Fort Lauderdale Hollywood FLL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood FLL Airport

Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminal Layout, Getting Around, International Arrivals, NOTES, and Terminal Details:

The passenger terminal complex at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport consists of four terminals – T1, T2, T3 & T4 - along Terminal Drive: T1 is the first terminal you will pass, T2 is next, and around the bend is T3, with T4 around another curve (opposite of T2). Terminals 2, 3 & 4 connect at their Arrivals Level to the Palm Garage, while T1 connects to the right to Cypress Garage & Rental Car Center, and to the left to the Hibiscus Garage.  The rental car center (RCC) is across from Terminal 1 with shuttles to T2, 3 & 4.  Note that Terminals 1, 3 & 4 are presently being upgraded.
(The Commuter Terminal is south of Terminal 1 - intended for IBC Airways & SkyBahamas)

Getttig around:  Connecting from Terminal to Terminal and from Garage to each Terminal: 
(a) Outside the lower level of each terminal entrance, a free shuttle bus takes you from terminal to terminal. 
(b) A free shuttle tram connects the lower level of the parking garage to all terminals; look for tram stops within the Garage Complex. The Trams run to/from terminals every 8 minutes.
International Arrivals:  All international passengers - with the exception of those who have cleared customs at their participating airport - will arrive at Concourse H of Terminal 4. Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag. Thereafter, take the shuttle bus to your connecting terminal, which runs every 8 mins between 6am-9pm.   NOTE: Terminal 4 now has 10 Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks for expedited processing of inbound U.S. & Canadian citizens - reducing wait time.  TSA Pre-check is also available.

1. To make your flight on time, arrive at the Airport two hours prior to scheduled domestic, and three hours for scheduled international flights.
2. During cruise season:  Nearby Port Everglades is the second-largest cruise ship port in the world, and locals warn that security and baggage lines at the airport can be especially long on Fridays and Saturdays when cruise ship passengers are arriving and departing.
3. The new Rental Car Center is in a separate building, next to Terminal 1.


Terminal 1 of Fort Lauderdale Airport has Concourses C & B,  and has access to Hibiscus Garage and the  Cypress Garage's levels 6  & 7 & adjacent Rental Car Center.
Level 1, the Arrivals Level, has in the center three baggage claims, customer service desk, two escalators each and two accessible elevators to the left & right of the center. In front of Concourses B & C are two baggage claims each, with FedEx drop-off and an ATM machine at the C entrance. A pedestrian bridge leads to parking & Rental Car Center. 
Level 2, the Departures Level, has two sets of escalators & two elevators, three check-in counters, an ATM machine, a baggage storage and access to concourses B & C.
Concourse B with gates B1 to B9 - presently serves Southwest airlines.  Concourse B also has an unstaffed business center.
Concourse C with gates C1 to C9 - presently serves Alaska, Allegiant, Frontier, Silver, United & United Express, and Virgin America airlines. Concourse C also has a staffed business center at post-security.
NOTE:  Renovation work on Terminals 1  started in 2012 - expected to be completed by 2017. 

Terminal 2 of Fort Lauderdale Airport has Concourse D:   T2 has now completed its in-line baggage screening project, the AVI Ground Transportation System (RLI),  the pedestrian bridge(s) rehabilitation, & as of late July 2014 completed its in-line baggage screening project.
Level 1, the Arrivals Level, has near the entrance a customer service desk, elevators/escalators, and a baggage claim, with currency exchange, money wire, staffed business center and a baggage storage in the center, which is surrounded by the D gates. 
Level 2, the Departures Level, has two elevators & escalators, a check-in desk, currency exchange, staffed business center and baggage storage, with access to Concourse D.
Concourse D with gates D1 to D9 - presently serves Air Canada, Delta & Condor's departures.

Terminal 3 of Fort Lauderdale Airport has Concourses E & F:  (This terminal is under renovation - see NOTE below.)
Level 1, the Arrivals Level, has six baggage claim areas and two customer service desks in the Arrivals hall, with two escalators (at each side) and a FedEx drop-off, unstaffed business center, and baggage storage. Concourses E and F are at each end of the arrivals hall. 
Level 2, the Departures Level, has three elevators near the entrances, two check-in desks and two customer services desks with adjacent escalators at each side, an ATM machine, unstaffed business center and baggage storage, with access to Concourses E & F.
Concourse E with gates E1 to E10 - presently serves American, Bahamasair, Norwegian, & US Airways.
Concourse F with gates F1 to F10 - presently serves JetBlue & WestJet..

Ongoing renovation work on Terminal 3
is to be completed by 2017. Work still to be done in 2014 includes a new in-line baggage screening project,  checkpoint modification phase 2, new terrazzo floor on ticket counter level, replacing ceiling & lights in baggage claim area & Concourse E's TSA checkpoint renovation.

Terminal 4 of Fort Lauderdale Airport has Concourse H:  (This terminal is under major renovation - see NOTE below). T4 has recently added more concessions and seating areas, relocated its security screening checkpoint, upgraded bathrooms & extended the corridor from gates H7 to H9.
Level 1, the Arrivals Level, has two accessible elevators near the entrances, two baggage checks, a currency exchange, customer service desk, duty-free shop, staffed business center, baggage storage, and check-in and customs facilities.
Level 2, the Departures Level, has an elevator, a check-in desk, currency exchange, ATM machine, and customer service desk at pre-security, with access to Concourse H.
Concourse H serves International Arrivals - with gates H1 to H10, it presently serves Air Transat , Avianca, Canjet (Canjet could also arrive at Customs or at another terminal), Caribbean, Copa & JetBlue (for Cuban Charters only), Spirit & Sunwing (Sunwing could also arrive at Customs or another terminal). 

NOTE: Terminal 4 is undergoing major construction work until late 2017 - While many projects have already been completed, the Western Phase Construction is currently ongoing - to be  completed late 2015.   Starting early 2015 construction on the Eastern Phase begins.  By late 2016, Concouse H will be removed, and late 2017 Terminal 4 will be completed - offering a large concession area, and the new concourse will have 14 gates. A connector bridge to Terminal 3 will offer  post-security passenger transfers.

The Commuter Terminal
currently serves IBC Airways, SkyBahamas & Tortug.

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