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Type Name Terminal Location
Restaurant Quiznos Main Terminal Courtyard
Store CIAO Gourmet Market Concourse A A3
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Haskell Art Gallery Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Sky Gallery Main Terminal Courtyard
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C6
Restaurant Budweiser Track Bar & Grill Concourse C C6
Store The Local Market Concourse C C3
Restaurant Sam Snead's Main Terminal Courtyard
Restaurant Shula's Bar & Grill Concourse A A5
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A6
Cafe Starbucks Coffee Main Terminal Courtyard
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Baggage Claim
Store News and Gift Shops Concourse A Concoure A and C
Store CNBC Newsstand Concourse A A6
Store SmarteCarte Rental Main Terminal
Restaurant Freshens Main Terminal Courtyard
ATM ATM Main Terminal Baggage Claim
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C5
Store Brighton Collectibles Main Terminal Courtyard
Store InMotion Pictures DVD Rentals Main Terminal Courtyard
Restaurant Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Tony's Shoe Shine Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Insight Main Terminal Courtyard
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C2
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Courtyard
Store PGA Tour Shop Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Paradies' River City Travel Mart Main Terminal Courtyard
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A5
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C1
Store Paradies' River City Travel Mart Concourse C C5
ATM ATM Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Brooks Brothers Main Terminal Courtyard
Store CNBC Newsstand Main Terminal Courtyard
Store NY Times Bookstore Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Vino Volo Main Terminal Courtyard
Store Delta Sky Club Main Terminal Courtyard
Restaurant Burger King Main Terminal Courtyard
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A1
Restaurant Chilli's Too Main Terminal Courtyard
Store 24-Hour Flowers Overview Map
Restaurant Sbarros the Italian Eatery Main Terminal Courtyard
Cafe Starbucks Coffee Concourse C C4
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse A A2
Cafe Starbucks Coffee Main Terminal Courtyard
Jacksonville JAX Terminal Map JAX Concourse A JAX Concourse C JAX Main Terminal


The 'new' main passenger terminal at Jacksonville International with Concourses A and C was completed in August 2015 with amenities & technology one usually finds in large airports. Also, as more larger planes will serve the terminal - able to fly during inclement weather - the past problem with delayed morning flights due to idle smaller planes, will be considerably eased. The new baggage system upgrade should now be completed. The terminal is open 24/7; TSA Security checkpoint opens 4:30am.
The terminal  features a large courtyard* and a stage were local bands perform at the end of each month.
    Level 1 houses the baggage claim area, information and rental car counters - divided into north & south sides.  Outside of it are the transport options. Lost & Found is at the right end. The new 'USO North Carolinian A.J. Ellis Aiport'  opened in Oct. 2015 for all military ID cardholders - located  next o the baggage claim.
    Level 2 houses the ticketing area - divided into South & North side counters 1-4 & 5-8 (with USO in the center). After security check is the boarding area with access to to Concoures A at right and C at left. 
       Concourse A with gates A1-A10 houses Delta, JetBlue, Silver & United airlines - and access to the Delta Crown Room. It offers CNBC, CIAO & Shula's.
       Concourse C with gates C1-C10 houses  Air Canada, Allegiant, American & Southwest. It offers Track Bar & Grill, the Local Market, Rivercity Travelmart & a coffee shop.
       Both concourses and the boarding area leading to them offer food & drink.
   * The Court Yard offers The Delta Sky Cub, an Executive Conference Room, PGA Tour Shops, Rivercity Travelmart, 2 art galleries, 2 Comfort Zone Spas, CNBC, NY Times, Tony'sShoeshine, Brighton, Brooks Brothers, inMotion, Sam Sneads Tavern and some fast-food outlets.

Preferred Passenger Lane:  'Preferred Customers' (as defined by their airlines), as well as all passengers with boarding passes for First or Business Class are able to use this lane.