Frankfurt FRA Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Frankfurt FRA Airport

Frankfurt Airport: Terminal Layout, What's Available; Getting Around, Checking In, Transferring, Meeting Points, Terminal Details & Services & Amenities (including Airline & Airport lounges & Storage Facilities) :  

The passenger terminal complex at Frankfurt Airport consists of three terminals  - T1 with 'Piers' /Concourses  B & C and  Satellite A (with A & Z gates on separate levels), T2 with Concourses D & E, and the small Lufthansa First-Cass Terminal. T1 & T2 are next to each other and are connected by the SkyLine monorail and by shuttle buses. Free WiFi access is available throughout the airport facilities.

What's Available? 
- Over five thousand free recharge stations are available for your elecronic devices.

- You can now book (48 hrs in advance) one of the specially-trained & multi-language escorts ('My Airport Guide') getting you from train station to gate, and in between:  e-mail to:
- Internet access is now FREE.
- Rest  Areas in pleasant surroundings and comfortable lounge chairs are available at  A-Plus Pier, T1 (gates B42/43), & at T2 (across fom gates D1-D4).
- Arch-shaped 'silent chairs' with integrated power sockets, USB port & small table are at T1 (gates A58 & Z58) and at T2 (gates D4 & E5.
- New playgrounds in the transit area, post-security, have been added near T1's gates B22 & B44, at gate C16, at Pier A-Plus (upstaris at Z level), and at T2's piers D & E.  Nursing mother/ diaper-changing rooms are avilable in all large sanitary facilities.
- Heinemann Duty Free now offers virtual shopping'.
- The Virtual Assistant' looking like a Federal policewoman, instructs passengers how to quickly pass the immigration check with 'easyPASS', which can be used by holders of an EU passport with integrated chip (ePass). 
- Left Luggage: Storage of your belongings
is available 24/7 in both terminals 1 & 2, and documents can be deposited in the baggage storage office of Terminal 1. Baggage shrink wrap is available at EU 8.50 at: T1, between Concourses B & C; T2 at Concourse D. Call T1: +49 (0)69 - 690 70786 / T2: 78186.
- Pharmacies:  Metropolitan Pharmacies are (a) at T1, Area B, level 2 (shopping Boulevard); (b) at T2, Area D, level 3 (shopping plaza):  Tel. +49 (0)69 695807-0 /fax -16, or e-mail

Getting around at FRA:  Note that overhead blue signs direct you to the most important terminal points (like 'Connecting Flights'), while the gray signs direct you to different terminal services. If you need to get to your connecting flight in less than 30 minutes, use the Fast Lane at security checkpoint! (display boards at the checkpoints list current flights).
The free Skyline train departs every 2-3 mins and stops at : T1, Concourse A/Z (need boarding pass); T1, Hall B;  T2 between Halls D/E.
Free bus shuttle between T1 & T2 departs every 20 mins at T1 outside baggage claims C & B, and at T2 in front of arrivals, center.
Shuttle buses to other cities depart from Terminal 1 in front of Arrivals Hall B (tickets can be puchased at travel agency or onboard). Lufthansa Airport Bus has a Strasbourg route; Lufthansa Airport Shuttles use Heidelberg & Mannheim routes.
Regional trains, long-distance DB trains & rental car facilities, are below the Arrivals/ Baggage Claim level 1.

Checking in: 
    - New Check-In to Gate Service: 
For 85  Euros (for up to 4 persons on same flight), and reservations 48 hrs prior to departure, a trained service assistant will make passenger pickup at the pre-agreed meeting place inside the terminal - taking care of their bags & check-in process; escorting passenger(s) through security checkpoint and (if needed) through passport control. Thereafter, passenger(s) will be taken by limousine across the apron directly to the departure gate.  For booking open: .
    - Passengers arriving at the AIRail Terminal from a long-distance train
can check in there up to 60 mininutes prior to scheduled departure (at the counter near the tracks and the walkway to Terminal 1).  You can also get your boarding card at at the self-service kiosks near the check-in counters (check with your airline first).
    - SunExpress passengers now check in at Terminal 2, level D; you can check in the prior evening, 7 to 9pm.
    - Cloak Room / Baggage Storage facilities: (a) at Terminal 1, Concourse B, Level 1 (Arrivals) and at Concourses B/C, Level 2 (Departures);   (b) at Terminal 2, Concourse D, Level 2 (Arrivals).

Transferring to another Flight / Terminal: 
    If you don't have a
boarding card, you can obtain one at the gate, or at the Transfer Desk in the B Concourse of Terminal 1.  
    U.S. Arrivals
debark at the 'A-Plus' satellite (T1A) and are processed at Area A where they go through passport control only;
    U.S. departures use the Z gates (one flight up ).
If you need to transfer inside Terminal 1 between B gates (T1B)  and A or Z gates (T1A or T1Z), you can use either the transfer tunnel outside of security, or the SkyLine train inside of security, which leaves every 2-3 mins.
    If you need to transfer between the two terminals, use either (a) the free SkyLine train which connects - inside the secured area -  which stops at Terminal 1, Concourse B,  and between Concourses D & E, and comes around every 2-3 minutes - or (b) the free shuttle bus outside of the baggage claim, which comes around every 10 minutes.

Meeting points: T1 Concourse B, level 1 (Arrivals); Terminal 2, Concourse E, level 2 (Departures).

TERMINAL DETAILS:  ( 'Pier' or 'Concourse' represent the boarding area.)

Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport, with Piers B & C and Satellite Pier with A & Z gates:  Main Terminal 's Pier B connects near gate B19 to the Satellite Pier with A and Z gates
Airport Information counters
are all located in Concourse B:  at Arrivals & Departures, at transit, and at Level 2 Departures & Transit.
Lufthansa Information counters
are located in T1, level 2, Concourse A: counter 217; Concourse B: counter 419.               
    Level 0 of T1 - the underground level - leads to the train station for regional trains, located directly under the Sheraton Hotel and Frankfurt Airport Center, with a short connection to the AIRail Terminal for long-distance trains with check-in and baggage claim facilities.
    Level 1 of T1 - the Arrivals level - houses baggage claim A to C, with a meeting point, rental car desks, Information and help desks. Outside of level 1 is the taxi stand, the bus terminal, and the shuttle bus stop (outside at left)  to Terminal 2's D gates, departing every 10 minutes.
    Level 2 of T1 - the Departure level - houses check-in desks A, B & C, a help desk, and access to C gates which in turn connect to D & E gates of Terminal 2.
    Level 3 of T1 - the Pier /Concourse level - Level 3 of Terminal 1 houses a travel market, information counter,  and separate security checks for: A & Z gates (left); B gates (center - with Sky Line connection to D/E gates) and C gates (right:).
       Concourse B has gates B1-B59: a transfer tunnel near B19 connects to the Satellite Pier near gate A1 connecting there with Z gates one level up). The SkyLine train near gate B-8 connects to E & D gates of T2.
       Concourse C
is on level 3, near Medical Services & Travel market (Reisemarkt) with gates C1-C9 to the left, while gates C13-20  can be reached from level 2.    
    Level 4
of T1 - The redesigned & renovated Food Plaza now houses Europe's largest McDonald’s, seating for up to 650 persons. It includes a McCafé & children’s playground. Digital menu boards and easy-order terminals are located throughout, and table service is available. Next to McDonald's is Italian restaurant Vito & 'Ludwigs' wih German specialties.
Transfers between A & B gates:  (a) Arriving passengers from Schengen countries may simply proceed by using the transfer tunnel linking gates A25 & 17 to near gate B13.  (b) Arriving passengers from non-Schengen countries need to go through security check before proceeding to B gates.   
      Satellite Concourse / 'Pier A' (T1-A)  - reached from Terminal 1, level 3 (near gate B19) via tunnel: lts level 1 is for apron & baggage functions; level 2 for  arriving/departing Schengen traffic; level 3 is for departing non-Schengen traffic (Z gates Z11-25 & Z50-69); and level 4 for arriving non-Schengen traffic (A gates A1-42 & A50-69). 
NOTE: U.S. Arrivals at Pier A go through passport check at Area A. Passengers to the U.S. use level 3's Z gates.

Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport, with Concourses D & E has two levels - the ground level & the upper level - and houses 8 jetway-equipped gates. The terminal is divided into Areas E & D. T2 can be reached by shuttle bus from T1 located outside of arrivals clai C/B.
The lower level houses the baggage claim E & D, meeting point, rental car desks and separate security checks to E gates E21-26 & E2-13, as well as to D gates D1-17 & D50-54.
The upper level of T2 has a pharmacy and after security checkpoint access to gates D1-D54 and E21-E26.

Services & Amenities in Terminals 1 & 2:  Frankfurt Airport is one of the best-equipped airports in the world, offering even a casino, as well as over 220 different brand-name restaurants, bars, and first-class shops.
   Airline Lounges at Terminals 1 & 2: 
    At Terminal 1
:  (a) Lufthansa lounges:  at A-Plus, A & Z gates; at B gates B42 & near B44-48, level 3 above B26 and Hall B-East at Arrivals;  & at Concourse C, above gate B24, C Transit at gate C15.  (b) Other airline lounges in Terminal 1 are American's Admirals Club, DB Lounge, Frankfurt Airport Club; United Red Carpet Club & the VIP Lounge. 
    At Terminal 2:
  Lounges for Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Sky Lounge, Emirates, Etihad, Iberia, Japan Sakura Lounge & Sky Lounge..
    Fee-based Airport Lounges:
LUXX Lounge at T1 gallery level between Concourses B & C; and Sky Lounge at T2, level 3 opposite gate D8;

The Lufthansa First-Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport (coordinates 50.049166 N, 8.565856 E) is exclusively available to passengers who fly Lufthansa First Class, or to members of Lufthansa's Miles & More HON Circle, who depart with a flight operated by Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional or Swiss. (No access is given to first-class fliers of other Star Alliance partners.) 
Services include individualized security screening & customs facilities, valet parking, formal dining room & a cigar room.  Passengers clear exit immigration controls inside the terminal and are then driven by chaffeured luxury cars to their airplane. 

NOTE:  Recently, the first phase of construction started on a new Terminal 3  - which, upon its total completion by 2022, should accommodate 14M passengers a year, and have two piers /concourses H & J with 24 terminal docking positions.

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