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Mexico City Benito Juarez MEX Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Mexico City Benito Juarez MEX Airport

Mexico City Airport has two terminals - T1 & T2:  As both terminals are 3 km apart - (on opposite sides of the Airport, with parallel runways in between), they are connected by the Airtrain, accessible only to passengers with an electronic reservation password, or ticket and/or boarding pass, or with a carry-on bag only; the transfer between terminals takes only 7 minutes (with a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes).
Access to the platform in T1 is located in the middle of the 'Puente Pilotos' bridge, up the escalator at Gate D; and
access to the platform in T2 is through Gate M on one side of the National Arrivals.
All others visitors need to take 'inter-terminal transportation' via the fully accessible red bus running daily 5am-1am at either Terminal 1, boarding area at gate 6 - or Terminal 2, boarding area at gate 4, and buy their ticket from the bus driver.

To protect passenger rights and offer information & assistance, the Airport has opened in each of the two terminals a so-called 'Profeco Module', staffed 6am-10pm, at the following locations:  At T1 at  Room C;  At T2 at Room K.

Terminal 1 (tel. +(52 55) 2482 2424 or 2482 2400) has two levels and is served by national airlines, and by international non-members of the SkyTeam. It has ten airside halls (A to J) and 9 checkin-in landside halls (A1, A2, B, C, D, D1, F1, F2, F3); 22 baggage carousels, 32 jetways, and 6 premium airline lounges. 
Information Kiosks serve the following areas: Domestic Arrivals Gate A1 - under  the escalator;  International Arrivals from Central & South America, Gate E1 - International Hall;   Domestic Departures Gate B - at Gate B; 
Waiting Lounges: International 19 near Gage M2; International 26 at gate 25; International 29 at gates 29-36.

Airlines currently serving T1: 
on level 1
, Interjet (gate B), & Volaris (gates D, D1);  Magnicharters (gate D) Viva Aerobus (gate D1).
on level 2: Air Canada, KLM, United, Alaska, Lufthansa, AirFrance & Volaris at gate F1;  Interjet & Tam at gate F2; and Cubana, Iberia, Volaris, US Airways, American, British, Avianca, AirTran & TCA at gate F3.

The ground level of Terminal 1:
Doors 1 to 3  lead to national arrivals Gates A. 
Door 3 leads to the national departures gate B. 
Doors 4, 5 & 6 lead to Hall C, and airline desks for Gate D & D1. 
Doors 6, & 7 lead to the Gate 1 area & baggage claims, and
Doors 7 to 9 lead to International Arrivals & gates E2 & E3, and baggage claims. Across from door 8 is the 'Foreign Bus' stop island.  Door 10 - outside are taxi stands.
The first level of Terminal 1 has holding rooms and gates 1 - 36 (right to left), with national departures, fast food & banking zones to the right - and - to the left:  international departures, Immigration, Lost & Found, ticket offices for 'foreign' buses, Hilton Hotel, & airline ticket counters for gates F, F1, F2, G & J.

VIP Lounges at T1
: Aeromexico’s Salon Premier International; United’s Red Carpet Club; American’s Admirals Club; the American Express Lounge; Mexicana’s Elite Lounge Nacional and Elite Lounge International.

Terminal 2 (tel. +(52 55) 2598 7000)  is served by international airlines belonging to the SkyTeam Alliance and by all flights of Aeromexico. It has 23 jetways, two airside halls for domestic & international traffic; three landside check-in halls (L1, L2, L3); 15 baggage carousels, six premium lounges, as well as the inter-terminal Aerotren, able to transport 7,800 passengers a day.  Terminal 2 also houses the NH Hotel.
Information kiosks are located at: First Level, Departures - front desk Aeromexico L2; Ground Floor - in front of the Ground Level for both for International & Domestic Arrivals, and in front of door 3 for Central & South American Arrivals in front of door 3;  In front of Domestic waiting lounge; and in front of International Waing Lounge.
Current airlines serving T2: Delta & LAN: gate L1; Aeromexico Connect: gate L2;  AeroMexico: gates L2, L3;  Copa & Aeromar: gate L3.

The Ground level of T2
has a central hall reached by entrance door 1.  Doors 2, 3 & 4 after the Central Hall lead to National Arrivals Gate Q to the left and International Arrivals Gates N & P to the right, leading to the 'North Finger' (Concourse). This area houses the luggage reclaim for Central & South America, and the International luggage reclaim and Customs.  Opposite of National Arrivals outside is the Ground Terminal for Foreign Buses.  Gate Q area takes you to the customs checkpoint and South Finger (Concourse), with a national reclaim area.
The first level of T2 can be accessed from parking by entrance 5 Entrances 6 & 7, past the fast food area, lead to the ticketing desks L1, L2 & L3, and security checkpoints M (leading to the South Finger (Concourse), with national gates 53 to 74)  and security checkpoint K (leading to the North Finger, gates 51 to 59.
The Mezzanine level of T2 houses the airline & Airport offices.

VIP Lounges at  T2:
Aeromar’s Club Diamante; Aeromexico’s Salon Premier, Salon Premier International, & Riedel Wine Room; Banamex’s Travel Pass Elite Lounge; and the Centurion American Express.


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