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Hamad International Airport DOH - opened April 30, 2014 - is now its primary airport (while Doha Airport will now only function as secondary airport). It serves the State and its City of Doha, and will also be used for international stopovers.  In March 2016 Skytrax awarded Hamad International the  'Best World's Best Airport' in the 20-40-million passenger category. It also classified it as the sixth Airport in the World to achiev a 5-Star Status. In April 2017 Hamad Airport also achieved Level 3 of ACI's Airport Carbon Accreditation.  

Hamad International Airport is located at the City of Doha's southeastern end - accessible via Ras Abu Abbound Street - and only 4 km east of  Doha Airport.

With the Eastern Runway and 2 extra-long parallel runways - and 37.3M passengers in 2016 -  Hamad Airport is served by domestic & international airlines offering direct & connecting flights to all parts of the globe.  In the future, Hamad is to occupy 29 sq.km and will be able to serve 50M passengers a year.

Hamad Airport has a new, very large integrated passenger terminal.   For Terminal details at this site open ‘Terminal Map’ and scroll down to the text;  for ground transportation open ‘Ground Transportation: /Buses & Trains.

Present & future Airport developments:  The Airport's  5-year plan includes doubling the current size of the passenger terminal - adding new check-in facilities, lounges, restaurants & boarding gates, and a connector to the Doha Metro. 
- Construction started on the 24 new gates (added to the current 22 'remote gates'), attached directly to the terminal - to be completed by 2017/18
The remainder of construction work is to be completed by 2020 - when the new airport will have a public mosque, two luxury hotels, a health spa, a large parking garage, three central utility plants, a huge catering facility, and internal automated people movers at both arrivals & departures levels.
- Qatar Airways is planning on a second terminal in the future.


Website: http://www.dohaairport.com
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +974 4010 666 /fax 4462 2044

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