Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines

IATA Airline code: CX
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Main Phone 1-800 233 2742
Additional Phones TTY/TDD 711

Online check-in & baggage payment 1. All passengers with an e-ticket issued by Cathay Pacific or Dragonair may check in online (except passengers with special needs; unaccompanie minors, passengers groups, or those whose ticket requires additional payment. 2. Online check-in availability: Club/AsiaMiles/Registered users need to enter membership number, user ID & PIN/password; E-ticket holders need to enter e-ticket number/flight & personal details. 3. All Cathay Pacific flights (incl. codeshares operated by Dragonair as outlined in 4.); other than chartered & codeshare flights. 4. All Dragonair & codeshare flights operated by Cathay Pacific and departing from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shaghai Pudong, Hagzhou, Guangzhou, Taipei, Kaohsiun, Busan, Puket, Dhaka, Bengaluru/Bangalore, Kota Kinabalu, Hanoi, Manila & Phom Penh. Exceptions: codeshare flights operated by Cathay Pacific partner carriers. NOTE: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China & South Korea require you to add your passport & emergency contact details.

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees For all classes, each passengers other than an infant, can take onboard one free carry-on bag, not to exceed 56x36x23cm or 22x14x9 inches (incl. wheels, handles & pockets), and up to 7kg/15lb for Economy, 10kg/22lb for Business, and 15kg/33lb for First Class. All travel classes can also take onboard duty-free items. If traveling on two classes on one journey, the greater allowance applies. Additionally, you may bring onboard: a coat, small handbag, briefcase up to 4kg/9lb; notebook or laptop up to 4kg/9lb, a camera or binoculars; an umbrella, walking stock or assistive device, an infant car seat for ticketed child 6mo-3yrs,or infant bassinet/cot, infant food & diapers for onboard consumption.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees Free baggage allowance depends on your route, class & flight class. Economy class regulations are listed in the first four categories of each destination, while preferred classes are listed separately thereafter. Zones 1-3 apply weight concept, while Zones 4-6 apply piece concept (bags allowed by weight or by piece). Any baggage over 32kg or 203cm in linear dimension is subject to approval of prior notification when making reservations. Excess baggage calculated by kilos: 1 kg equals 2.2lb. Where weight concept applies, there is no restriction on number of bags checked in.

Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines Flights

Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines has flights that serve the following cities/airports:
Please note: this list only includes Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines and not any code-share or partner flights. Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines flights serve these cities directly. Flights are available on Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines from each airport to all airports listed. These are not direct flights; multiple connections may be required.

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