Hamad (DOH) Airport

Hamad DOH Airport Overview

Hamad International Airport DOH - opened April 30, 2014 - serves the State of Qatar as is now its primary airport (while Doha Airport will now only function as secondary airport). It serves the State and its City of Doha, and will also be used for international stopovers.

Hamad International Airport is located at the City of Doha's southeastern end - accessible via Ras Abu Abbound Street - and only 4 km east of  Doha Airport.
With the planned extra-long 2 parallel runways (the Eastern Runway is presently  in operation), Hamad Airport is served by domestic & international airlines offering direct & connecting flights to all parts of the globe. 

Hamad Airport includes:

1. Two extra-long parallel runways, 2 km apart, for simultaneous take-offs/landings;
2. a Passenger Terminal with  600,000 sq.meters, with 300,00 sq.feet of retail gallery; 41 contact- and 20 remote-stand gates, and holding 30M passengers a year;
3. a 3,000 sq.feet public mosque;
4. Two 5-star transfer hotels, each with 100 rooms, & health spa;
5. A multi-level parking garage;
6. All supporting facilities.
In the future, Hamad is to occupy 29 sq.km and able to serve 50M passengers/hear. )

Self-Service Check-in:  Of the six expedited travel options currently available, Hamad has currently five:  Check-in, Bags-Ready-To-Go (locally referred to as 'Qatar Airways My Q-Tag' service), Flight Rebooking, Self-Boarding, and Baggage Recovery.  Option 6 - to implement Document Check - is planned. 

Transit Passengers:  Clear signs guide passengers to escalator down, leading to the central atrium of the dertures area with A, B & C gates. (A large shower lounge is is in the B gate area).  Duty-free and other shops are plentyful and do not obstruct passengers' path to their gates.  NOTE:  as Hamad is much larger than the old Doha, walking distances are longer and transfers are now estimated to take up to one hour.

The passenger terminal at Hamad Airport has three levels with a central plaza, an alreay operational East Wing & a (soon-to-open?) West Wing, and is inside connected by automated people mover, escalators & elevators.  Of the three Concourses A, B & C, Concourse B opened on the official opening day.
Concourse A is west of check-in area and has 10 gates with jet bridges - two of which can handle large aircraft.
Concourse B is east of the check-in area and has 10 gates with jet bridges - two of which can handle large aircraft..
Concourse C has 13 gates with jet bridges, two of which can handle large aircraft. It also hs some remote gates without jet bridges.
With the completion of the terminal's first two concourses (with 41 contact gates & 22 remote-stand gates), Hamad is to have a capacity of 28 million passengers a year, expected to gradually increase further. 
Departures Level 1 of the terminal houses moving walkways to gates and prayer rooms, smoking lounge, shop, cafe & information counter, and gats B1 - B10. 
Departure Level 2 of the terminal, with entrances 1 - 9, houses Immigration & Passport Control, some check-in counters & security screening.
Ground level  /Arrivals houses Customs inspection, meeting point, information counter, ATM cash machine,  with passenger pickup & taxis & limos outside.  After passport control, & Customs inspection, there are five baggage carousels.
Other amenities and services:  WiFi access, internet lounges,  plenty of shops, including high-end merchandise,
Current Airport/Airline Lounges: (a) The Business Class / Qatar gold card holder lounge; and (b) Oryx Lounges, which also admit economy passengers at a fee. 

The multi-level Parking garage is divided in the East & West carparks, - both of which connect to Departure level 2 of the passenger terminal.

Present & future Airport developments:  Once fully completed, the new airport will have a public mosque, two luxury hotels, a health spa, a large parking garage, three central utility plants, a huge catering facility, and internal automated people movers at both arrivals & departures levels. Qatar is planning on a second terminal in the future.

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