & the Daily Garage 1 by an enclosed walkway with moving sidewalks.
  - Transport locations:
   (a)  the Curb Level is for shuttle buses & the MetroBus 5A;
   (b) the Ground Transport Level is for rental cars, taxis & shared vans, hotel information & parking;
   (c) the subway station is near the entrance to passenger walkway and to B gates.

  - For Dulles Toll Road latest information open:
  - IAD is designed to serve up to 2,400 passengers an hour. During the busiest airport hours of 5:30am-8am, 11am-1pm, & 3:30pm-5:30pm, as well as on Holidays, it is advisable to arrive at the Main Terminal no later than two hours prior to scheduled domestic flights and three hours for international flights.
  - TSA Pre-Check is available for eligible passengers who fly on participating airlines (visit
  - Waiting times at the Main Terminal's east & west security mezzanine-level checkpoints are displayed in real time - you can opt for the line with the shortest waiting time. 
  - A free app is available for US & Canadian citizens or passengers with B1 or B2 visa status: the passenger's profile will be saved securely on their smartphones prior to submitting them eletnily on arrival at the airport. Traveling families may enter & save all info onto one device. Travelers then proceed directly to dedicated lanes for expedited CBP processing. 
  - 40 new APC /Dulles Passport Express kiosks have recently been installed - 24 at International Arrivals Bldg. (16 at Federal Inspection Station at Concourse C/D--used for connecting flights) - available to all U.S. & Canadian passport holders and passengers from Visa-Waiver coutries.  Scan your travel douments;  ESTA travelers should scan their fingerprints; take photo according to instructions; answer Customs questions on-screen, present your receipt with travel documents to US Customs.
 - The new CLEAR Registered Traveler Program represents another option to reduce wait time at security checkpoints.

Getting around:  
- Z gates can be directly accessed from the terminal - after security check take the elevator.
- H gates are opposite of Z gates (with Air Tower in between Z & H gates) - only accessible via shuttle bus.
- A gates are served by the train (continuing on to C gates)
- B gates (on opposite end of A gates) are served separately by train.
- A & B gates
may also be accessed from the main terminal via moving walkways - or reached separately by train:
- C gates are reached by train, stopping first at  A gates, and continuing to next & last station, where a short tunnel with moving walkways connects to C gates.
- D gates can be reached by either taking the mobile lounge shuttle from the Main Terminal, or from  A gates at gate A6.  The shuttle arrives at Gate D11 (near Starbucks).

Closure of the underground pedestrian walkway, connecting Garage 1 to the Main Terminal:  Due to ongoing construction of the Silver Line station - shuttle buses now run about every 5 minutes with pickup/ dropoff at three areas on Garage 1's south side (facing the terminal) - stopping at the Main Terminal along the second arrivals curb, near exit at Doors 2 & 6. While the Metrorail station will connect to existing underground walkway between garage & terminal, work on the station connector will be ongoing until 2018.

Departing passengers:
Follow signs 'TO ALL GATES', after going through security checkpoint, look for signs to gate areas. If heading to A, B or C gates - look for the AeroTrain signs - or use the moving walkways to A & B gates. If connecting to the D gates, take shuttle bus, running every 15 mins.
Arriving passengers: Follow signs 'TO BAGGAGE CLAIM / GROUND TRANSPORTATION'; domestic arrivals at A, B or C gates should follow the AeroTrain sign; international arrivals will board the shuttle to US Customs (see below).
International Arrivals Procedures:  It is best to refer to: - which outlines in details the different arrival procedures for Globel Enry members, Passport Express travelers, passengers ending trip, passengers connecting to another flight after arriving from certain airline flights,  and passengers connecting to international destinations on other airlines..
NOTE: International arrivals who continue their journey at D gates (at Midfield Concourse C/D) cannot use the AeroTrain, but need to take
the Mobile Lounge shuttle at Main Terminal's lower level  to gates D1-32.
Meeting international Passengers: A waiting area is right outside of the International Arrivals Building in the main terminal, near baggage carousel 14.


The Main Terminal is currently served by Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Alaska, ANA, American, Austrian, Avianca, British, Brussels, Copa, Delta, Emirates, Ethiopian, Etihad, Frontier, Icelandair, JetBlue, KLM, Korean, LATAM, Lufthansa, Porter, Qatar, Royal Maroc, Saudia, South African, Southern Airways Express, Southwest, Scandinavian, Turkish, United, Virgin America, & Virgin Atlantic. 
   The Ground Transportation level with entry doors 2, 4 & 6 offers Renttal cars, and a pet relief area. It has access to taxis & shred vans, and to parking:
- Door 4 in the center offers access to the Silver Line Express outside;
- Door 2 leads to the departures/ticketing level  & West Security checkpoint, and houses the baggage claim, Ground Transport and International Arrivals.  The West Security checkpoing and to baggage claim & international Arrivals.
- Door 6 leads to the departures/ticketing level and to East Security checkpoint. It houses the baggage claims  and ground transportation on both West- and East sides,  International Arrivals at the west side. 
    The Arrivals /Baggage Claim level houses the AeroTrain Platform with access to the AeroTrain, Z gates and A & B gates, as well as the shuttle bus to D gates.  To the right of the lower level is the International Arrivals Building. Services and amenities include ATMs, baggage claim carousels 1-15, food & drink gift shop information counter, Lost/Found, nursing room, US Lounge, and at Door 4 access to the Silver Line Express. 
    The Security checkpoint level is reached by elevator/escalator and is divided into East & West security checkpoints;  Thereafter passengers proceed to either to the Z gates (left); or take the walkway to gates A, B, or the shuttle to D gates.
   Aerotrain level between lower & upper levels is reached by elevator/ escalator - serving A, B & C gates.
   Upper level is the Departure/ Ticketing level housing check-in facilities, with separate East & West security checkpoints and TSA-Pre-check Enrollment centers - leading  to Z gates Z6-Z10, the passenger walkway to A & B gates and to the shuttle to D gates. Amenities and services include currency exchange, CEAR Security lane, gift shop, four ticketing areas, an Information counter, a pet relief area. 
-  The new 'Kids’ FunWay' for children (under 12 and up to 42 inches in height only), offers a safe play area  with aviation-themed structures. It includes the Tommy Tower, Orville the Squirrel, two futuristic jets, climbing over baggage and tires &  interactive  video game ‘Play Me’ with over 100 games in 6 languages.  Parents will find seating, shoe deposit and USB/plug-in charging stations just outside of the area.
NOTE:  Turkish Airlines opened its 5,000 sq.foot Lounge with 120 seats and many amenities & services.

Midfield Concourses A & B of the IAD Airport:
A & B gates are on either side of the Concourse center with A gates A1-32 (A1-A6 are for United Express) and B gates B35-79.  A walkway connects these concourses to the main terminal, as well as separate train shuttles to A & B.  Near  gate A6 is the shuttle bus to the D gates.   Travelex Foreign Exchange is near gate A3.  Tax & Duty-free is at gate B37.  A new children's play area  is near gate B70
Airline Lounges:  American Airline Club & British Airways Club are both on upper level B near the  AeroTrain station.  Virgin Atlantic is at gate A23;  new Etihad's Premium lounge;  Air France Club at gate B46;  ANA Club at gate B46;  Lufthansa Club at gate B50. 
Midfield Concourses C & D of the IAD Airport:  C gates C1-30 (with Passport Express kiosks for connecting passengers arriving on United Airlines flight)  & D gates D1-32  are connected by a walkway.  Currently the train bypasses Terminal C, but a short moving walkway at the end station takes you to the C gates. Also, a shuttle bus to the A gates departs near gate D11 & Starbucks. D gates are currently not served by the AeroTrain, but by shuttle bus from/to the main terminal. (Concourses C & D are temporary and will upon completion be replaced by a new Concourse near the Air Traffic Tower.) 
Airline Lounges:  United Clubs are at gates C6, C8 & C16, and at gate D8.