El Al Airlines

IATA Airline code: LY
Website www.elal.co.il
Main Phone 800 223 6700

Online check-in & baggage payment Express Check-In is available to all passengers with an electronic ticket (use its13-digit flight ticket & your passport numbers). Make sure you arrive with a printed boarding pass at the Airport. Check-In is available from Israel between 27 and 3 hours, and to Israel To Israel between 24 and 3 hours before scheduled departure. Families with the same name and same flight reservation can use Express Check-in for up to 9 persons. Destinations offering Express Check-in: Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay (Mumbai), Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kiev, London (Luton/Heathrow), Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Marseille, Prague, Rome, SaoPaulo, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees 1. When space is limited onboard, you may be asked to check-in your bags. 2. Generally, the size of the carry-on bag is not to exceed 56x45x25cm or 22x18x10in. 3. Weight allowances in (a) Economy Class: up to 8 kg/17lb; (b) Business & Platinum Classes: 2 bags up to totaling 20kg/44lb (1 bag up to 16kg/35lb and 1 laptop computer or briefcase up to 4kg; (c) First Class: 2 bags up totaling to 24kg/52lb (1 bag up to 16kg/35lb & another bag up to 8kg/17lb; (d) Platinum/Gold cardholders: 1 bag up to 8kg/17lb and 1 laptop or briefcase up to 4kg/8lb, totaling up to 12kg/26lb; (e) Physicians on duty: 2 bags, each up to 16kg.

El Al Airlines Flights

El Al Airlines has flights that serve the following cities/airports:
Please note: this list only includes El Al Airlines and not any code-share or partner flights. El Al Airlines flights serve these cities directly. Flights are available on El Al Airlines from each airport to all airports listed. These are not direct flights; multiple connections may be required.

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