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DEN Airport Concourse B: Map & Guide

Welcome to Denver International Airport's Concourse B—a traveler's haven replete with amenities, dining, shopping, and more. Whether you're a frequent flyer or visiting for the first time, this guide will provide insights and tips to make your journey through Concourse B seamless and enjoyable. For information about other terminals at Denver Airport, check out the maps overview page.

Layout and Access

Concourse B at Denver International Airport (DEN) is one of the main hubs of the airport. Situated centrally, it offers easy access for travelers coming from both domestic and international flights. The concourse features a long main corridor with gate accesses on both sides, making it simple for travelers to locate their departure or arrival gates.

Airlines Serving Concourse

Numerous major airlines operate out of Concourse B. These include United Airlines, Southwest, and others. It's always recommended to check your ticket or with your respective airline to confirm the exact gate and concourse details.

DEN Interactive Concourse B Map

Denver Airport DEN Concourse B Map

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Select one of the listed terminals/concourses below to view a zoomable map, where you can search for all of Denver Airport's restaurants, shopping, cafe's, bars, and lounges.

Dining Options

Concourse B is known for its variety of dining options. From quick grab-and-go snacks to sit-down meals, travelers can find a mix of local Denver flavors and popular international chains. Cafes, bars, and restaurants line the main corridor, ensuring that no traveler goes hungry.

Shops and Retail

Whether you need a last-minute travel essential or are in the mood for some shopping, Concourse B has you covered. You can find everything from bookstores to high-end fashion outlets. Popular brands and local boutiques make shopping an enjoyable experience for passengers.


For passengers looking for a more relaxed and private space, Concourse B offers access to several airline lounges. These lounges provide a quiet space, complimentary snacks, drinks, and sometimes even shower facilities. Check with your airline to see if you're eligible for access.

Art and Exhibitions

Denver International Airport is renowned for its art and exhibitions. Throughout Concourse B, travelers can enjoy various art installations and exhibits that reflect both the culture of Denver and the global connections the airport serves.

Amenities and Services

Concourse B ensures that travelers have access to all essential amenities. This includes free Wi-Fi, charging stations, restrooms, and baby care facilities. Additionally, information desks and airport staff are readily available to assist passengers with any queries.

Transportation to Other Concourses

For those needing to transfer to other concourses, the airport offers an efficient underground train system. The train connects all the concourses and the main terminal, ensuring quick transfers. Signages and announcements are clear, helping passengers navigate with ease.