Denver DEN Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Denver DEN Airport

Denver International Airport: Driving to Jeppesen Terminal, Getting Around, APCs, International Arrivals, Current Hotel & Transit Center constructon;  Terminal Layout & Details, and Airline /Airport Lounges:

   Driving to the Jeppesen Terminal : The terminal can be recognized by its white-peaked roof, spreading over an area of 1.5 million square feet.  Pena Blvd., its access road, divides into Terminal West & Terminal East, and separates into three traffic levels:  Level 4 is for passenger pickup, Level 5 is for taxis, vans & shuttles; Level 6 is for passenger dropoff.
   Getting around: The underground AGTS train runs continuously between The Main Terminal ( past the two central security screening areas) and its Concourses, arriving at their center, with gates on either side - and taking 5 minutes for each stop). 
   Automated passport Control  (APC's) are now available - saving time: Eligible passengers include all U.S. and Canadian passport holders, U.S.Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) and returning international passengers  with an ElectronicSystem for Travel Authorization (ESTA) from 38 countries not requiring U.S. entry visas, including Australia, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.
   International arrivals - with the exception of those who cleared U.S. Customs at a participating airport -  will arrive at  Concourse A, walk through a passageway & over an enclosed bridge, then take escalator /elevator to U.S. Customs & Border Protection CBP (tel. 303-342-7400) in the Jeppeson Terminal's North end, at level 5, where they go through passport control (with 16 new BorderXpress automated passport control/ APC kiosks), pick up their bags and go with them through Customs clearance, and - if connecting to another flight, re-check-in bags outside of Customs area (airline personnel will direct you to your departure gate; free baggage carts are in the Customs area). Thereafter, proceed to passenger security screening in the Jeppesen Terminal, then take the ATS automated train from the terminal to your departure gate.
  The new open-air public Plaza connected to the Jeppesen Terminal includes new concessions and commercial space and is intended to be a venue for staged events, to be enjoyed by the Denver community and passengers alike.  Aside from entertainment, guests may dine 'al fresco' with a view of mountains & departing planes.
  A new public Transit Center serving all RTD buses & the new East Rail Line to connect to Denver's Union Station in Spring 2016, when all three together  (Plaza, Hotel & Transit Center) create a new gateway between Airport and City. 


The 6-level Jeppesen Terminal is accessible via Pena Boulevard - dividing Jeppeson into Terminal West & Terminal East. Two central security screening areas are at both Terminal level 5 North open 4:30am-9pm and Terminal level 5 South open 24/7; and at the A gates pedestrian bridge entrance open 4:30am-6pm. Make sure you have no metal object on your person before going through Xray machine. TSA Pre-check lanes are at each of the three security checks.
 Rental car and ground transportation counters are in the Atrium between security screening areas. Rental car lots are along Pena Blvd, leading to parkin& terminal.
Garages & parking lots are situated on either side of the terminal complex, and both West & East Terminals connect to their respective East & West Garages at their entry/exit doors .
 - Level 1 with doors 101-117 and 100-116 on opposite sides leads to parking facilities.
 - Level 2 with doors 201-217 and 200-216 on opposite sides leads to parking facilities.
 - Level 3 with doors 313-317 and 316 on opposite sides is used for dining purposes only
 - Level 4 with doors 401-417 and 400-416 on opposite sides, houses the Arrivals gates and offers pickup points at gates 401& 407 / 400 & 416.
 - Level 5, the Arrivals level, is divided into Domestic & International Arrivals - with baggage carousels 1-9 & 10-19 on opposite sides; it houses Customs clearance, TSA pre-check, currency exchange, food & drink, shops, & access door to hotel, . This level is also connecting to the parking facilities.
 - Level 6, the Departures level - reached from the parking garage - with doors 601-617 and 600-616 on opposite sides, houses shops, restaurants, services & interfaith chapel. Airline check-in facilities are divided between East & West side:
 - At West side:  Aeromexico, Air Canada, American, Branson Air, British Airways, Icelandair, Lufthansa, United, US Airways & Volaris. (Their baggage claim areas on Level 5 are numbered 10 - 19.)
  - At East side :  Alaska, Delta, Frontier, Great Lakes, JetBlue, Southwest & Spirit. (Their baggage claim areas on Level 5 are numbered 1 - 9).
Both East & West sides of Level 6 house food & drink & retail concessions. Level 6 also has curbside baggage check-in, security check, and pedestrian bridge to Concourse A.  The area outside is intended for passenger pickup.
Separate and parallel-running Concourses A, B & C have each three levels: level 3 is the mezzanine; level 2 is the gate area; and level B the train station. All concourses are connected to the Main Terminal by train, while a pedestrian bridge connects the Main Terminal with Concourse A.  All Concourses offer food, drink & retail concessions.
  - Concourse A with gates A24-A68
serves mostly international flights of Aeromexico, Air Canada, Alaska, American, Boutique Air, Branson Air Express, British Airways, Denver Air Connection, Frontier, Greak Lakes, Icelandair, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Spirit & Volaris.  Concourse A (accessible by train from Jeppesen Terminal or by Skybridge over the taxiway) houses west gates A24-A39 and east gates A40- A68 - with the train station in the center (gates 33-47 lead to US Customs & Immigration).  The Center is surrounded by food & drink and retail concessions. NOTE: Duty-free store at A gates is for international passengers only.
    The Bridge level houses AA Admirals Club, Rocky Mountain USO Center & British Airways Executive Club;
    the Gate level offers Customer Services for Frontier & Great Lakes, massage, Info booth, ATM, currency exchange, US mail box, shoeshine, vending machine & battery charging stations.
  - Concourse B with gates B15-B95 serves United Airlines only (west side):  Accessible only by train from Jeppesen Terminal, the B gates are currently served by  and commuter flights. Concourse B has west gates B15-B37 and east gates B38-B60 on either side of the center (the duty-free kiosk is near B39)  with access from gate B60 to gates B80-B95,  and gates B59-B79 on another level.
    The Mezzanine level offers massage, FedEx & UPS drop boxes. The gate level offers customer service counters for each airline, US mail boxes, Informatoin booth, ATM, United Clubs at West & East sides, vending machines, shoeshine, US mail boxes, & battery charging stations. .
  - Concourse C with gates C23-C50
serves Delta & Southwest
's domestic flights (east side). Accessible only by train from Jeppesen Terminal -Concourse C completed its expansion* . Gates C23-C27 are used by Southwest Airlines; all others by Delta.  The Mezzanine level houses FedEx & UPS drop boxes. The gate level houses shoeshine, Information booth, ATM, vending machines, battery charging stations, XpresSpa & Smokin' Bear Lodge.
* NOTE: The 39,000 sq.ft C-gate extension resulted in making Concourse C airy, light, and easy to navigate.  Concessionaire 'Paradies' will incorporate food, retail & technology - housing  new stores & gourmet food outlet, a Sports Pub, bar and a host of new amenities. e-Touch Menu tablets for ordering food are were installed at 8 new restaurants
Airline & Other Lounges at Denver International:
  - Airport Hotel Lounge is in transit area, right side after Departure Immigration Hall;
  - Al Dar Lounge located in transit, passenger waiting area, open upon request. 
Al Dana Lounge is in transit satellite at ground level, entering through gates 14 & 15;
American's Admirals Club: A Gates, North end of Gates Bridge;
British Airways' Executive Club at A gates, North end of gates bridge from Jeppesen Terminal .
Etihad Premium Lounge (for travelers on Etihad Premium, or to Guest Loyalty Program members of Gold or Silver tiers);
Ghazal Lounge is in transit, to the left, after Departure Immigration Hall; 
United's Red Carpet Club: B gates, near east gate 30 & west gate 44;

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