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Hamad International Airport DOH - opened April 30, 2014 - is now its primary airport (while Doha Airport will now only function as secondary airport). It serves the State and its City of Doha, and will also be used for international stopovers.  In March 2016 Skytrax awarded Hamad International the  'Best World's Best Airport' in the 20-40-million passenger category. It also classified it as the sixth Airport in the World to achiev a 5-Star Status. In April 2017 Hamad Airport also achieved Level 3 of ACI's Airport Carbon Accreditation.  The World's richest State also boasts its most luxurious airport.
Hamad International Airport is located at the City of Doha's southeastern end - accessible via Ras Abu Abbound Street - and only 4 km east of  Doha Airport.

With the Eastern Runway and 2 extra-long  parallel runways (soon to be, or already completed) - and 37.3M passengers in 2016 -  Hamad Airport is served by domestic & international airlines offering direct & connecting flights to all parts of the globe.  In the future, Hamad is to occupy 29 and will be able to serve 50M passengers a year.

 - New Airline: Low-fare airline IndiGo started operations from Delhi, & Mumbai (India), in  May 2017, and adding as of July 2017 flights from Chennai and Kozhikode.
 - Self-Service Check-in:  Expedited travel options include Check-in, Bags-Ready-To-Go (locally referred to as 'Qatar Airways My Q-Tag' service), Flight Rebooking, Self-Boarding, Baggage Recovery and Document Check.. 
 - Connecting between North & South Stations:  Passenger trains started operations late 2016.  Each trip between the two North & two South stations takes 90 seconds, with a 44 second waiting time at each station. (Walking the same distance takes about nine minutes.)
 - Departing passengers now board the train from the South station (behind the iconic Lamp Bear), taking them toward the North station(near concourses D and E).
 - Arriving passengers  board the train at the North station, taking them toward the transfer hall and arrivals immigration (near the South station).
 - Transit Passengers:  Proceed directly to the Transfer hall; clear signs will guide passengers to escalator down, leading to the central atrium of the departures area with A, B & C gates. (A large shower lounge is in the B gate area).  Duty-free and other shops are plentyful and do not obstruct passengers' path to their gates.  NOTE:  If passenger's connecting flight departs within 45 minutes after arrival, passenger needs to alert ground staff upon aircraft exit, then walk onto the aerobridge (or boarding the passenger bus); the ground staff will speed you through to reach gate on time. This procedure also applies to all passengers of Al Maha, unaccompanied minors & to passengers with disabilities.
 - The nearest information desk can be contacted at +974 4010 6666.
 - On-Airport Hotel: The new Airport Hotel & Vitality Spa with 100 rooms - available for up to 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours - is located inside the passenger terminal - follow signs.  For reservation e-mail: reservation

NOTE:  Passengers for U.S.-bound Flights:  Since March 2017, Electronic devices larger than a cellular phone or smart phone can no longer be accepted after security check (Exception: medical devices needed during flight, spare lithium batteries or power banks) .


The passenger terminal at Hamad Airport has three levels with a central plaza, North & South Concourses A - E. Inside it is connected by automated people mover, escalators & elevators, as well as by the new pssenger trains (see 'Connecting between North & South Stations' above). 
  - The 'Smart Airport' program is integrating the latest technologies:  From check-in to boarding, the passenger journey will be self-service enabled - reducing waiting time and improving efficiency.  Most of these technologies are already deployed.
  - The passenger terminal offers an impressive selection of retail shops and restaurants.  Among the services currently available in the terminal are:  free WiFi, pharmacy, ATM cash machines, currency exchange, kids play area, smoking room, prayer room, an Unacccompanied Minor's Lounge, and a Special Assistance Travellers' Lounge.  The Vitality Wellbeing Fitness Center with swimming pool hydrotherapy tub, gym & squash courts can be contacted at tel. +974 4010 8204 or email
 - Two Medical Centers are available: one at Arrivals Hall (before passport control) - the other at Departures Hall (near check-in area.  In an emergency call (+974) 4010 9222.
 - Prayer Rooms are available throughout the terminal include dedicated ablution facilities.  Signs, and information desks will guide you to them. The public mosque outside is within walking distance from the Departures Hall - recognized by is shape of a water droplet.
- The new dual passenger trains started operations Nov. 1, 2016 - transporting arriving and departing passengers passengers as outlined below:  
- Arriving passengers  now board the train at the North station, taking them toward the transfer hall and arrivals immigration (near the South station).
   The Arrivals Ground Level leads passengers to the escalators /elevators, where they find an Information point in the center, and beyond the passport control and Customs, leading to the baggage trolleys in the center, with baggage carousels A  numbered 5 - 1(west) and B numbered 6 -  9 (east). Both at east & west carousels house an information counter. Passengers thereafter go once more through Customs check before entering and Arrivals Hall in the pre-secured area, which offers two lounges and in front of the palm trees an information counter. with escalators leading to carprk & mosque at each side of the palm trees. The taxi stand exit is to the west and the bus stop exit is to the east. Exit in the center leads to carpark, rental cars & hotel reservation.
Departing passengers board the train from the South station (behind the iconic Lamp Bear), taking them toward the North station (near concourses D and E).
   The Departures Level 1 connects in the center to the sky bridge leading to the parking garage; opposite of it is an Information counter. Moving walkways lead to level 2:
   The Departures Level 2 - with main entrance Door 3 - houses at the entrance two Information counters, ticket offices & a few shops - with the check-in area in the center (divided into check-in areas 1 & 2 at at east end; 3 - 8 in the center, and 9 & 10 at west end. Just before passport check is a lounge, and after passport and security checks are elevators & escalators to the Concourses and their departure gates:
   The large Shopping area is surrounded by Concourses A & B on either side.  The Y-shaped Concourse C to the north, splits later into D & E gates.  Currently available are a food court, restaurants & cafe for every taste, and an abundance of duty-free brand-name merchandise - with more to come.
   Level 0 connects by escalator to gates A, B, C1-C13, D & E.
   The five concourses are reached from a central area, with Concourse A to the left and Concourse B to the right. Walking further north is Concourse C, while thereafter the center splits into Concourse D at left and Concourse E at right. Both Concourses D & E have more gates on Level 0. All concourses offer a number of amenities and services:
 - Concourse A houses gates A1-A4 ;
 - Concourse B houses gates B1-B10;
 - Concourse C houses gates C1-1C3, with a connector near gate C10 to level 0 with gates C20-C29;
 - Concourse D* houses gates D1-D4 on level 1; and between D & E gates access to gates D2-24 on level 0;
 - Concourse E* houses gates E1-E4 on level 1;  and between D & E gates access to gates E19-24 on level 0.
Concourses D & E with the latest technology are still undergoing expansion work - intended to handle 60 percent of passenger traffic when completed, and increase the terminal to over 1 million sq.meters - with 61 contact, and 14 remote gates, and an annual passenger capacity of 53 million. 

Current Airport & Airline Lounges, and Baggage Delivery Service:
  - The Al Jourjan Business Class Lounge on level 3 is for Qatar gold card holders;
  - The Oryx Lounge for premium passengers & select cardholders, as well as for paying economy-class passengers, is located at post-security departure area.
  - Al Maha Lounges are available throughout the terminal offering premium services.
  - First & Business-Class Lounges on Concourse A, level 2, is for first-class ticketed passengers, select QR Privilege Club & OneWorld Alliance members.
  - First & Business-Class Arrivals Lounges for Qatar Airways passengers are located before & after immigration.
  - OneWorld added priority baggage delivery for Emerald & Sapphire cardholders, with additional checked bag allowance for Sapphire travelers.

NOTE: The multi-level Parking garage is divided into East & West carparks - both of which connect to Departure level 2 of the passenger terminal.

Present & future Airport developments:  The Airport's  5-year plan includes doubling the current size of the passenger terminal - adding new check-in facilities, lounges, restaurants & boarding gates, and a connector to the Doha Metro. 
- Construction started on the 24 new gates (added to the current 22 'remote gates'), attached directly to the terminal - to be completed by 2017/18
The remainder of construction work is to be completed by 2020 - when the new airport will have a public mosque, two luxury hotels, a health spa, a large parking garage, three central utility plants, a huge catering facility, and internal automated people movers at both arrivals & departures levels.
- Qatar Airways is planning on a second terminal in the future.


Phone: +974 4010 666 /fax 4462 2044