Zurich ZRH Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Zurich ZRH Airport

Zurich Airport: Checking in, Day Rooms/ Rest Area; Terminal Layout; Terminal Details; Amenities/Services & Airline Lounges; Transfer Flights and Schengen/non-Schengen regulations:

Checking in: On-line Check-in: print out your boarding pass at home, and simply head straight to your terminal's Baggage Drop desk. Alternatively, check in at the railway stations a day before your flight,  where  get your boarding pass with your requested seating assignment.  NOTE: The new flight monitor in Check-in 1 with airline logos can display up to 125 flights. Signposts point the way to check-in zones.

Day Rooms & Rest Area: (a) Day rooms can be rented on an hourly basis, day or night (single, double, triple room, or extra bed are available at Transfer Zone D of the Airport (tel. +41 (0)43 816 2108. Shower facilities cost extra. (b) Rest areas include a couch.

The curved terminal complex at Zurich Airport is divided into three parts: connected Terminals T1 & T2 (T1 with Concourse A, T2
with Concourses  B/D & Satellite Concourse E, and in front of them the Airport Center (a shopping mall, including Check-in 3). The check-in areas are divided between Check-in 3 at Airport Center* and Check-in 1&2 are at T1/T2 across from it. After security check -Concourse /Gates B/D are to the left, Concourse /Gates A are to the right, and distant Satellite Concourse /Gates E, is reached by Skymetro.
    The Airport Center (between Parking 2 & 3) offers shops, restaurants, banks, service center & tourist  & hotel counters.
       Level -2 houses the SBB/Train station  
      *Level 01- houses Check-in 3
, concessions & services
       Level 0
houses mainly concessions & services, with connection to Arrival 2,  to Prime Center 1 and to check-in 1.
       Level 1 houses rental car &information counters, concessions, and access to parking P2, P3, P60, to outside transportation, and connects to check-in 2.  

Terminal 1:

Check-in 1 & departure gates are on level 1- leading to Concourse A with gates A01-89; 
Swiss & Lufthansa facilities include:
    on level 1:  priority check-in; check-in /Quick check-in; transfer desk & Swiss & Lufthansa tickets; 
    on level 2 Swiss First Class and Business Class  lounges. Both levels 1 & 2 offer a myriad of shops, duty-frees, and restaurants,
Terminal 2: Check-in 2 and shops are on level 2.  Concourse B/D on Level 1 allows for access to Gates B31-B/D43  and to D31-58 on level 0 - as well as access (near B gate entrance)  to gates B01-B10 located on a mezzanine level.  For Transfer Area D - use Check-in 2.  To get to Concourse E, use the connector leading to the Skymetro train station located between Concourses B/D & A on level 0.
Satellite Concourse E has gates E16-59 on two levels. As the 4-level E-gate structure is northeast of Concourse A - divided by the runway -  it is served by the Skymetro.
    NOTE:  T2 's major upgrades, done in phases, staring 2014 (when the southern part of the hall was completed), while renovation of the northern part of the hall started thereafter. The new check-in Hall opened in the northern section of the terminal, with a total of 104 counters at check-in rows 1 - 4.   Access to T2 is available by a second renovated walkway, from which to reach check-in hall by new ascending travelators, or by escalators in Arrival 2. Both check-in and arrivals hall were completed late October and went through the rigorous testing process & commissioning, after which Phase 3 work proceeded on  renovation of offices, prayer rooms & south-west facade until mid-2016.  Until then, temporary check-in row 7 will be behind partitions.

Amenities & Services Available at Zurich Airport:
1. The Service Center at Zurich Airport is located in Carpark 2 on level 1, open am-11:30pm, and offers fax & copy services, left luggage, shower facilities, parking information, hotel booking, and sells bus tour tickets, ZurichCards, Alpamare admission tickets, special ski-bus tickets and  rental of children’s safety seats & prams, bicycles, inline skates and walking poles.
    2. Services and amenities inside the passenger terminal complex
include a large selection of food & drink, retail & duty-free concessions, banking & currency exchange services, day rooms & lounges, free internet access up to 60 minutes, shower facilities, baggage lockers & trolleys, baby facilities, medical & dental care, pharmacy, dry cleaner, hair care, and more. Information desks are located in Arrivals, Check-in 2, and the connector to Concourse A. Offices for rent are located near the check-in areas and departure gates, as well as in the Airport shopping area.
Family Services provided by the Airport i
nclude two Children’s Lounges - one at Gates E on level 3, and one at A Gates between Gate 60 & transfer desk). The include toys, baby changing, quiet rooms, & cooking/ eating facilities.  'Press & Book Catering' is a new concept available in the transit zone, on way to A gates.
    Airline lounges:
At Satellite E: 'dnata', Emirates and Swiss*
At Transfer A: Panorama Lounge, Skyteam Lounge, Swiss lounges**
   Swiss Arrival Lounge at T2, Arrivals
**Swiss Business & First Lounges at Area A;
   Swiss Lounge D Senator/Business at non-Schengen Service Zone;
**Swiss Senator Lounge at Transfer Area A;
 * Swiss lounges for First Class, Senator & Business Class (next to Swiss International Airlines' long-haul departure gates).,

Transfer Flights and Schengen/non-Schengen regulations:

sually, baggage will be automatically transferred to connecting flight with the following exception:  If you have baggage or liquids needing to be checked in, you need to leave the transfer area which has no such facility. Follow Exit Zurich/Baggage Claim signs, observe entry & customs regulations and proceed to your airline's check-in desk.  
  -  If you stay in the waiting area you only need to pass through the security checkpoint prior to boarding your connecting flight.  Swiss citizens traveling within the Schengen area can proceed directy to departure gates.
  - If you have a boarding pass for your onward flight, watch the screens for flight information, appearing one hour prior to scheduled flight.  If you don't yet have a boarding pass for your transfer flight, contact the information or transfer desk in your waiting area, which is clearly marked.
  - Connecting from a Schengen country to another Schengen country does not require passport control.
  -  Passengers coming from or flying to non-Schengen countries must pass through passport control.
  - Passengers arriving from a non-Schengen country and transferring to a Schengen country, as well as passengers arriving from a Schengen country and transferring to a non-Schengen country must pass through passport control. 

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